Tuesday, 11 March 2014

A Swan Song from Trudeau?


    While we have some trepidation in celebrating the absence of Trudeau comic strip from the newspapers of America, it is well that it be gone.  The nearly hysterical obsession with the horrors of normalcy for so long is probably the major cause of Winter Depression in the cultured of the bolshie - national socialist elites of the Hamptons.
    We hope, in any regard, that this leave is due to a lack of demand for the dull, unimaginative content, albeit with creditable artwork, and not due to any tragedy or illness of Mr. Trudeau or friend or family member.

Sometimes the little things can mean a lot.
We are grateful to whatever controller of the fates allowed us this respite from this icon of the comic section.
El Gringo Viejo has not read Doonesbury for over 20 years.   This shows the value of the comic strip, perhaps, and that the value must be to some account. And, perhaps, it shows the obstinance of EGV, because he just stopped reading anything that was so inaccurate in terms of its styling and presentation of personalities and issues.

Once again, hoping for the personal best for Mr. Trudeau, we retire from the field to remove and burnish our armour.
El Gringo Viejo