Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Remember: There is a War, they want to kill your children, they want to kill America


     Folks, we really must understand that this is very serious.  Send this around. Think. Tell your friends without embarrassment.  Remember, we already have "Immigration Reform" as provided by the central government.  It does not, and did not work.   Why?   Because it is operated by people who consider themselves exempt, above, and unfettered by any law or regulation.  This includes the government administrators and the "beneficiaries". 
     There are many contradictions and absurdities going on during the present day, brought to us by the lunacy of the last Amnesty and the current "immigration reform".
     (1)   There is and was already a guest worker programme.  It worked and continues to work, in spite of everything.  It simply needs a bit of very minor tweaking at this point.
    (2)   The great bulk of the people coming over at these moments are not looking for the American Dream.   They are looking for the Auntie Zietuni Retirement Programme that recruited those great "opportunities" represented by Obama's auntie and uncle Omar Onyango Obama.
    (3)    The people coming over right now are heeding the Fundamental Transformation call for parasites who will willingly latch on to the system of complete public assistance.   THESE ARE NOT THE MEXICANS OF THE 1930s -  1960s who either came and went under the Bracero and Temporary Worker programme, or who came, converted to resident, then citizen, had families, went to war, set up businesses, developed high-level blue-collar skills, became doctors, nurses, teachers.   They are not the Spanish/Mexican colonial people who have always been here in Texas and in many ways bent the Texian Culture into a decidedly Latin-influenced sub-set of the American and Southern Culture.
     (4)     We are dealing with the compounding of the menace of the anchorbabymother, a particular form of parasitic beast who latches on to her residency by means of her willingness to "single mom" her way onto the complex of AFDC, special needs Medicaid, Medicaid, food stamps, Section 8, and various other programmes that require her to lounge around in her muumuu while watching telenovelas all day.
  One of her main characteristics is the habit of laying her
eggs in the nests of other birds, thereby foisting off her
parental duties on other unsuspecting saps who
dutifully feed her children and care for them.
    This is what we are seeing coming across at this time.    When all this hoop-la is over, these factories...will still be with us, because many of them are  pregnant even as they are coming over.  Most have done this in cold blood, because they were taught by "someone" that once a baby comes out over Terra Sanctus Americanus, the baby is a Gringo and cannot be deported.
     This is an insult to every Mexican and foreigner who ever went through the true naturalisation process.   I do not apologise for pointing out once again that the Mexicans of "before" were, in their 90%, dull and boring and solid people....good Americans.   They took 40 and gave 60, like the slightly paler Gringos did.
    Since the last Amnesty, the people we have had are taking 90 and giving 03....with 07 being absorbed into the prison system.  Gangs, drugs, crimes, murder, DWI-deaths, corruption, filth, graffiti, indolence, stupidity, birth defects, domestic violence, incest, twenty-five year old grandmothers; bring unto me your huddle masses????.
     And yes these things exist elsewhere but among the post-amnesty people from the last is the norm.  It is something that a person who was born in McAllen in 1947 could never have been prepared to confront in what was then the Magic Lower Rio Grande Valley.

Image result for Bill Ayres
Ayres after, and unrepentant
      We must consider that those who wish to destroy the Ship of State come from within and without. There are approximately 100,000,000 Muslims who will willingly blow themselves into shredded guts and bone in order to kill all Jews.  They include as targets to be eliminated,  the infidels such as atheists, agnostics, Christians of any kind, homosexuals, adulterers, sinners, and any other religious or philosophical groups, and any Muslims who are not in direct precise focus with their own interpretation of the Koran.

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Ayres before

      There is also another menace.  The Red Chinese and the New Russian Imperial House....a rise of the Ghost of the House of Bonaparte...that believes it to be necessary to destroy the Monroe Doctrine and those who imposed it in order to have a more perfect new world order.
      Combine all of this with the interior enemy....the marxists at the gate, represented by the Annenberg Foundation (   We put in the linkage so that the OROG can read the language of subversion....up to and including the notion that by linking Bill Ayres with the addled old Republican of days long gone will put the un-suspecting mind to rest concerning the present-day motives for the application of the Annenberg fortune.   The arch-nihilist-communist (contradiction recognised), Jew-hating Ayres (pictured above) represents the New, Improved  Annenberg Foundation and its pabulum and sugar coated public image.  By reading through the self-description of the Foundation, one quickly sees the weasel-wording and buzz-wording of ardent marxists.   As one reads, it is well to remember that William Ayres is an unrepentant murderer.   He is also a leading personality within the construct of the Foundation's organisation.    And, it is also well to remember that this foundation was integral to the recruitment of and nurturing of the useless bit of higher-grade cannon fodder, the teleprompter-reader-in-chief, Barry Soetoro.     Another high level individual both in the Daley Democrat Sewer Sludge Machine and Annenberg Foundation is, of course, the matchmaker for that matrimonial magical mating....Valerie Jarrett.   Such nice people.  The present day board of directors of the Foundation is replete with marxists and Alinsky-acolytes.

More evidence that The Republic of Texas must assert itself and
withdraw from the American Union.  They voted for this fool
twice, and he has gone way, way round third base in his
overall mission to destroy America.  Disgusting

     We arrive at our final point.   It is summarily necessary to return everyone who has arrived from Central America to Central America.  This could be done for....tee-hee....20,000,000 USD or so.  Iris and fingerprint every one of the invasive personalities, including their children, and send them to Tegucilgapa, San Jose de Sula, San Salvador, Guatemala....and remind them that the next time they come up and are caught they will be put in prison.
     Before that, we would recommend filtering out all gang member MS13, MS18, and all others, plus any person with outstanding Mexican or other arrest warrants.   These people would be turned over to the Mexicans on extradition, or to other nationally appropriate authority.
     Dispersal to await adjudication of immigration status is equal to successful invasion on the part of the invader.   The America-destroyers win, you lose.  For the first whelping of a little new Gringo...the rest of the tax-paying Gringos are on the hook for 40,000 USD per year.   The gangs and shootings and graffiti and used pampers in the grocery cart will multiply geometrically.  Your children and grandchildren will pay the bill.....forever.
Lamentingly, we retire.
El Gringo Viejo