Friday, 23 May 2014

A word to the Obsolete Press and their lackeys in the GOP - Beware the Gloat


    Some months back, El Gringo Viejo was watching some programme about the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and taking note that the adage, "In politics the truth and the facts have no value.  Only the impression and the perception count."   That was on the other tablets that Moses dropped when he came down from Mount Horeb.

     What brought my metabolism to my normal acerbic state of boiling ire was the moderator's matter-of-fact pronouncement that JFK was struck down, and the Nation was flung into the depths of grief.   The certainty of a landslide victory being rendered by an adoring electorate was dashed by the hand or hands of a vile and capricious Fate.

      It made great Styrofoam peanuts for packing, but the peanuts were not worth eating for instance.  The fact is, the polls, one year out from the 1964 elections were showing that Barry Goldwater had a 2 to 4 point lead on the popular President.   That was one of the problems.  People generally had to like Kennedy, even if grudgingly.   But four more years of hot and cold diplomacy, especially becoming more, and more deeply wrapped into becoming both Japan's and all of Europe's defender while playing chicken with Khrushchev had people a bit wary.   The general left drift (by the standards of yore) and Barry Goldwater's no-nonsense, homey, and solid approach to governance resonated at the time.

     The last opinion polls, just before the assassination, underscored the need for the Massachusetts native to come to Texas and have, "Jackie show those Texas women how to dress".   Texas, even with a "native son" as Vice-President was showing a 55 - 45 split for Goldwater.  Nationwide, Goldwater had a 2% to a 5% lead, depending upon the agency.   To be sure, Texas had been digesting a revival of the bloody mess associated with the Box 13, Jim Wells County voter fraud that gave Lyndon the Democrat nomination for US Senate in 1948 primary run-off against Coke Stevenson.  In those years, of course, the Democrat nomination for a Statewide office was essentially the election, because the Republican presence was strictly token during the general elections.  Lyndon had other issues as well, with the Bobby Baker mess, along with the Billie Sol Estes mess, and several other "messes", many of them concerning an excess of dead bodies.

     The point behind all of this perambulation is that Kennedy was overwhelmingly popular throughout all fifty-seven States and his re-election was a foregone conclusion.  Perhaps that is true to-day, but it was not true at the time of the events.  Lincoln just loved the Negro race, and saw "them" as equals and brothers in all affairs, and he freed the slaves.   Sounds good for Father Abraham's legacy and resume' now, but, true to-day does not equivilate to the truth for yesterday.

    This is aimed at those hopeful people who have pronounce that the real Republicans are the RINOs  and that the tea-party radicals with all their crazy ideas like spending discipline and debt as well as deficit reduction along with securing the border are no longer a force in the Real Republican Party.  The pundits, even the conservative ones, bought into this interpretation.  The facts are different.
     Few of the experts are prepared to view the tsunami to come in November.  In Texas, where far more Republicans will vote and be elected than in any other State in the American Union will have almost entirely Tea Party Lt. Governor all the way down-ballot.   Nebraska was of interest, because there was no incumbent in that Senate race in the Republican Primary.   Tea Party Victory there.  Where the country-club Republican incumbents have run and won are in situations such as  Kentucky where the rural, stereotypically Tea Party type Republican voters turned out in good numbers, they split their vote between one of their own and a slightly recalcitrant Senate Minority Leader, McConnell.  They figured that he would try to be a bit less reasonable and more dedicated to the concepts of doing right and fighting wrong.
     It is my impression that his victory speech was one of the potentially sincerest invitations to the loser and to his supporters, and his words, in spite of previous bad taste in the ears problems, should and must be taken at face value.  There is no other choice, frankly, after the results of the vote.

     My point remains, that the rustics and rubes, the natural law thinkers and snake handlers are alive and well and having a profound effect upon the Republican brand.  Our...their....victories are numerous and solid.  We must buck up and remember "Repeal Obamacare, every letter, word, paragraph, and page and all the regulations that were inserted after its passage...40,000 pages and counting. Repeal, repeal, repeal, rescind!!  No repairs!!!!"

El Gringo Viejo