Thursday, 5 June 2014

Various Dynamics, running in sync and running at cross-currents


    The Obsolete Press is pleased that they can report to the divisive split in the Republican Party where the moderates are shouted down by the religious rightwingers.  No big tent, guns, bibles, wimmin shackled with to the bed with a chain only long enough to reach the kitchen.   To them to Obsolete Press, the coming two national elections are cut and dried, no matter how much in disarray the Democrat National Socialists seem to be now.

     The elitists are comfortable with the notion that they have taken enough money from the poor-rich and the upper middle income/asset people and given enough of it away to the labour unions, crony capitalists, and parasites that elections will forever be "predictable" and based upon the notion that the poor need to be cared for.   The Obsolete Press will tell us how to care for the poor, and the elitists will tell when, how much, and where to pay.

     The problem with their thinking is that it is very probable that the Republicans of all stripes will probably get together after a fashion and carry both houses of the United States Congress,  It is also very probable that both chambers will vote to overturn "settled law".    This is even more probable now that the Congressional Budget Office has officially published that they have no way of determining how many people are legally  engrolled in the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative.  It is especially difficult since the figure of 8,000,000  enrolees has turned out to be should we say...a big fat lie.
     One sure and certain fact is that marxist elitists will lie whether there be need to or not.  We were all witness to the Good Ship IYWTKYDYCKYD, Period!   That was a ship launched by Valerie Jarrett and Co.  It was a lie.
     It turns out that the people qualifying for subsidies under the OSMI were lying about their income.  ACORN veterans and the flies attracted to such matter recruited and counselled  people in typical ACORN fashion.  It turns out that some said they were making 18,000/year when they were actually making 300,000/year and variations thereto.   Why?  To be subsidised by my daughter, son-in-law, and my granddaughters....etc.   After all, if the government pays for's free.   Right?

    Final Deal??   The much vaunted 8,000,000 dog whistles who signed up turn out to be fewer than 6,000,000 slugs who are, in their  plurality, now registered on Medicaid.  Others are legitimately (?) enrolled with subsidy, while others have new plans that cover all seventy year old males with neo-natal and birth control pills for "free"(Barry's word).

     The Congressional Budget Office advised that because of the misstatements, attempted fraud, lies, stupidity, incomprehensible rules and regulations, fewer than 75% of those who signed up are actually signed up, and absolutely no one will ever be able to project a reasonable cost for the programme.   It is known by the CBO that it will be much more expensive than anyone could have imagined.

Repeal, Rescind, and sue the Democrat National Socialist Workers' Party, the AMA, and AARP and all those who supported this horrid act....including those insurance companies who were looking for the guaranteed premiums, paid by the central government, after said government had done their Dracula thing on the tax-paying portion of of the Republic's Demographic.

Thanks for your time and interest.
EL Gringo Viejo