Monday, 3 February 2014

Some Comment served as Goulash

     We awoke this morning feeling Hungarian, and probably thinking in Magyar, so we are serving a goulash of different topics here.   The problem, quite frankly, is an inability to maintain a continuum of thought, and perhaps the cold.   We dodged  quite a blast from the north, yesterday and the day before.  There was  considerable rain between Tuesday and Wednesday, and a bit of frozen precipitation here and there, and cold.   Cold and dank.  We had a bit of sleet and snow here and there around the Tip of Texas, mainly sleet and rain all night here at our place, but nothing like the Great Christmas Snow of 2004 when we picked up 10 - 12 inches in McAllen, all the way up to George West, Texas.  We had the highways almost to ourselves on that drive up to Central Texas that time.
Vigilantes are Militarised:
     The OROGs will remember, perhaps, when we pointed out that common civilians in the area where western Michoacán State, northernmost parts of Guerrero State, and the southernmost part of  Colima State of Mexico come more or less together had begun to take up arms against the drug cartel people in that area of western Mexico.
     Some might have thought that those carrying that story were fantasising about some Zorro-like presence, rendering righteousness and order against the evil-doers.   Others suggested that they were all the same, the vigilantes and the cartel people were just fighting over turf.  El Gringo Viejo knew that the 10 to 1 odds were that the vigilantes were the real thing.  And, interestingly, the old saw about the best thing to do to a bully is to beat him up....because all bullies are cowards and cry-babies was applicable to the issue affecting the area above proscribed.

    We have seen a disorganisation of the Knights Templar Cartel (not a joke) has been significant.   They are a particularly blood-thirsty and combative group, or had been until recently.   They began to go into a disorganisation due to harassment by the Vigilantes.
     The Mexican Army had been active near and about that part of Mexico.  They made a kind of a formal contact with the Vigilantes (think of them as a semi-militarised Tea Party of mainly very young men....ages 15 to 30....20,000 members strong.)

     High-ranking army officers and experienced combat people reviewed various of the "companies" of infantry and their "mobility" (old pick-ups), and their communications (cellular telephones), and their armaments (beat-up shotguns and rusty revolvers with a few hundred decent rifles, few if any automatics).   Almost all the firearms came from the hearth and many were almost family heirlooms.  The automatic stuff had been taken from cartel thugs who had been captured and/or killed during confrontations.
     The vigilantes have been organised into fighting units and given martial authority by the real live Army, and named Rural Citizens Militia.  The training we had heard about earlier actually did take place and is continuing.   Military order, rules of engagement, basic forensics, and other police and military necessaries have brushed up the volunteer rag-tags into a large and formidable extension of the Army.  This extension has the further advantage of being intimately familiar with forest trails and roads, as well as certain knowledge about who belongs and who does not.
     The recent capture of one of the most, if not the most important, "Knights Templar" commanders is credited in large part to the investigation and reconnaissance done by the Rural Citizens' Militia.

    This activity was monstrous news throughout Michoacán State, because this capture was of the man who controlled organised criminal activity and drug transhipments from the capital, Morelia, to Mexico City and to Los Angeles, California.
This note:
It was at this point last Thursday that our telephone, television, and computer feed went down.   It was restored shortly before noon, on 3 February 2014.
Thanks for bearing with us.
      We are troubled continuously about the lack of Republican resolve to establish  true, conservative guideposts and positions for the coming Congressional elections.  It seems more than obvious that the Republican hierarchy is disposed to be the daddy socialist arbitrator of issues leading up to who can be Queen for a Day, slobbering at the trough provided by the central government in Washington, D.C.
     It is as if they are the "more conservative" of two choices.   It is like Stalin or Trotsky.   Do you all want to be slaves in the gulag or do you want to the slaves in some other place.  Do you want a show trial before we shoot you, or do you just want to get it over with?   Are you satisfied with Red Chinese Mao pyjamas and beanie cap, or do you want to have a choice between Red Chinese manufacture or Michael Moore pyjamas and beanie cap made in an environmentally friendly country?   Either outfit is free.   Simply pay the 50 Yuan manufacturing, assembly, and transport charges.   Obama will allow you t0 have one outfit every year.
     It is fundamentally necessary to stand our ground.   There can be no compromise with the notion of right and wrong.   There can be no compromise with the notion that "creative accounting and resourceful economics" can set aside the rules of mathematics.   There can be no compromise with social policies that have globbed scores of millions of people onto the dole, destroying any sense of self-worth or self-reliance.   The central government has created a class of dependents that performs economic liposuction on the productive class, while at the same time assaulting, murdering, stealing, and defiling at every opportunity, both against their own and the commonly decent class of people.
     The business of having the Republicans devise a special, designer Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative a la Elephant is preposterous.   The special Republican plan must be "Repeal and Rescind".   Keeping any piece or part of the hideous, government controlled, totalitarian socialised medicine initiative is patently unacceptable....beyond ridiculous.  Please...."We'll have to vote for it to find out what's inside of it."   ?????????????????????   We shall have to repeal and rescind in order to wipe the slate clean enough so as to move on into the future.
     It is apparent that the entire offensive by the Obomatrons was for the purpose of lumping several score million more people into the Emergency Room Plan (proven to work in Cuba and Russia) commonly known as Medicaid.    The other purpose, equal in value to the first, was and is the collapsing of the private insurance industry.   Nationalisation is one sure way to destroy private business.
    One final point.   We do not pretend to regard Barack Hussein Obama as any kind of original thinker or inspired philosopher.  He is simply a little finger on the hand of a cabal of "progressive" marxist socialist engineers.  They are perverse, dedicated to the construction of anthills and beehives for us, and dachas for them....and they are ensconced in all areas of American industry, academia, labour, entertainment and arts, and religion.   They hate individualism and love Frieda and Fidel.   Barack cannot think beyond what he is fed through the teleprompter from the focus group editors.
More later.
El Gringo Viejo