Friday, 13 June 2014

What Can a Sane Person Say?


Snakepit1948 62862n.jpg     Truly.   What can a sane person say?  Emasculated leadership among the Republicans.  Total degenerate, obsessive, slavish adherence to a madman, whose stated objective is to fundamentally transform America.   Only those of us on the Right asked, "Fundamentally change from what to what?"

    The remainder of the population, a small sliver, knew that it meant we were on a Bolshevik / National Socialist / Peronista ever-descending, circular stairway into a place called Alice in Wonderland meets the Snake Pit in Hell.

     We must always measure the words of insane narcissists, because they are driven to not only lie to us, but to trick us.  They are blithely unaware that some 35% of the population can see through the construct of their lies very easily.  They think that because 20% of the fawning, wealthy, pro-socialist, pro-abortion women in America give them money and attend their functions that they, the Barrys and the Hillarys, are gods.  They are confident that the 30% who are sub-literate, me-oriented, and incapable of critical thinking will always be "tricking-fodder",
    The little people are clods, and the astute Barrys and Hillarys are gods.  The job of the gods is to subordinate the little people, hob-nob with the rich people, and to try to kill off all the other gods.  Failing the killing off, one can name them to important positions in the Court of Gods, such a Secretary of State and Ego Maintenance.

     We were unaware that when Barry Soetoro said that al Qaeda was on the run that he really knew what we knew.   By on the run, we knew that al Qaeda was running amok through Asia Minor and the Muslim world killing people and taking over territory so as to solidify its massive new caliphate. "On the Run" meant "taking over Baghdad", and Tripoli, and Damascus, and Cairo, and Jerusalem, and Kabul.....Riyadh....Peoria.....
     Everything the Manchurian Accomplice has done in the Middle East has been for the direct advantage and assistance of the Muslim Brotherhood. There is even the school of thought that Barry even got rid the deranged, washed up old syphilitic fool Osama bin Laden so that he could not muddle up the al Qaeda management stream with useless pronouncements and aimless threats.  Capturing bin Laden?  That is relatively hard.    But killing him?   A bit easier.

    Besides, Barry might even have thought  that bin Laden would not do well in humid places like Guantanamo.

     So, now Immigration Reform, according to Barry Soetoro means flooding the frontiers of Rome with Vandals and Huns.   It does not mean enforcing already fairly adequate immigration laws and procedures  presently in place.   It does not mean, during these days, the enforcement of the integrity of the nation's frontiers and Air Terminals, Rail terminals and frontier crossings, and maritime ports.
     For Obama it means Dreamers and Beemers  for anchorbabymommies.  It means flushing an entire group of Latinate people who are colonial and/or adapted for several generations to the American Way.   The  presently well-adapted are flushed down the toilet and the Administration purposefully permits the  overrunning the nation with people who are arriving because the word has trickled down to Tegucigalpa that the Obama is making the Gringos pay illegal aliens to eat.

     The equivilating of the people from the pre-1970 era with what has come since the last Amnesty that was not an amnesty is all but criminal.  To fall into the trap of lumping all such people under the same lump-word of "Hispanic" and thinking that there is a political appeal that will capture all "Hispanics" is offensive, ludicrous, and maddening.   The Republican leadership and the Crony  Capitalist Consortium receive the aluminium plated Solyndra  - Government and Fiat Motor Trophy for corruption, stupidity, and arrogance. 

     What in the hell, pray tell, is radical about us rightwing crazies saying, "If we take in 10 dollars into the treasury, we must spend no more than 9.90 dollars."  Why do the "reasonable and moderate" Republicans think they are so wise when we have a deficit of 18,000,000,000,000 USD by being reasonable and giving in at every turn?   The people are boiling furious, and have long since tired of being regarded as radical because we are normal. 
     There is no money to feed 300 pound third graders.   There is no money left to pay for stairstep AFDC.  We know the Grocery and Food people need the programmes, but certainly they could learn to string beads or something with their hands besides pick the pockets of the public.  It is a form of corporate, socialist, political incestuous bestiality.
      Either we face that fact that there are no Hispanic issues, or African - American Issues or any issues concerning governed and governors or the nation balkanises.   There should only be the compliance with the obligation to keep the records, maintain the tranquility, and provide for the common defence. 


     We are having a bit of a problem because the better three/quarters fell and managed to sustain a pretty severe minor fracture pertaining to her right shoulder.   The last couple of days since coming back from Central Texas have been interesting, at best.   The doctors said no driving and continuous arm sling for three weeks or so. The boss is a real horse and a workaholic, and of course, her mother is dependent upon her for a great deal of her daily routine. But, we also complicate the matters by having to take leave to our place in Mexico on Sunday.  So, the boss is going to have to swim with one arm.

    We shall be gone for couple of weeks or so.  The OROGs will have to save the nation.  Please be aware, that when our friend on FOX News shows that the cartels are going to be having a field day because the American Border Patrol is busy babysitting the horde of juveniles coming is not quite true.
     There is a very heavy military presence now in Tamaulipas.  Three times that with which we began the year.   These are what have to described as crack units, many of them trained by Israeli, British, and American officers and specialists and highly qualified Mexican officers and non-coms.
      The cartels at this moment are chasing their tails in many respects, and the military is tripling down on corruption, extortion, and the like.....very, very vigorously.  If anything the rush of the young "refugees" to make it over in time for Amnesty was even more facilitated because there was a feeling that Tamaulipas is safer for "migrants" to move through on the way to the Promised Land (The USA).   The vast majority of this last batch of Illegal Aliens that landed in the McAllen sector over the last few weeks made their own way across the river, with no "coyotes" helping or having to be paid off. 

We'll do more to-morrow.   Right now, lamentably....we are beat.
El Gringo Viejo