Thursday, 22 May 2014

A Sad side note about a recent previous post

      Folks, this is critical.  It is sad.  It is bad.

      We were sent a quote, a very salient quote, which we posted above the speaker of said quote, James Abram Garfield on a previous page of this blog.   It was sent by some of our favourite people who sometimes send us contributions, clips, notions, and observations.  We posted the reasonable and correct impressions of President Garfield.   As good Confederates, we render honours to Generals and dignitaries and Presidents of certain countries, especially when they are our own. Mr. (General, President, Congressman, etc.) Garfield needed a bit of dressing for the entry on our blog....but we could not find anything appropriate for a Yankee hero, a President killed in office, a member of the Grand Army of the Republic, a man whose soul had few scars.

    El Gringo Viejo had thought that the lack of reasonable Confederate memorabilia and commentary...along with the flourishes and ruffles. was simply a desire to cause the  disparagement of the South and its cause in the War, the bad reasons and the good reasons.  The South, and its losses and sacrifices, was hated simply because of the hatred by liberals and the politically correct robotrons.   But no....They hate the damnedyankee heroes just as much.   Those who also fought for confused abstracts and fought against lesser numbers but who were easily the equal or greater than even the Japanese defender of his island.  And we cannot find in three or four cliques a "grand display of American Flags" to celebrate America....the Grand Army of the Republic.....or any of those great things that the Union forces and their sacrifices accomplished.
     I am truly distraught that our nation and its sections are so little considered.  To ask "The Cloud" to give me a nice 4th of July scene with hundreds of American standards flapping in the breeze seems to be a simple enough thing.  A Memorial Day something, even if not pertaining to the War Between the States.  But all forms of reasonable nationalism are being buried into the Cloud.   We are being forced to become citizens of the Planet Earth. The only reason there are such displays within five or six clics for Confederate issues is to ridicule that for which 450,000 Southerners died and to confuse the issues, and to discount the good intention as best they could be represented of the Southern position.   Both of these sides....either of these sides....would have been a better path than what the United States has now, with 25,000,000 in the slavery of dependency.  Neither of our two sides would have had the peculiar institution functioning after 1910....mechanisation would have destroyed all justification for such an archaic and disgusting  institution.