Monday, 10 March 2014

The Promise to Pay

The following was a contribution to a private blog (for Vietnam veterans only):
“I dropped out of Texas A&M (Corps of Cadets) in 1965 to enlist in the Air Force.
While in tech school at Lowry AFB, weapons control systems F4 Phantoms, I volunteered
for Vietnam. At that time most of the kids my age had crew cuts and the worst thing they did
was drink beer. I was, and still am, a proud American and I still believe we went into
Southeast Asia for noble reasons. I volunteered for a second tour while in Vietnam
and am glad I did. But after 22 months in the war I came home to a much different
America. I am ashamed of the majority of people my age who ran away or hid.
When I came back to the world at SeaTac I could not believe the trashy people
who were there to "greet" us. I am a disabled vet with peripheral neuropathy from
exposure to dioxin and apnea from a blow to the head and face. I have PTSD but thought
it was made up until the VA started to explain and compensate for it. I did not claim PTSD
for compensation but I probably should have. I still do not function in social situations and
think often about my time in Vietnam. There I had buddies and I knew what I was doing.
Coming home changed my life and outlook on Americans. The government is the perpetrator
of our terrible treatment and the people who ran away are now those in charge. Too many drugs
and free sex back then... those are the ones indoctrinating our kids, now. In 2009, the VA
came through for me and I cannot really complain in any way with the treatment and
compensation but it took me 43 years to get help.
    It was mostly my fault because I was in denial, and looked on it all as help for
some one who didn't need and help. Now our military officers are infiltrated and indoctrinated
with progressives who are ruining it. The government is tearing the military and the VA
apart. We have to fight tooth and nail to keep the government from cutting VA services
and funding.
     Our Constitution is being distorted. I do not know how we can get back the America I knew.
I read a book, "The Liberty Amendments" by Mark Levin that is very informative and shows
a way we can strengthen the Constitution to fix the damage that has been done by the
progressives. I highly recommend it.

Sorry for the dissertation but this is one of the only ways I can vent.

God bless all you guys who were there with me and those who did not make it back.

You have the veteran's permission to reprint
           El Zorro