Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Republic of Texas - A Positive Action Suggestion

First Flag of Texas Republic
 made at the very point that Texas withdrew
 from the Mexican union.   Lorenzo de Zavala
was the first Vice-President of the Republic.
He delivered 3,000,000 reales in silver, and
other negotiable securities to the
Texas Revolution.
We are in. A small suggestion. Let us propose this small measure.

     Texas Independence is not a wafting scent of incense and wistfulness. It is not the humming of Dixie, and wondering how the Yankees could have gotten us down for the count so quickly. It is a matter of necessity....of life and death....of liberty and bondage. Any nation that can tax the income of it citizens has converted its citizens to serfs. They are born to serve the central government.

      My humble proposition is to put our silver where our souls are. Charge the Texas Nationalist Movement with the responsibility to take, keep, and husband all the scrap silver we can forward to their keep. Old and broken Mexican tourist silver with a 925 stamp, for instance. It is very good silver. Broken silver services, especially forks and spoons (the knives have steel blades). In short, any scrap silver. We are at least one million adults who have the proclivity and disposition to "withdraw amicably" from what has become a useless, increasingly totalitarian Union. Silver can serve as a CERTAIN BELIEVABLE FOUNDATION that will allow us to build our house upon a stone.

     If CARY WISE will appoint a board of governors, publicly named and identified by credentials and accomplishments, to receive, melt to bullion, and conserve such silver, I am certain that we could have many millions of American dollars worth of bullion on hand quickly. This procedure could be extended to scrap gold as well, once the programme is rolling. Then other numismatic valuables, such as coins, could be granted or invested with the Texas Nationalist Movement, thereby bestowing a sense of provisional government-in-waiting status to our cause.
     I have a pound of scrap to send, now.

It is just a thought, a suggestion, and part of a  battle plan.
El Gringo Viejo, Citizen

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