Thursday, 12 June 2014

Somewhat skillful, but too predictable to be anything but evil children playing "Reality"

     The mess going on along the Texas frontier with Mexico has been being reported and commented upon for several months.  The hordes of illegal aliens and especially illegal, unescorted minors and single women bringing children in the single digit age grouping (0 - 9) up to plop down on our door-step was cold-bloodedly calculated by the Obama regime some time back.
     They were thinking that they could "racism"  the "long path to citizenship for illegals" until the Americanists would finally just throw in the towel and sign the bill of sale just to get rid of the salesman.   But a funny thing happened on the way to the forum.

      People would not sell their cherished citizenship so cheaply.  As  two-tiered citizens, Texian and American, my wife and I understand these issues in three dimensions.   Barry and his marxist ghouls have no fealty to anything beyond a deranged cleaving unto an Hellish compulsion to organise societies so that the betters can control and order around the lessers.
     They will literally move populations, if possible, to accomplish their  goals.  Please understand that El Gringo Viejo has tried to speak to this horrid inundation of pitiable humanity that is besieging the zona franca Texana.  We are watching people in numbers exceeding the refugee rush during the Revolucion de 1910 - 1917 period, when  6% of Mexico killed itself and 9% of Mexico abandoned its country, entering mainly Texas as a safe haven.  That was because we are all racists and discriminators against other ethnic groups, right?

      My grandmother and grandfather to a lesser extent did considerable work among those folks, as did thousands of others in order to alleviate a problem with which they had no responsibility or culpability.  My great-grandfather also was involved in these activities....along with hundreds of geezers of the period in this area who had had successful businesses and positive social relations in Mexico.
     In many ways, what we are seeing here is worse.  The Cartel violence never once achieved the level of the lawlessness and violence of the War in 1910 - 1917....never.   And the population, 120 million as opposed to 16 million. Completely different in terms of mass.  Classes?  Mexico had a middle class of about 25% whereas now it is about 75%.

    But!  It is not unto us to pay for the iniquity of people who do not plan for the future, who cannot govern themselves, who do not fight back, who do not sacrifice to destroy the devils who destroy their country.  These people, almost all in their entirety, have invested their hopes in governments that promised to give them something for schools, free medical, free housing, free food, free burials, free vacations, free happiness.  Mexico detached from this madness at the very last possible second, as the new Century began, in order to have any chance of finally, or ever, becoming a true place instead of a Chamber of Cheshire Illusions and Magic.

     Let us study the parallels.   Jimmy Carter essentially removed the Shah of Iran so that the people of Persia could have self-government and happiness.  Fast forward, within a few months the bloody, severely mentally defective, perhaps both retarded and insane, mullahs and ayatollahs had all of Iran under the yoke of a peculiar alliance of pro-Communist atheist radicals and arch-fundamentalist religious nuts who, in any civilised area, would have been taken out and shot for their transgressions against humanity.
     We remember the pinkos and anti-American elements, a la Viet Nam, declaring that Pahlavi was a scumbag because he had 3,000 political prisoners....that his security service "tortured".   Since that time over 500,000 heretics, homosexuals, Christians, Israeli Jew and Moslem "spies" , wanton women, etc. have been slaughtered upon a false altar of a hijacked Abrahamic  Religion.   Thanks, Jimmy.
     And not to be outdone, Jimmy Earl who cares so much about democracy and good and nice and I'll never lie to you....lied every step of the way.  Oddly Pahlavi and his family were given a villa in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico by the socialist President of Mexico, Jose Lopez Portillo....interesting aside.   But, in the meantime Geraldo Rivera and Jimmy Earl decided that Anastacio Samoza of Nicaraqua had to go.  He was not democratic.  He was part of the ruling elite and oligarchy and he had an automobile dealership in a place where only people who could afford to buy automobiles could afford to buy automobiles.  He was also an arrogant crook, and he was a conservative landowner.   Of course, that he was a member of the "Liberal Party" and the "Conservative Party" complained about Anastacio's incautious catering to the peasantry....he would have to go.  And so the CIA and the Chappaqua and Hamptons crowd got rid of Anastacio.   He was assassinated later in New York City by an Ortega/Castro goon.  Chalk up another great foreign policy victory for the feely-friendly liberal kumbaya crowd.'
    Jimmy Earl ushered in the era of the Ortegas, two arch-communist, pro-Soviet "agents of democratic change" who produced those pleasant scenes of an old geezer Jew being forced to walk around naked in downtown Managua, Nicaragua with only a sign....sometimes say "JEW",  other times saying "Palestine for the Palestinians", and then at times "Espie Yanqui!"   The old Jew died a few months later, never having been allowed to leave the country until he divulged "where he had hidden it all".  His main crime was simply to have been a Jew who would attend to travelling Jews who had need of ritual or counsel.  It is also difficult to forget the Congressional Democrat Leadership writer their "Dear Commandante" letter to Daniel Ortega, apologising to the "Nicaraguan people" for the excesses of the radical and dangerous Ronald Reagan administration.

 What if they gave a revolution and
nobody came?  Sub-Comandante
 Marcos of the Ejercito Zapatista de
 Liberacion Nacional as his cause
 and reality faded in Chiapas.  His
star has faded but the stench never
truly goes away.  
   Now, the leftists and their mountain "guerrillas" are in place, they control the governments of Honduras, Guatemala, and especially Nicaragua.  There is a left-network alive and well, working through the liberation-theology cobweb of the Jesuit and Mary Knoll communists disguised as monks, priests, nuns, and Catholic tertiaries.   There are also seculars from the old guerrilla days back in the 1990s and those from the Frente Armada de la Revolucion Colombiana (FARC) and the old Sandinista network.  There is a bit of the silly assembly of alcoholics and stoners and commies associated with the Frente Zapatista de Liberacion Nacional (FZLN) in Mexico's southernmost State of Chiapas.

     This all leads to the point of establishing that there is a perpetually ready supply-line of messaging, long before emails and cellular communication, for Stalinists, Castroites, Maoists, Trotskyites and so forth.   It is said that Stalin was laughing about the murder of Trotsky in Mexico City before the President of Mexico knew about it....and that was in 1940.

    We have established the fact that there is certainly a "gossip cloud" that reaches easily into Central America.   This issue is, most certainly, a Central American thing...not Mexican...but Central American.   El Gringo Viejo has listened to AM radio from Guatemala and Honduras wherein the Trece Puntos (thirteen points) were discussed about how to "trick" the system legally.   The people heard over and over for the past 12 months, in every bar, restaurant, beauty parlour, family gathering, churchyard, etc. about how to take or send children with little or no documentation to go and petition the United States government for "refugee status".  The person who first enunciated the "Trece Puntos" albeit in English was a disgusting poseur with the name of Barry Soetoro.

     The next campaign is going to be, "Look what the Republicans have caused with their incalcitrance concerning 'immigration reform'".   And, there will be a hue and cry for "something to be done".  And then there will be those "reasonable Republicans" who will trundle down to propose 18 months of adjustment or adaptation and resettlement expenses and finding a "safety net" of benefits due to the fact that the children....blah, blah, blah.  NO! NO! NO! No one comes in without first using the un-broken immigration system we already have and that was not effectively enforced, especially during the past 5 years.  No Amnesty!  No 'back of the line', No public assistance for non-citizens! No more Anchorbabies!!!!   Being born on Texas soil does not qualify a person as a Texas or an American.  PUH - Leeeze. 

     We must be willing to stand up and say !!!NO!!!    Barrack Hussein Onyango Obama Soetoro can pay for the Central  American parents and children and the rest of the whole mess, including their repatriation to-morrow, if not sooner.  He can pay for it with the remainder of his campaign fund and the money raised for his "library" and "I ain't no ways tired Museum anti-Mohammed Video Pool Hall".   He can raise the money for the whole damned trick.  It is the same Alinsky-Bolshevik propaganda manoeuvre that would sic the IRS on political enemies and then cover-up, along with flood Mexico with automatic weapons directly to the hands of the Cartel thugs hoping for civilian and constabulary deaths to result, preferably among Americans.  Obama has, by the way, mentioned that he is interested in the Australian method of private firearm confiscation.  That is the thing that cost Crocodile Dundee his life.

    There will be more in-depth commentary on this and the overall conspiracy to implement "fundamental transformation" of America.  Continue to hold down the front.  
El Gringo Viejo