Saturday, 17 May 2014

Too much 'pologizen' goin' on


   We have really, really come to the conclusion that there is just too much false apologising going on.  We see this activity as an adjunct to the adherence to a civil discourse that, in truth, has never truly existed in the coming together of concept and platforms that are mutually exclusive.

     At one time there was the debate about whether to have a Parliament headed by a Prime Minister, and a Government headed by a different King George....these discussions and arguments were much deeper and wider than most people know in these days because their existence is but briefly mentioned if at all.   Perhaps, every now and then, when there is time to break away from the  study of the History of Lesbian Vegetarianism in the Repressive Puritanical Period at the College of Women's Studies there might have been mentioned that a government for the American Union after a lot formed after a lot of very hot debate, "....sometime back whenever".

     Billy Jeff Blyth and (Sir Edmund)Hillary are two people who have howled about the poor treatment they have received from the press and about the mean things people say about them.  They interpret an abiding disgust for their whitetrash posturing and thier dedication to saying one untrue thing after another as a "right-wing conspiracy"
     Their  hideous personal lives and manoeuvrings, covered up to the extent possible by the typically lap-dog marxist press remained pretty much off limits to "correct topics" as defined by the White House in those days. Anyone who suggested that the Rodham-Clinton team was morally devoid and ethically absent would almost immediately be savaged by Hillary's moles digging stuff up out of absolutely confidential FBI raw data files.   These files are so protected that having even one, with the seal still one, in ones unauthorised possession can, and has, readily resulted  in three years of prison.   Unless one is (Sir Edmund) Hillary and the Attorney General at the time is Janet Reno or the totally disgusing and corrupt Eric Holder.  
     The same applies these days of whomsoever should determine to offend any of the "vacas sagradas" or "toritos sagraditos" that might be dear to the Progressives and marxists.

     My position is that we should say strongly what we mean strongly.  Pundits and cartoonists in the pre- and post-colonial era, and durng the entirety of the American political experiment, have avoided few adjectives or adverbs, and almost every decent and indecent noun in the description of their adversaries.   Now, we must be so reserved....especially if one is on the right.
     Imagine poor cousin Rush having to apologise for intoning, instead of the word 'slug' as he probably meant to do, that Miss Flukie is a 'slut' for requiring that my daughter and granddaughters pay for her recreational prophylactics.  Some 3,000 dollars worth per year.   Well, on first thought, any girl who feels like she needs 3,000 dollars worth of prophylactics for her amorous or lustful pursuits in one year....really is a 'slut'.   Then again, if she is wealthy but still expects other people to pay for for her personal supply of prophylactics, she is a self-consumed slug, cheapskate, barnacle, parasite, an arrogant trollip, a twit and a presumptuous snip.  Or perhaps even a rapid-fire, serial monogamist.  And by the way, if her boyfriend is such a trust-fund baby and he and Miss Flukie can bum-around, five star style in Europe, and she's so hot...then why doesn't he pay for such things?

    Imagine the outcry now, if as in 1884, Governor Christie were to accuse Ted Cruz of being a member of a party and from a region the espoused "Rum, Romanism, and  Rebellion".  That is from the  Republican forces backing Governor Blaine for President, with the Rev. Mr.  Samuel Dickenson Burchard doing the speaking, a Presbyterian  mind you, used language like that.
At least Billy Jeff could reassure Mrs.
Brodecky that she was safe from
 pregnancy because, as he said,
 " don't have to worry
 about getting pregnant,
 I had the  mumps."
   That was after the  assault.
    The contradictions were wonderful, in that he denigrated Dixie, that troublesome province down there somewhere, the Roman Catholic Church and the Roman Catholics, who weren't at that time totally affiliated with much of anyone except the Irish, and people who liked their brews and spirits.  The South, of course, was pretty much "dry" as a general practice, in spite of the production of hundreds of thousands of barrels of legal and illegal whisky every year.    It's a shame that he did not throw in the pro-silver and free-soiler   people, and Suffragists (as suffragettes and the movement was called then),  either pro or con just to open a possible new line of alliteration.

    Imagine poor Comic strip author Trudeau, now incapacitated for some reason or another, but back then he could actually have drawn George W. Bush with a dog doing wee-wee on his leg.  Or consider this fine political artwork on the left being applied to Anthony Weiner or Billy Jeff or Jesse Jackson.  But , of course, the one on the left was done during that prim time of the Victorian Period, when people "just didn't act like that or talk about those things".  Blaine's people, the Republicans., tired of the other side's innuendo and slander, began a chant based on the story that Garfield the Democrat had fathered a baby without benefit of clergy.  The chant was a sing-song, "Ma! ma! Ma! ma!, Where's my Pa?"   After Garfield won the 1884 election, the song went,

                                                    Ma! Ma! Ma! Ma!
                                                    Where's my Pa?
                                                    Gone to the White House,
                                                    Ha! Ha! Ha!

     It should be pointed out that Garfield did arrange for first an orphanage, and later for the upkeep of the mother with the child, for whom he provided from that time forward.  

    Almost Cassius Clay level poetry, but it made some people feel good and other feel bad, and such is the way of free speech.   Now someone would have to come out the next day and say, "If anyone took offence at what they thought I might have said, I am very sorry for them."

Just a few thoughts on a lazy Saturday.
El Gringo Viejo