Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Our newest addition grows up and blossoms - Texas Wins.

Courtney Newton's photo.This is our Grand-Niece at three years of age.  She has blossomed under the tutelage, care, and eveloping affection of older brothers, a father who is well-centred and dedicated and a mother who must, apparently, never tire. She is something of a saint, martyr, and good-for-all things person.
My wife and daughter are very similar.  The setting is somewhere in extreme Central Texas.   We felt that all OROGs should be kept up to date about.

All of our children and grandchildren, nephews, nieces, and grand-nephews/nieces are each so intelligent and accomplished and alive....with un-apologetic joie de vivre that it actually makes life a pleasant stop on the way between stations.

El Gringo Viejo


Courtney Newton's photo.