Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Finally, Back to the Anglican Curmudgeon


We are finally putting ducks in a row a bit better.   This after herding cats for the past several days.   The chickens have come home to roost and the pigs have flown.   We do something now that we meant to do back last Thursday.
     We were celebrating having finished our tax statement to Caesar, as if he should have anything to say about what shekels we draw into the house and what we talents we spend.   This taxing procedure is a further insanity brought on by the notion that the central government has any business in the affairs of a family's economy.   We have been assured that Caesar will send us some Barrynotes that they owe us from having taken more than they needed at the moment.   Only the Great Zeus knows how much Barrynotes will be worth as the days go by.
Tennessee Scopes Monkey Trial

In reality, ladies were not permitted
either on the jury or in the court's
audience.  Certain indelicacies
concerning procreation were
thought to be too "earthy"
for proper ladies.  They
remained outside on
the Courthouse
    More importantly is the issue, perhaps a couple of entries back, that is found in the Anglican Curmudgeon's recent posting.  Sometimes El Gringo Viejo will say, "This is a quick read, perhaps 3 minutes."   Othertimes he might say, "This is a bit of a thick intellectual soup. You might want to set aside 17 minutes to read through it a couple of times."
     In this case, we offer up required reading for anyone who wants to increase his bibliography of reference concerning things Anglican, historical touchstones of importance, and reasoned matter concerning the interface of science and religion....especially the Abrahamic Religions...and the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, the notions of evolution, and such matters.   This is not an instant replay of the Scopes Monkey Trial (my mother was there, but she was not a monkey). 
     The warning is that this is heavy stuff presented by a deeply and well studied scholar in the classical sense about matters that are very profound and expressed in "non-layman's terms".    All OROGs with whom I have any acquaintance will have no real problem grasping and understanding what is written.  El Gringo Viejo, due to age and general slowness of wit, must read the Anglican Curmudgeon's  missives three times...sometimes...in order to wrap all of his 'little grey cells' around the issue under consideration.
     This particular article, Mere Anglicanism Conference: a Report , is long.   It is complex.  There are many speakers who are cited.  It will take two or three nights, depending upon the OROG's schedule, involving at least 20 minutes each, including the necessary "re-reading".    It is also worth every second and every minute of the OROG's time investment.   It will deepen and widen the entire Anglican, Orthodox, and Catholic notion and consist of our understanding of Western and human culture.  It is excellent for Jew and Protestant, for agnostic and inquirer.
     The OROG will feel better for having done this exercise.   It is like not going to the dentist. 
El Gringo Viejo....