Monday, 9 June 2014

Back in the Saddle -

     We have just returned from Extreme Central Texas.....there are various epicentres actually....a quiet day on the road, by and large.   There was a busy mixed with lazy period of four days or so, looking after very resourceful young women who truly appreciate their grandmother's visits.  Their grandfather is a bit of a lesser treat....but he is not in a popularity contest.

     The girls continue to advance, ahead of themselves, in academics, athletic ability, and the arts.  They complete their move from the old fancy new house to the new fancy new house.   The change was from a somewhat exclusive and self-regulated development with a home-owners' association convention that was very complex, to a more exclusive development.   In the new place, the Conventions are deeper, wider, and  more imposing.  The development is like Stepford Wives  Chug-a-lug Steroids - The Sequel.

     All OROGs must understand that life, the way of living, the style and purpose, the nature of the summarily perfect, or a little better.   One of the things that makes it even better is that the inhabitants of the City are at once as simple as rural rustics, uniformly of an intelligence level of a university professor, and quite sophisticated, urbane, even as they  maintain the true humble, generous, and almost childish friendliness common to Texans and Southerners.   And while the term ''college professor'' is used, these people are, in their great majority, decidedly ultra-conservatives, very dedicated to the precepts of common law, the Constitution, natural law, and local control.
     As Austin, Texas is a Mecca for the oh-so sophisticated leftist, Progressive, and Che' set,  where the LGBTSYRUHS's rule from their position of self-given moral superiority,  in Dell'sville we find a place where folks actually "do" and "produce" and "provide".   It is Dell'sville where folks know and act.  Austin is where people practice "feeling", "openness" and "expressing one-ness with Mother Earth and Sister Nature", etcetera.



     Now, as we move into the final two years of the worst Presidency in the history of the American  Republic, we begin to see the effect of the affectations,  and the policy of deigning so as to damage.   We have written before about the true seed of the movement against Richard Milhouse Nixon's  presidency having been his "impoundment"  of authorisations by Congress of expenditures.   This means, in long-hand, that Nixon was returning to the Treasury of the United States monies that were un-spent at the end of a given fiscal year.
Sam Ervin.jpg
Sam Ervin (Democrat)
United States Senator for
 North Carolina
1954  -  1974
     Prior to that point, most programmes that could pass with a "D" were always expecting to receive their unspent moneys in the form of "carry - over:".   That way, a one million dollar grant in aid by the OEO to Pahdoodle Community Action Agency for "poverty workers" and "community organiser training"  that had 100,000 dollars left unspent, would receive their new budget, perhaps with an increase and authority to transfer the unspent money into the new programming year.   So, voila!  1,000,000 plus an increase...let us say 100,000 USD, and then reprogramming 100,000 USD for a White House - based bureaucracy that would eliminate poverty in or time.
     Well...not so much.  But it did buy a lot of votes, a lot of employment for brothers-in-law, and a lot of swagger for local politicians who could strut around and point at the "good we are doing fo' th' poh' - fokes".  Just think, in 1969, a Democrat County Commissioner in southeast Oklahoma being able to use our money to lubricate the will of his electorate.   For that reason, the Democrats went ape-crazy when they figured out the Nixon was going to impound their campaign "stash" derived from the tax-payers.

    The Democrats whipped themselves up into a stuporous frenzy and before long had begun to seriously entertain the notion that the president had to be impeached for overriding the will of Congress,  for not enforcing laws that were passed and signed into the Law of the Land.   They were even doing the preliminary songs and dances for adding on, as an impeachable offense, the authorisation by President Nixon of the Cambodian Incursion which actually helped bring a quicker end to the War with the North Vietnamese.

    Sam Ervin, a country-boy, Southern philosopher / attorney, chaired the Senate's investigation into Nixon's shenanigans, which by (Sir Edmund) Hillary's and Barry's standards were child's play.   But, of course, the press loves to love cads who are Democrat and loves to hate Republicans who draw living breath.   Ervin never had the chance to cast his vote to convict Richard Nixon of any high crimes and misdemeanours because Nixon resigned before the Lower House had even had time to indict the President.
     Ervin tried to seem reasonable and moderate, but it was known that once the impeachment was forwarded to the Senate, all the Democrats would readily vote Nixon into the dust bin of history.  In those years the Democrats held huge majorities in both Houses.  Like most Democrats, Ervin was concerned that Nixon could possibly become an Imperial President.

    Now, massively more egregious, are the offenses of Barrack Obama and his henchmen and thugs, such as Jarrett and Holder.   None are smart.  They all coast on the magic carpet provided by the  mindlessly approving press, the dull, the parasitic, and the intellectually-devoid intellectual class of dolts who, knowing little, presume of their own wisdom.

     Obama could be impeached and convicted for being the intellectual author, and/or the perpetrator, and/or accessory before, during, or after the fact in the following acts and actions:

          1.   Fast and Furious - possible charges of Manslaughter due to
                depraved indifference, or murder if it is demonstrated that the
                purpose of the programme was to provoke the killing of Mexican
                and American civilians, constabulary, and military "due to the
                the over-availability of firearms and ease of purchase in the United
                States".  This would, then, precede the final push to eliminate
                private sales and ownership of firearms and ammunition by
                this present administration.                   
         2.   Internal Revenue Service - multiple counts of fraud and abuse
         3.   Benghazi Fiasco, gun and munitions running, negligent homicide.
         4.   Deception, use of tax money for political ends for the purpose 
                of sabotaging the American Medical system, as a first step to     
                nationalisation of the system.  Mendaciously representing
                and true intent of the Act.  Using tax money to propagandise what
                was essentially a political campaign.
         5.   Repeatedly divulging names of foreign persons  who have given
                assistance to United States forces
         6.   Working in collusion with the Muslim Brotherhood on many levels
                when it is known that the Muslim Brotherhood is the sworn enemy 
                of all things American.   Subversion of the Mubarek regime.
         7.    Co-ordination of an immigration tidal wave and abrogation of the
                obligation to enforce existing immigration laws.   Authorising the
                dispersal of scores of thousands of illegal aliens, principally from
                Central America and southern Mexico. The Dispersal Site?
                Throughout the United States with temporary entry permits.
         8.   Purposeful manipulation of Veterans' Administration.
                Scores of thousands put on lengthy waiting lists and then lying to
               deflect criticism.   Possible charges of Manslaughter due to depraved
        9.    Failure to establish comprehensive and coherent diplomatic plan
      10.   Absurd malfeasance and misfeasance concerning withdrawal from
               Iraq and Afghanistan

The list could go on forever.   With Benghazi, for instance, there is only one certainty in the whole issue.  That one charge certainly leads to many possible interpretations about the violence, death, and hermiticism by this horrid administration  surrounding the Benghazi affair.   The one certainty is the absolute fact that everything was done by Panetta, Clinton, Obama, and several people within the highest ranks of State and Defence and the inner sanctum of the White House to prevent reinforcements from arriving at the Consular compound in Benghazi.  People who insisted upon trying to we punished, formally and out of view.  

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