Thursday, 22 May 2014

Low Information Voters for a Low Information President? Or Is It Versa - Vica?


      We have been trying to digest the "president's news conference" from yesterday, but sometimes the rumination is a bridge too far.   There were so many cats, dogs, endangered species, grandmothers, run over by that display of loose cannonry that my head has not even begun to spin yet.

     The statistics were, in the main, either pointless and impertinent to the issue at hand or they were made up from whole cloth.  To make one point and then leave it be, allow me to state that the Veterans' Administration is not burdened  by a sudden onslaught of unexpected Veterans from "Bush's Wars".  There are still more and more to come and go from World War II (although we are still losing about 1,000/day), Korea, Viet Nam, and the general Cold War posturing and deployments.  The relatively few couple of million from Kuwait Liberation, Iraq I, Iraq Surge, and the entire Afghanistan period should have been no real problem to absorb into the processes of the VA.

    The problem is....when the central government attempt to do anything, it never works as intended when administered by a civilian bureaucracy.  Every now an then we can have a U-2 project, an SR - 71 project, various warships, the B - 52 and various other warplanes come in at or below budget and at or near schedule.   But, curing poverty....well, buying votes can be awfully expensive.  At least when we buy votes with weapons systems, something gets accomplished.  Amazingly, I admit, because the military is almost as inefficient at times as Nancy Pelosi's 31st facelift....the one that set off the 7 alarm response  from the San Francisco Fire Department.

     The following observations will probably not make El Gringo Viejo very popular, but it is felt that they must be put forth into the light of the waning moon.  To Begin, we need to stop boxing when we should be doing kung fu!!!  This has been stated several times on this screed.  Everybody knows that Sibelius should have been reality she should never have been hired.  Everybody knows that everyone sitting behind any desk with the civilian rank of GS - 16 through 18 inclusive are commies, pinkoes, national socialists, or at the very best, Progressives.  The progressives' motto is, "It is far too hot to-day for croquet or tennis or golf. I move that we stay here at the club and keep the bar busy.   We can do communism to-morrow, for the little people."
     The highest ranking bureaucrats are all extreme leftists.  Many of the people in the middle and higher ranking areas of the civil service bureaucrat
"community" are dedicated, rock-solid, union-thug marxists.  Much of the general officer staff of the five services is rotted out through and through with progressives who think the military is a petri-dish for some kind of a Kinsey Report Graduate School of Social Engineering, Depravity, and Moral Decay.  The mealy-mouthisms and lack of spine required for these brass hats to grovel at the foot of a poseur such as Barry Soetoro is stunning.   To think that David Petraeus could have some dark secret hanging over him that is so bad that Valerie Jarrett can blackmail him, but he cannot blackmail her in self-defence.  To wit:


     So we have the event yesterday when the poseur-in-chief comes forth and for the 9th time, being faced with a major moral and legal scandal well-beyond any since Lyndon Baines Johnson, shovels out the bilge about how he is outraged, there is going to be an investigation, there will be a report, the people responsible will be held responsible, and more must be done for our Veterans  and the Mureene Korpse.  Saints preserve us, if they can hold their noses long enough.

     But....and I mean really....we should not call for the resignations and firings of any of these festering pieces of regurgitated refuse from a goat farm.   Allow them to stew in their juices and bile.  Let the nouveaux press, the paladins with IPads, and the bloggers with their insane energy, eloquence, and perspectives keep prying out the rot, the hideous green fungus of the decayed souls of those who preferred grovelling to serving America and her Constitution and the Creator who inspired it.

      I am tired of listening to this dull thumping on a broken drum..."Quit, Resign, Fire-them...thump, dlumpd, dlumb...  

        El Gringo Viejo says,"Let Sibelius do what she does stare into a live camera lens for 40 days and 40 nights with the drool coming out of her mouth, and the dull gaze of a moron fixed on the centre of the lens.   Let the "Lootenint  Genral" commanding the VA declared, that (Yaaawwwwnn)  I am very out.   Raged.      At all of this we are going...(YAAaaawwwnnn) get to the ...uh....uh....side door of much that we have Wensdy morning.. or sooner tree-stump."

     We can assure everyone that no one was listening to Barry Soetoro who voted for for a few people in San Francisco and in the Hamptons.  The people on Cape Cod were busy preparing for the Memorial Day clambakes on the beach and for the march to the Old Chappaquiddick Memorial Bridge...which. after all.  is what inspired Memorial Day as the formative moment when the Lion of the Senate was proven to have the mettle sufficient to be a drunken pervert and serial misogynist.   This year everyone at Martha's Vineyard will be marching to raise money for buying the little ribbons people wear to express solidarity with victims this or that.  This time it is for victims of head injuries derived from bumping into the Glass Ceiling.  These people are so sincere. Much.

 Twenty Dollars?  and that
is for one cup!
     Bring these things to the front.   Every time we lock arms with them and sway back and forth, singing, "Getting to Know You, getting to know all about you...." since they left office, vomitoreum sales have shot up at almost all of their venues.  Can the OROG imagine that AlGore did not want Billy Jeff Blythe  nor (Sir Edmund) Hillary anywhere around his stupid 2000 presidential campaign.  Hilly and Billy just helped Chelsea's mother-in-law, a clone-hag of Hillary, finish fifth in a three LBDTGZSWAJ-way race.  Hilly and Billy campaigned vigorously for Mrs. Whazzernaim who had held the United States Representative seat there in Pennsylvania back in the 1990s before she voted for (Sir Edmund) Hillary's version of Communist Care and Burial Service.   We lament having to link the OROG to his article, but it shows the actual level of what grass roots America thinks of the Clintons if they are not lugged around in a solar-powered wheel-barrow by the entire Obsolete Press Corpse.

Clinton In-Law Marjorie Margolies Toppled in Pennsylvania Race

May 20, 2014 9:49pm
AP Marjorie Margolies MF20140124 16x9 608 Clinton In Law Marjorie Margolies Toppled in Pennsylvania Race

Sue Rubel/AP Photo
Chelsea's Mother-in-Law, Mrs Whazzernaim
      Despite the support of both former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Marjorie Margolies, Chelsea Clinton’s mother-in-law, has lost her Democratic primary bid for the Congress.
     The Associated Press called the race for her opponent, Brendan Boyle.
At 37, Boyle, a state legislator, is 15 years younger than his next-youngest opponent. His campaign raised the least amount of money. He lacked his opponents’ powerful connections to the Philadelphia political establishment.
     And yet, he just beat the Clinton family at its own game, winning the race for Pennsylvania’s 13th district.     With 56.6 percent of precincts reporting, Boyle leads Marjorie Margolies 58.5 percent to 22.4 percent, per AP projections. Valerie Arkoosh has 10.7 percent of the vote, and Daylin Leach came in at 8.4 percent of the vote.

      “They say money always wins,” Boyle told ABC News in a recent interview. “If we win, we show that’s not true.”

Margolies, 71, had a significant boost from the Clinton machine throughout the race. Margolies’ son Marc Mezvinsky married Chelsea Clinton in July 2010 and they are expecting a baby this fall.

     Bill Clinton hasn’t campaigned for any candidate as much as he has for Margolies, with a fundraiser, an ad, and a robo-call on her behalf. While serving Congress in 1993, Margolies famously cast a controversial vote in favor of the Clinton budget.  The fallout from the vote cost her the seat, and hers’ became the textbook case of a career-ending vote. ABC News called her favor to Clinton “the most celebrated political debt of the year.”
     While Hillary Clinton has shied away from 2014 campaign events, she made an exception for a fundraiser on Margolies’ behalf, which the former congresswoman did not attend.
      Margolies, however, struggled to connect to voters and while her fundraising numbers were strong, the campaign had trouble maintaining cash-on-hand throughout the race. To make matters worse, a March report asserted that Margolies “doubled her own salary as head of a small, largely taxpayer-funded charity [Women's Campaign International] into the six figures” as her now-ex-husband Ed Mezvinsky was facing charges of fraud.
     Boyle emerged as Margolies’ lead contender in early May, when all three of his opponents, alongside women’s groups EMILY’s List and NARAL Pro-Choice America, mounted attacks on Boyle’s anti-abortion record. Boyle maintained that he is pro-life.
Arkoosh, 53, a practicing obstetric anesthesiologist, campaigned on healthcare reform and her experience lobbying on Obamacare while president of the National Physicians Alliance, landing the Philadelphia Inquirer’s endorsement.

     Leach, 52, a state senator, gained a following for his pro-recreational marijuana platform and unorthodox sense of humor. “If we win, we’ll have large seafood towers and fine scotch,” Leach said of his election night party. “If we lose, it’s licorice and Muscatel.”
Boyle will face Republican opponent Dee Adcock in the safe-Democratic district this November.
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    My whole and final point, perhaps, is to let them stew.  It serves us to let their "good works" go before them until such time that we might possibly have an awakening.   Nothing else seems to work perfectly...and I would like to try a different strategy, and also different tactics in the implementation of said Strategery.
     We appreciate your patience.

El Gringo Viejo