Monday, 3 February 2014

Word from El Zorro...and an explanation is deserved to the OROG community

     During the better part of the past five days, we have been held hostage by the Time Warner Company.   They provide our linkage to the outside world, via television, telephone, and high-speed computer connection.   All systems went out, due to the lack of a secure service box, which had apparently been violated by vandal children.
     We awaited the service man, who came at the appointed time....four days after the event....and made the diagnosis and repair (screwing the two elements of the connecting cable together) and left within fifteen minutes of arrival.   He then gave me his card and said, "From now on, just call me, and I'll notify the office that you are on my call list."   Same day or next day service.    Gee.
     We are now filtering through about 120 messages of different import.   We are also fixing to spill rancid liver bile out on the internet until the entirety of cybermundo looks like gorilla guts in a witch's cauldron.   However, more civil contributors have eased my efforts by providing an adequate contribution "de inmediato".    El Zorro weighs in on the pretendrix to the Presidency of the Republic of Texas.


State Sovereignty:
Get the Women and Children out First
(or Save the Union?)

(Having some health issues, El Zorro has not been able to contribute to El Gringo Viejo's blog though there are certainly a plethora of subjects to be discussed, expounded upon and dissected.  But, my sense of well-being has been restored somewhat by the need to ride to the sound of the cannon.)

  One of the larger issues that has the attention of many in the Great State of Texas is Texas' sovereignty. This writer is a proud member of the Texas Nationalist Movement with mixed feelings. Being a sixth generation Texan, my loyalties are to this state first and the the United States second. In that regard, to clarify that it is our opinion that the good of Texas rests or has rested to a certain extent with the good of the Nation. As long as the Union acts in the interest of the States and the people this arrangement is a useful one and one to be respected. However, if the Federal government does not observe and respect the sovereignty of the states and the people, that relationship should be reconsidered.

      The United States Constitution is a brilliant document written by some of the most intelligent men of the time it was written.  It was also inspired by a common power greater than the individuals who wrote it. It was written very clearly and precisely to be interpreted literally, a very simple document by design. There are not many grey areas but for those invented by the progressives who have infected our governing systems with deliberate intent to destroy the Constitution by conjuring up grey areas. The greatness bestowed on the people by the framers in this document is being stolen bit by bit through deception and intimidation.

       Those since Woodrow Wilson have been accumulating power until we have more than a simple majority of greedy selfish politicians who would turn the republic into a socialist-communist utopia. Our liberties are being illegally taken by unchallenged unconstitutional laws and executive orders. Obamacare and the IRS, the NSA, EPA, Executive cabinet appointments, Federal bench legislation, and hundreds of unelected subdivisions of government have replaced government by the people being governed.

      This gargantuan cancer is metastasizing into the state governments as well
The New Fabian Society is the Old Fabian Society
Listen to the similarities in content, context, and speech...
Andrew CuomoGeorge Bernard Shaw

George Bernard Shaw's socialist views, the Communist Party involvement and his membership in the Fabian Society are eerily similar to thinly masked ideology of today's government leaders. Is New York (state) lost?
The Fabian Society

In Texas we have a challenge that must be met forcefully:

Wendy Davis
She who would be Governess
of the Republic of Texas
Wendy Davis filibustered the Texas Legislature to abrogate a bill that would restrict abortions in the state. This was a twofold trick that would impose death penalties on unborn people and to promote herself as a liberal change of executive in Texas. Her motives are transparent. Hopefully, Texans are aware enough of the potential harm to our state if this woman

Greg Abbot
Republican Candidate for
Governor of the Republic
of Texas 
should be elected. Texas would become a blue state. The example set would turn other states as well. She has done what liberals always do, compromise her own aspirations by stupidly embellishing her image with lies. She overstated her impoverished situation as a young mother to get sympathy from women in Texas. She lied by implication that she worked her way through law school when in fact her then husband helped which she did not mention. She has tried to denigrate her opponent, Greg Abbot by saying he is in a wheelchair falsely claiming a disability. Even though it appears she has damaged her campaign, it is a danger to thing she will not be a force not to be taken lightly.
     These are two examples of the insidiousness and power we are facing as a free people. If the Federal government will not change direction, which is  certain it will not, then the American people have to take charge. The U.S. Constitution is in dire jeopardy. Progressivism is growing geometrically and with such issues as immigration reform, the farm bill, the military budget cuts, Obamacare, etc. there is not much hope. It is certain we have no hope for retaining the freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution is action is not taken by the people.

     As a last hope, the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution has to be taken seriously by at least three-fifths of the states. That would be a first choice for preservation of the Union and the vision penned by the framers. It means the Texas legislature will have to participate and I would urge strongly that it does. There is not much to lose by giving it a chance. The one consideration is the next governor of the state cannot be Ms. Davis; however, the Fifth Amendment does not depend on the Governor, only the Texas House of Representatives is necessary. As long as the House remains conservative we can proceed with this method for restoring the Constitution.

      The last course of action is Texas secession from the Union. That works for me as a last resort even though it would be a huge effort needing more than just a majority of Texans to support it. The TNM is working to coordinate such a proposition. As a proud Texan the idea of being a sovereign country is appealing. It would be worth all who read this to check out the organization at
Texas Nationalist Movement

God bless the United States, and

El Zorro