Friday, 23 May 2014

Pour Money on Top of the Issue, Prices Go Up

     The looming disaster of the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative (OSMI) is now poised to thrust the rapier into the body of the American economic system again.  It is obvious even to  a left-handed door knob that the bulk of the participants in the OSMI will be a combination of Medicaid slugs and people expecting my children to pay for their "free health care" via Obamasubsidies, known in the business as "ObieSubies".

     The term "crony capitalist" that applies to private businesses that lobby to pick up preferential selection and contractual considerations, moves  six steps down to the level of "Compliant National Socialist Pseudo-private Business That is Essentially Owned and Operated by the Central Government".   Now, the previously private insurance companies can join the likes of the Ethanol Triangle Conspiracy, and the expropriation of General Motors and Chrysler and their delivery by Barry Soetoro to the United Auto Workers labour union.

     Two things will happen in fairly short order if the Republicans do not immediately move to repeal en toto the OSMI.  The flood of money being printed to subsidise the insurance companies for the lack of full-pay OSMI captives will be massive.   The old saw about how this programme will save the government, therefore the taxpayers, billions and billions will suddenly turn into a nightmare that will make the financing of the Iraq and Afghan wars look like the financing of Michelle's last State Dinner honouring Kanye West for his contributions to humanity.   And with those payments and subsidies, any and all pretence about competition and cost controls will be totally disregarded.
     Whenever there is a subsidy, the money of everybody becomes the money of nobody.  It will be exactly like the Medicaid Programme's open ended shovelling of money into the bottomless pit of social disorder, third world illness, and maladies of sloth and anchor-baby madness.

     We are humoured as well by the effects of Obama's nationalisation of the "Student Loan Programme".   It does, however, help prove the previous point.  Something had to be done about the rising cost of a college education.  Democrat Socialist solution?   More money and let the government run the whole show, so the dirty old banks could not gain a usurious profit from the futures of the poor innocent students.   Result?   More free money into the hopper resulted in the inevitable, and the tuitions and other charges went up even faster.  Now the average college graduate has a crummy marxist brainwashing instead of an education and a debt of 30,000 USD, on average, to liquidate over the next 200 years.

     We must repeat to ourselves in the morning, shortly after awakening, "The quickest way to control a population is to tax the income of that population and to control its access to medical attention and records".

     We are receiving  fair warning from the Cosmos, with this hideous Alptraum that has befallen the nation due to this Veteran's Administration situation.    Government workers, at times and far too frequently, learn that since they are immune from dismissal, they can practice inventive administration to their own benefit while the petitioners are abused or dis-attended.  We are noticing now that one after another of the Veteran's Administration's facilities have been cooking service statistics in such a way as to be something that can only be criminal.   In scores of cases, as they build up, we are looking a charges that in Texas would be 1st degree Manslaughter by depraved indifference....5 years to life....depending on how the Jury decided that particular day in that particular court.

     The phony scandals seem to outdo each other at every turn.  If there is nothing to hide, then why do they try so hard to hide it?

More Later.  Thanks for your attention.
El Gringo Viejo