Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Hey Al, Humanity doesn't want Climate Change Wackoes who taste good.....



 former Chancellor of the Exchequer Lord Nigel Lawson

Lord Lawson said the 'Stalinist' BBC had banned him

 from the Today programme. 

Photo: Andrew Crowley

The BBC must air the views of climate change sceptics even though they are in the minority, the editor of Radio 4’s Today programme has said after he was criticised for allowing Nigel Lawson to feature in a debate.
Lord Lawson, the former chancellor, now heads a think tank casting doubt on the science of global warming.
Appearing on the programme in February, Lord Lawson questioned whether extreme weather events - including flooding in the UK - had any link to climate change. Some listeners complained, and the BBC's editorial complaints unit ruled tha his views had been given undue prominence in the debate.
Lord Lawson claims the "Stalinist" BBC has now banned him from appearing on the programme because his views clash with the corporation’s “own party line”.
But Jamie Angus, editor of Today, said Lord Lawson deserved to be heard despite holding a minority view.

El Gringo Viejo opines:
     Jamie Angus is a kinder and gentler soul who says that the old fool deserves to be heard.   After all, he is elderly and he is a Peer of the Realm.  But, Jamie, my opinion is that the doddering old Lord represents a majority view of the literate world.
     Frequently the Gods of the Copybook Headings speak so that only the commonly wise can understand, and the Enlightened Elite and the Royal Court are left to admire the magnificent raiment of the foolish Emperor.
     AlGore is a foolish hypocrite and those who follow him are elitists bent on keeping Les Miserables dependent upon the Largesse of Robespierre and his daughter Rodham and son Hussein.
Thanks for the memories....and of course....the time of each and every OROG.
El Gringo Viejo