Saturday, 17 May 2014

Several have asked....But it's a long, long way until 2016

Some folks have asked for me to reprint a brief statement from Facebook so as to store or forward more easily.   Here it is.


 Linda, you know that I am a right-wing crazy, a Texas Nationalist, and all of that. I try to save the blog,  A Gringo in Rural Mexico, for such political commentary....but we usually fail.
       But, Dr, Carson has two problems. He is a way-past-the-norm true genius in a hard scientific theatre. And, yes I know that the practice of medicine and surgery is also an art. His other problem is that he will be shredded up by howitzers at close range by the Obsolete Media. Gloria Alred will come out with six or seven women who will be seen once or not at all, and they will make charges of sexual abuse, perversion, and/or affairs, and brutality. It is how the left operates, and they still have the hard case progressives and marxists with whom the present president and his cabal of leftists have ruled and had immunity from the law and from the precepts of logic and decency.

     A Black man or woman must be destroyed if they speak from the platform and precept of common law, natural law, and conservative governing and cultural positions. The present progressive construct of political control requires that all black people must vote Democrat and should be on public assistance to the greatest extent possible. It is the way they control their plantation...and they do it with other peoples' money. To a lesser extent they will do the same against the conservative Latino element, although in this particular election in Texas is it very probable that the majority of Latinos will vote slightly in the majority for the GOP candidates. TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTION, BASED UPON WHOMSOEVER THE DEMOCRATS CHOOSE TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT, AND YOU KNOWING THAT I HAVE NEVER VOTED DEMOCRAT IN ANY ELECTION SINCE MY FIRST VOTES IN 1968 (remember I was the youngest graduate of the Bulldog Class of 1964), I WOULD VOTE FOR Dr. CARSON BY PREFERENCE OVER ANY OF THE REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES BEING MENTIONED AT THIS TIME.

     I would also vote for Governor Christi before any known or reasonably possible Democrat candidacy. That is the range of perfect to better than a Democrat that I have in my pipe to smoke at this time. I am a Confederate, a Conservative, and a Texian Nationalist. I am also totally comfortable with the idea of a Carson Presidency and voting for Dr. Carson, and working for him as a candidate.
   I hope this answers your question. I am glad you are reading his book, but it might shift you two or three small steps slightly to the right. You are a very smart girl

El Gringo Viejo!!