Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Sequel: Focus Group V

     The entire episode presented by the president last night was simple foolishness.   Even less than sound and fury, it was the stuff of focus group phrases, spoken by dolts with little intellectual or deductive ability.   The teleprompter feeders dutifully take off the phrases....job training....income inequality.... make America a fairer place....make investments in America's future....and the like.   Then after they have 20 or 30 phrases, those phrases are strung together in an incoherent way and read off of the teleprompter with lofty, near-shouted community organiser - cheerleader - union boss assertiveness by a puppet known as the first person to have ever been given the Nobel Peace Prize for having done all that stuff about everything and whatever.
Message to the nephew of Auntie Zietuni and Uncle Omar:   Your task, according to the Constitution is to give a state of the Union report to  the Congrefs of the United States of America.  No report was made.  I shall give the report for the nephew of Auntie Zietuni and Uncle Omar.
     The condition of the Republic is strained.   There are more people taking than giving.  The government is abusing its authority by over-regulating and by interfering with private parties and businesses via the Internal Revenue Service among other bureaucracies.  Foreign policy matters are laughable, were they not so dangerous, and the military is sick to death of Zietuni's and Omar's nephew.   So, we can assume that the condition of the Republic is not good, therefore the president has been largely successful in his mission to begin to  fundamentally transform America into a third-world country.
We have given the report.
Ours costs less and said a bit more in terms of discernible substance.
El Gringo Viejo.