Wednesday, 16 July 2014

But I really do care about Mexicans and Latin Americans!

    Father Obamaham assures the "Hispanic" community that he really, really, really does "care" about the "Hispanic" community, because, you know he really, really, really cares about them.   He cares a lot more than Romney who has Mexican cousins.  He cares a lot more than any Republican or Conservative because he vacations on Martha's Vineyard, just so he can hob-nob with "Hispanics".   Here is the postcard he leaves with the "Hispanics" to show just how much he willing to get to the bottom of Fast and Furious, if only the Republicans in Congress would allow him.
House sues Obama, Holder to force handover of Fast and Furious docs:
The people pictured could well have been just a couple sitting in a diner when two cartel gangs decided to settle their differences over their table.  Thanks, Obama.   Your ATF and E's efforts to frame legal gun stores and legal gun owners backfired, and you didn't....Eric Holder didn't....even care enough to tell the truth about your bloody hands and souls.   Forgot about the souls part....sorry....I remember now that you are both marxists who do not believe in such silliness.
I hope you join (Sir Edmund) Hillary in the nightly amble around the gardens rubbing your hands to see if you can remove the spots.
El Gringo Viejo