Thursday, 17 July 2014

Mandatory Elements of Any "Immigration Reform" - Guide for Republic of Texas


      In order to advance the cause of reason and to establish normalcy within the Texian cultural and social consist, the following few things must be done within the context of any new set of immigration rules, regulations, and law.
(1)    The abolition of any form of public assistance.
(2)    The prohibition of any immigrant from participation in any form of public assistance.
(3)     The cancellation of the rule and/or any attendant law supporting the notion that an immigrant child....whether the mother be legally present or illegally born an American citizen simply because he or she is born over Terra Sanctus Texanus.   Citizenship will be granted upon the 18th birthday, depending upon the social and criminal record of the child.
(4)     Any femme sole who has two or more miracle babies and is supported by invading the resources of private charity will be deported or spayed, as she chooses.  If she chooses deportation, her children will remain in the United States and be placed in public protection and care.
Renovations are underway on the new
state of the art penal facility in
Monahans, Texas (above).  Several people
have survived the "walkinig tour" that
surrounds Monahans. 
(5)     Any immigrant, male or female, who is guilty of a serious crime, meaning a felony of any kind or, in Texas, any criminal  Class B misdemeanour or worse will be deported within 6 hours of release from incarceration.   If said deported person returns to within territorial limits of the Republic of Texas, that person shall be removed to the Maximum Security Unit in Monahans, Texas.
     The length of detention will not exceed 10 years.   During the Summer months, the inmates will be encouraged to escape and proceed in any direction of their own choice.
     Anyone who serves time in the Republic of Texas will also have the opportunity, albeit a mandatory matter, to pay for the cost of having to have been supported by the taxpayers of the Republic.
(6)    While all Citizens of the Republic of Texas are encouraged to learn any number of foreign languages, especially any ancestral language pertaining to a Citizen's genealogy, all immigrants will be required to be fluent in the English language within one year of crossing the frontier.
(7)    Any person entering the Republic of Texas by means of a tourist, business, or educational visa must retire from the Republic on or before the expiration of said visa.  He or she must deliver the document of entry upon departure or re-entry will be prohibited by automatic refusal performed by computerised analytical systems.
(8)     All portions and sections of the national boundaries will be monitored and protected on a 24 / 7 basis, by a formidable array of human and hardware assets.
(This was a partial list)
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