Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The Exodus


There are four things going on with the exodus of people from Central America to America:


     (1)   The people coming here are composed of younger people with or without an adult accompanying them.  These younger people are supposedly arriving in order to try to reunite with some relative already ensconced. legally or illegally,  in the United States.   Most of these people are coming from places with horrid, truly incomprehensible social disintegration problems.  Violence, continual brutality, abandonment, grinding true poverty of a nature that most Americans cannot possibly comprehend are the order of the day.  Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador are beautiful, geographically wealthy, agriculturally potent places.  Socialism and animalistic social degeneration have essentially brought them to the abyss of self-annihilation.

     (2)     The Administration has sent messages into the loose matrix of the illegal alien ether.  It is difficult to explain, but it is a fact that any small change in the official policy, written or otherwise, in the immigration enforcement practice at the border will affect the "supply line".  More intense enforcement leads to reduced attempts to enter, especially illegally. Less intense enforcement leads to rapidly building numbers of people heading north, especially from Central America. 
     About four months ago there was significant "understanding" being repeated, even on radio and television programmes about how children can join their parents, and even siblings can join up with someone who is already in the United States.   The American immigration authorities were said to be offering :"temporary entry permits" and then being allowed to continue to wherever said relative might be living.  The Immigration would even take the illegal alien to a bus station or airport where the illegal alien could buy a ticket to said destination.
     As this information began to gain traction in the "illegal alien universe" it soon was learned that these measures were actually in force....were true facts....thousands were being placed "in-country". The desperate, and the devious, and the oppressed, huddled masses came to the realisation that "the time is now".   And they came.

(3)     There are several levels of offensive going on with these measures.  Be aware that this is perhaps one of the few social engineering efforts that the anti-American Obama Plan for "Fundamental Transformation" that is working nearly perfectly for the ACORN Plan for America.  The Obama Socialised Medical Initiative is still working through the bloodstream of the nation, and may well die on the vine within a year or two.  Disruptions in the overall system, at best, will continue for three to five years of "withdrawal pains" even if the ridiculous programme can be repealed and rescinded.
This picture is a bit dated, from late last
year.  It is moving from Guatemala into
Ixtepec, Chiapas, and then eventurally
into Vera Cruz.  It is a daily train.  Of the
males you see, probably half are ex-cons
and any woman within their group is
either a slave or a gang moll.   
    But, if the anti-American Fundamental Transformation forces can cram in a few million somewhat legalised residents who have absolutely no idea what citizenship is or what responsibilities are required of a citizen in a Republic made of free, self-providing people, then the desired cheapening of the concept of America is will be accomplished.   The hope among the Fundamental Transformers is that there will several layers of intergenerational globbing on to some form of temporary residency.  That might mean, "I'm here with my mother, and she is still waiting for a hearing with the Immigration and Naturalisation people.  She has not been given a lawyer yet."   When does mom receive her hearing?  Perhaps two years from now.
     Then, the girls all know that the totally, 200% for-sure method to remain in the United States of America is to make it to the Charity mid-wife clinics or an emergency room or some similar place.  It does not matter if there is a husband or even a male.  Many of these babies "just happen".  But once that baby is here, and born here, and there is a document that says that the baby was born here, then the mother is instantly  "Legal", a legal resident alien.  Why?  Because she is the only known source of support for an American citizen.  She knows to go, because the "illegal alien universe" and its form of communication has informed her that this is the case to the place to obtain food stamps, section 8, Medicaid, WIC, Head Start pre-Registration, AFDC, and a myriad of other "free" money and services.  She will learn to produce one more American citizen every two to three years in order to amplify and extend the massive amount of public assistance she will receive, essentially without lifting a finger.
     This new procedure, being implemented at this time, extends the dynamic both ways...from birthing down...to children bringing in their parents, uncles, and siblings as the years go by, in fairly quick order.   That procedure is already being practiced in some offices of the Immigration and Naturalisation Service.

Valerie Jarrett Glows About Improving the Breeding Stock

(4)     Several things will suddenly begin to be pumped-out by the mainstream press.   There will be long, moaning renderings about how this is a human tragedy that "we" (America) have both caused and done nothing to prevent.  American companies keep these countries poor  (?) so as to have a source of cheap labour where they can send things to be assembled for one dollar/day labour charge.  The people are forced into prostitution and drug trafficking because there is nothing else to do.
     Another drum-beat will be, "We have to take care of them, because they don't have anyone back there to go to.  It is our humanitarian duty."   Religious spokespeople will repeat over and over again that the people hate America because America took everything and doesn't share.  Then the people come up and ask for a little crust of bread from the loaf that the Gringos stole, and the Gringos kick them in the teeth."   The case of "This Guilt Trip is Your Land, It's All the Republicans and Rich Peoples' Fault, This land was Stolen for you and me, not them"....will be drilled into the American public theatre of discussion.  The Obsolete Press is bound and determined to destroy America as we know it and mould it into a part of the Unicultural Socialist World.
     The productive and self-supporting and charity contributing American class will be vilified and mocked as it never has been during the next 18 - 24 months.  Every form of charlatan will use these people and the ones who came before and the ones who will soon come after as a stick to beat us about the head and ears for our iniquity.  It has all been done before, but this coming wave of guilt-tripping against the innocent will be the worst.

     One must understand that logic and law are not a defence in this matter.   We can remember that Elian Gonzalez had to be sent back to Cuba so as to be with his father.  Little matter that his mother had died trying to reach relatives in Florida so as to give her son a chance at the American experience.  But, Janet Reno and Bill/Hillary Clinton adamantly demanded and sent heavily automatic-rifle armed, battle-garbed agents into the house of the relatives of Elian Gonzalez and they extracted him by force.   Multi-billionaire, pro-communists with their own private Lear-type jet, flew Elian up to the Cuban mission in New York City to rejoin his father and then be flown to the Tropical Workers' Paradise where "he needed to be".   That was the ultra-leftist solution to the issue at the time.
    Now, the solution is to bring over the people who will be styled "hard-working, religious, and potential assets to the community", when such is not the case.  The vast majority of Cubans were, and in years past, the huge majority of Mexicans were.  But with the advent of the Great Society and the First Amnesty the positive Mexican contribution to our situation went from 90% to less than 50% in this writer's estimation.  The Mexican participation in the American demographic fabric of the 1950s and before is not what it became in the 1990s and up to this point.   The Republicans would be well advised to heed my often given admonition to not group all "Hispanics" into the same cluster.  The great majority of "pre-1960" people of Spanish and Mexican ancestry in Texas, for instance, have very similar political-demographic consonance with what is styled "the general demographic".
     The Republican effort to do anything in "Immigration Reform" is insane.  The notion that another wave of people disposed to think that "work" is having to go down to the Human Resources Department to up-date their Public Assistance Record with another miracle baby delivery as work.

"To us, the Maya People
They show us from
our childhood, that there is never
any need to take more that that
which is needed to live..."
Rigoberta Menchu'
    El Gringo Viejo will not shrink from his condemnation of the practice of the use of the word "Hispanic" as some sort of accurate identifier.  He will also not back down one inch from the idea that if we allow these people coming over now to remain, they will be facing the same horrors in Houston and Peoria and  Las Vegas and Kansas City that they thought they were escaping when they left Honduras and Guatemala.  They are bringing it with them.
     The group that is coming right now, as best as this writer can tell, is about 35% addled, distressed, pitiable casualties of the depredations of gangs such as the MaraSalvatrucha 13.  Others  are victims of the depredations of pseudo-communist guerrillas and criminal gangs of different origins.  The American press generally refers to any such violence against the "marginal class" is done by "right-wing death squads" or the "troops of the Dictator So and so".   That, of course, is complements of Rigoberta Menchu Tum....another of the people who invent stories, are caught at the invention, and then make a life based on the lie, while never apologising for the fact that his/her fame was derived from a lie that fed into the Socialist International construct conveniently.   The quote, above included, is a convenient fit with the marxist adage, "Unto each according to his need, and from each according to his ability".
     Another 35% could possibly be integrated into some reasonable form of Americanism.  Perhaps, even as an arriving immigrant, and probably within three or four generations.   Much would depend upon how much we could cut back or abolish the system of public assistance as it exists now.
     The other 30% would be, almost certainly, members or potential new members of gangs of the most bloodthirsty, nihilistic, destructive sort imaginable.  They are already here.  They are already involved in extortion, shakedowns, murder, murder-for-hire, racketeering, armed robbery, car-jacking, kidnapping for ransom, gang rape, kidnapping for female white-slavery, arson for fun, arson for insurance split, looting, and generally terrorising the "home-group".   They seek out immigrants of their own "home-group", legal and otherwise, and strive, usually successfully, to fold them back into the horrors they tried to leave when they came North.   Gang-recruiting is normally done at the main gates of even primary school every late August at schools in the Central American parts of middle-sized and large cities.
     These "hands" that reach out to enslave and terrorise the people from the "old country" have always been part of the American immigration story.  The Italians were plagued, and still are in many ways, with the Sicilian Cosa Nostra.   The Jews have had those who practiced fraud and jewellery  fencing of the highest and most costly and valuable types of stones and bullions.   The Chinese had their Shanghai connection, and the Anglo/Scots-Irish group in the South had even the Klan moving in and out of illegal racketeering and organised criminal activity.    Along with the Klan was the shadowy Knights of the Golden Circle, with which the James people in Missouri were affiliated.
    So, to say that this 30 per cent anthropologically degenerative melt-down group is "racism"  or 'anti-immigrant" would prove that the "sayer" is a braying, drunken jackass without intellectual portfolio.  It is a matter of normal course for a recently settled group, especially.  The problem with the Central Americans is the utter unimaginable brutality and the fact that it never seems to improve.  It has only become worse in my life-time, even without the assistance of translocation.  With the migration of many to Texas and the United States during the El Salvador communist inspired civil war of the 1980s and 1990s, their gangs did come with them.   Guatemalan and Honduran gangs are present and functioning now throughout the United States.

We hope this porridge of opinion, facts, and deductions assist the observer of to-day's events on the border and elsewhere.  For those who are not OROGs (Order of the Readers of the Old Gringo) please be aware that our family is interethnic, and that my wife's family has roots into Texas dating into the 1750s on one side and into the 1560s on  the other side.  El Gringo Viejo's family has been active in business and travel in Mexico since the 1880s.  We own a home in Mexico, and we are multigenerational Texans and Americans.  By my wife's side, my granddaughter's are 14th generation Texian; by mine, only 7th.   We are registered Republicans, conservatives, and are normally found in Anglican or Roman Churches, when El Gringo Viejo isn't too grumpy with either or both.
El Gringo Viejo