Thursday, 5 June 2014

Comminication to all OROGs

flinstones with computer
This is an advisory to all OROGs and associates that we shall be heading north for a few days to babysit our grand daughters.   Perhaps it is more fitting to suggest that they will baby-sit us.  So, although my daughter and son-in-law leave me a computer, it is one of those Scandinavian kind made by the Lap people who live in Lapland.   We find them difficult to use because we are accustomed to the Fred Flintstone type of computer.   However the girls will be there to help us adapt.
     After that, we shall be heading down to our place in Mexico for an extended stay.  We are hoping that it will be easier to make entries during the summer, out-of-school time.   There is a bit of a complication because the better three-quarters decided to fall off of her bicycle, causing a bit a shoulder problem, perhaps a dislocation so some of that planning is up in the air.

     However, during the afternoon and evening to-day there will be some commentary about the lunacy emanating from the Casa Blanca.   It is stunning, the nature of pure and distilled to perfection  hubris.  We shall know it well before these next two years are done.

More Later.
El Gringo Viejo