Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Another Great Foreign Policy Victory for Obama


     All day, all night, every day, every night the masses trundle up with their children, or with a child, or sometimes the children arrive without the nariest sign of any adult or even adolescent sibling.   It is a mass of humanity not seen since the disorders of the Mexican Revolution and the subsequent Cristeros War.   That was a period of cultural upheaval that pulled Mexico apart at the seams from just before 1909 through the beginning of the Great Depression.
     The Revolucion de 1910 - 1917 that never really ended, even when it ended was followed by anti-Roman Catholic disorders that mirrored the destruction of the Russian Orthodox Church at the same exact time.   Through the 1920s there were anit-Catholic reprisals and repression 1,000 times worse than any Inquisition.  It ended in another full-scale war, finishing  in time to welcome the International Great Depression.

     The number of mortal casualties during the two wars, when the population of Mexico never exceeded 15,000,000 people, exceeded 1,000,000.  Perhaps a fourth to a third of those were civilians, and easily one per cent were foreigners.  Most of the first third of the 20th century in Mexico was something similar to a continuous earthquake.   That was followed by a complete World War, with Mexico being involve on the periphery...a very active and costly periphery that brought an odd order and stability.
     No more playing footsie, diplomatically and commercially with the Huns, as they had during the latter stages of the Revolution of 1910.   There was a draw-down on the playing of footsies with the Comintern, controlled directly out of Moscow that Mexico had practiced in some segments of their ''polite society'' before, during and after the Second World War.

     We have been left since the Second War with a slowly, slightly improving situation through the remainder of the 20th Century, with certain episodes of significant setbacks.   The greatest problems?

     (1)    A smuggling industry that traded off running international and Mexican liquors to the north and all nature of industrial items and domestic things like washing machines and electronics to the south.  That industry morphed, starting in the late 1960s, with the "dawn" of self-realisation and the new decadence of drug usage, throughout American society.   A more than willing group, with operators in the middle of Dixie, southernmost Texas, and California established the first organised criminal enterprises that thought in terms of millions of dollars per action instead of a few hundred dollars.

    (2)     A disastrous social welfare programme called The Great Society.   This was put into place by Democrats, Big Labour, limp-wristed Republicans and Big Business as a vote buying scheme for the Democrats.  Head Start, Free Food in various manifestations, and all nature of rewards for failure to defer gratification and for the practice of licentiousness.   That was the first "Great Wave" since the Cristeros War in the 1920s.  Perhaps 5,000,000 people came into the United States from Mexico on 72-hour border passes, and established themselves over Terra Sanctus Americanus.  The delivery of one baby was quickly learned to be the "paso magico" to be allowed to stay in Gringolandia on the dime of the Gringos. 
    The more there were, and the more un-spoken for babies, the more money was poured into the support of those who had finally found a place stupid enough to defend those who would not defend themselves.   Poverty kept being re-defined, ever upward, in order to keep the grocery stores full of people who obviously needed little malnutrition intervention, the rental properties heavily subsidised, and the schools full of digestive and future reproductive tracts.

    (3)    Since all the above worked so well, Democrats and limp-wristed Republicans who are completely uncaring about or unaware of the reality in these precincts are causing a new, hugely massive exodus from the south into the United States, chiefly at these moments, primarily through the South Texas and Lower Rio Grande Valley area.
     How is this happening?   Simply because from Tegulcigalpa to Chichicastenango to Puerto Barrios to Tikal and Copan...there is a movement of millions, Coming to America....not for opportunity, but rather for a certificate of preferential occupation and a free ride.   Make no mistake.  The Progressives know all the old saws than make peoples' heads nod in the affirmative.   Those old saws do not apply in this case.  They are not coming for opportunity.  Eighty-five per cent are coming for the greedy-freeby fun-time machine.   It used to be visa - versa.   And even the "floods of people" of the days of yore, were miniscule trickles compared to the Noahnic flood facing us at this point.

     To-day we are found, in the Magic Lower Rio Grande Valley, which is the southernmost four counties in Texas and we are surrounded by an inundation of people that cannot be handled by the Customs and Border Patrol, by the churches, by the Roman Catholic church that specialises in using "free federal dollars", various "Alleluia" churches, local public charities, food banks, and whatever, along with some mainline protestant and Episcopal churches, and a few social fraternities and sororities.

Jeh Johnson
 Incredibly enough, worse,
stupider, more anti-American than even
Janet Napolitano.   He refused to allow
the Border Patrol Chief of Operations in
this sector to call for public attention to
the issue of the Tsunami of humanity we
are facing here, and along the frontier.
As Johnson appears here, a stupid,
arrogant, self-impressed slob, is
actually an improvement over his
true personality.  T0-day HLS
tomorrow, maybe the VA.
     Four days ago, the commandant for this part of the Rio Grande Valley and the extension to the north up-river to Laredo, scheduled a press conference to address this issue and give an accounting of the dreadful numbers we are seeing now.  He was also going to declare that there was no place to keep the people coming across.  Jails and prisons are full, primarily of illegal aliens who have already committed moderate to extremely serious crimes.  Public housing is over-stretched, primarily because of anchorbabyism and lethargy poverty....(being too tired to go down and buy junque food with the Lone Star Card).   

     But, the scuz-bucket, incompetent fool who is the Secretary of Homeland Security ordered the Commandant to "stand down" and not give an unauthorised press conference about the issue.   He did not want the American people to receive a "....distorted image of what is going on in one small section of the border".   To Wit:

Homeland Security Secretary Cancels Border Patrol News Conference

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May 30, 2014 1:00 PM

    The fact is that we are being overrun by people who have arrived here recently because of rumours being spread throughout Central America.  Those rumours spread by agents promoting the destruction of America by the introduction of incompetent people who will tax the system of public assistance well beyond the breaking point.  That task will be fairly easy, because it is already broken.  And it never should have existed.  The reason?    Quite specifically and clearly because of what is happening here,  right now.

     We are having scores of thousands of children without adults, adolescents with two younger siblings, 36 year old grandmothers coming with two generations in tow, people who essentially have no idea what living reasonably in Texas and/or the United States might reasonably require.   They equate the concept of opportunity to finally arriving at that promised land that pseudo-Catholic, liberation-theology people have been spreading in southern Mexico and Central American that the Americans will pay you to eat.   They will give you and your children free medical attention.  The Americans are required to give your children a free education because of the abuses the Americans have committed against "la gente" for hundreds of years.   They are told by "NGOs", "church workers", and "people who have helped the poor", and even the embassies and consuls of the United States and other countries that, "The United Nations has ordered the Gringos to pay.  All anybody has to do is cross the Rio Grande and turn yourself in to the Border Patrol."

     And they are arriving in droves.   The Border Patrol is taking their transfer busses down to the Rio Grande to load them up and take them to feeding, rest, changing, processing, and then "distribution" processes.   Please Understand the Following.  Distribution now means:

     (1)   Being given a temporary entrance permit, if the illegal alien and any and all dependents with her have a known relative who has been in residence since such and such a date in the United States, legally or illegally.  After a telephonic, text, or email confirmation of existence of this person and that place.

    (2)  The illegal alien and her coterie are then given a ride to the fancy bus station we have in McAllen, and from there they are able to just mount the 1st class bus with their continuous flurry of pampers and litter trailing around and after them.   All the illegal aliens say that the family members have sent money during their detention for the bus fare. Ostensibly, the central government does not pay the fancy bus ticket.

    (3)  In 24 to 36 hours they are somewhere in North Carolina, Louisiana, Tennessee, Texas or somewhere ..."waiting to be notified of their time and place for appearance concerning their immigration status and normalisation."   What they are actually waiting for is the Congressional Act that will grant conditional amnesty to illegal aliens who have been in residence since before such and such a date.

   (4)  It is for that reason that the are sent to a relative who has been in residence since such and such date...El Gringo Viejo thinks that it must be the date that has been agreed upon by the Democrat National Socialists and the "reasonable Republicans" that will establish eligibility to "join the back of the line'' for citizenship.  

 There is a labour shortage in Mexico.
 Central America is what most Americans think Mexico is.
 Central America is essentially a totally failed area...completely under the control of left-wing demagogues in some areas and in all areas, perhaps save Costa Rica, and the organised best rural and urban parts of Panama.
   Roving hordes of criminals, thieves, rapists, and murderers abound.   The disorders one hears about from all the authoritative news agencies about Mexico are barely true.   If they were to describe the Central American situation...especially Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala....one is speaking of a socio/cultural cauldron of complete collapse, utter violence, and what must be recognised as anarchy.
    This is especially true of Honduras, which is easily the most violent and murderous nation in the New World, per capita, and the ever-perplexing El Salvador. Both are associated with being the spawning grounds of the bloodthirsty Mara Salvatrucha 13  whose membership is composed of boys who have killed their mothers as a rite of initiation.


after supplying the three with food and supplies for the  3 day's
long bus trip "home" from the bus station in McAllen, Texas to
Tucson, Ariz.  The three spent the night at King's home in
McAllen, Texas after U.S. Immigration and Customs
Enforcement left the family at the McAllen Bus
Terminal the day before.
Photo by Kelly Presnell / Arizona Daily Star

  It is reasonable to think (and here El Gringo Viejo must put on his sociologists hat) that the explanation for the existence and arrival of so many children and females lugging babies and toddlers up to the Mexico / Texas Frontier is to evade the probability that the women will be slaughtered by their sons, once the sons are recruitable (ages 10 - 12).   Young girls are carried off by their brothers and used in Santaria rituals and Santo Muerte services of socially psychotic, death-dealing zombie barrio commanders.

     This became especially bad since the arrival of Obama and the subsequent lessening of pressures against the neo-communist, military dictatorships of Honduras and in Nicaragua with the Ortegas back in the driver's seat.   One must recognise, and study the actuarial charts of demographers and insurance companies, etc.

     For instance, the nations (such as they might be) of Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador combined have a population of almost precisely 20,000,000 people.   They occupy about 80,000 square miles of the Earth's surface, combined.   That means they have about 4/5ths of the population of Texas on about 1/3rd of the terrain.   With the 20,000,000 however, they commit more than 3 times the amount of death by murder, criminal gang activity, and such as what Mexico can produce with 110,000,000.

     During the worst of the Cartel violence in Mexico, about 30 months ago, President Felipe Calderon was being blamed by the leftist press for bringing violence upon the country.  Fools...always fools.   The violence was there and had been increasing slowly for fifteen years until suddenly the extortions, kidnappings, and cartel wars set everything in motion.  Over a six year period, all homicides in Mexico totalled right at 60,000.
     Last year, Honduras alone had 16,000 homicides.  Six times sixteen?  And then that 96,000 times the 12 times larger Mexico is than Honduras.  That's a total of nearly 1,000,000 dead in Honduras more or less (we are speaking conjecturally)  were  Honduras to have had the same population as Mexico over the same six year period.   The problem is that there are so many born without souls.  This is even worse than Chicago and Detroit and New Orleans combined in terms of rates per 100,000.

     In Texas, we are aware that in Houston, there is a Barrio dominated by people from El Salvador.  The violence, gang activity, welfare, filth, litter, graffiti, and licentiousness is incomprehensible.   Almost all the people there are derived from those refugees who came up during the CIA sponsored Agrarian Reform war that the communists took away from the CIA and used to get a couple of hundred thousand people killed in Salvador.  The "refugees" poured up into Texas and centred themselves around where there had been a very small Salvadorean community.  That is what began the phenomena of Houston becoming a city surrounded by normalcy.   Small, clean towns with low crime rates and clean streets and parking lots and and no pampers in the parking lots.... little or no graffiti.
    And this is while Houston, lamentably, has become a dirty place full of violence and full of a city council that approves the mayorette's pet bill that requires no more men's rooms and women's rooms.  All rest rooms will sing a one-note song from now on.   Can a person imagine, Houston? ....and don't visit the Salvadorean Barrio at night or in the daytime...or if you are Anglo... or Salvadorean...or anything.

    Finally.   The Border Patrol and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement people have been reduced to a meet and greet group, and forwarding agents.  This story about bussing and flying people to terminals out of McAllen and the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas to destinations "in-country" with temporary entry permits is not a joke, and it is running in the thousands per day of people coming in,   Thousands.

Thanks Barry, and thanks limp-wristed, Reasonable Republicans.  Thanks a lot.
El Gringo Viejo