Thursday, 6 February 2014

Fabulous Fallacious Falsities

     We are humoured, in a bitter way, by the blithe insertions into the popular understanding of facts that "everybody knows".    Lincoln freed the slaves.  Teddy Roosevelt charged San Juan Hill, FDR saved us from the Great Depression, discrimination causes crime and poverty; all commonly known, accepted, and understood parts of the American quilt of patches of understood history.
     And all are false.   Each patch is made from feeble or invented fabric.
     Almost daily, now, we are treated to someone pointing out that William Jefferson Blythe brought us "welfare reform".   Frequently this information is put forward as an example of how everyone started off each day singing "Hi ho! hi ho! It's off to work we go",  in the 1990s when everything was perfect on the Hill and in the White House.

     The fact is that William Jefferson Blythe vetoed two separate "welfare reform" bills that passed with significant majorities and were sent to his desk for signature.  He was surly and dismissive when he scoffed them into the round file.  It was only when the bill was strengthened a bit and sent one more time that he seemed to sense that his own party was going to join in the override of his veto that third time.  He signed the bill, but then arrogantly left the issue with the threat that "we will have to revisit some of these provisions and fix them in the next Congress",  The "fix", of course, was the need to water down the legislation and provide more alternatives to the "we breed them, you feed them" community.   In short....or in long, if one wishes....Billy Jeff Blythe had little or nothing to do with the very little "welfare reform" that took place in the wonderful, prosperous 1990s.
     Next, we shall be treated during the next two years to the murderous, mendacious, marxist hag (Sir Edmund) Hillary Diane Rodham Corkscrew, of the Immaculate Concussion, declaring, ''....and believe me, as you noticed in the 1990s, we know how to get this budget under control....We brought the hardworking American people balanced budgets and surpluses until they were squandered by the Republicans."
New Lady Gruoche of Scotland,
she hides her hands so discreetly.
 Oot! Oot! Damned spots!
Oh! Why do you
so  torment me?
     Once again false.  The intention of the Clintons and their cabal of tax, spend, elect jackals was to continue deficit spending to the greatest extent possible.  Billy Jeff himself was heard many times saying that the only way to ensure high employment was by maintaining public spending as a means to 'stimulate the economy", a shibboleth that has been disproved over and over again.   Billy Jeff also said, many times, many ways....''....we might be able to balance the budget by 2005, or maybe ten years out.  A lot depends on economic conditions".     Sometimes he would say seven years, sometimes he would hedge and tack on two or three years more.   But he really had no true or real interest in balancing the budget or reducing even the rate of increase of that budget.
     What caused the balancing of the United States fiscal budget was the slight application of the brake, forced by the United States Congress over the budget process and upon the Ministry of the Exchequer.   Because of those measures  the budget came into balance, even with the slowdown and recession of the last two years of the Clintons' co-presidency....a recession brought on by the "irrational exuberance" of the leftist, hi-techie investing classes in New York and Simi Valley.   All lefties, selling stock in companies that had marvellous inventions but no one ever really bought any of the products the companies perfected.   One wonders, does anyone have need for a computer chip that can facilitate the fish in your aquarium in their efforts to shine your shoes precisely at 04:00 hours on Tuesday morning?   Neet-0, but stupid. And then, one day, the bubble did burst.

      Next, the notion that the schools are generally good, the great political class is being instructed up into a good general understanding of the nature of citizenship, natural forces, economic reality, and how to read and understand at a third grade level upon leaving Harvard.
     Uncle Joe Biden, the labour union thug cabal, and many other ''regular people'' declare with certainty that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) ushered in the wholesale exit of "jobs" to Mexico where the people have no labour union protection and work for a few pennies per day.   El Gringo Viejo hopes and desires that the OROG will leave the presence of anyone stating such things as though they are factual.
The four-cylinder John Deere Engine Factory
in Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico.  It is one of
four factories presently in operation in
Mexico, producing primarily for the
Mexican and Central American
    The establishment of factories and integrating fabrication facilities in Mexico by American, Spanish, Canadian, German, Britannic, Italian, French, and Japanese companies has been something that has gone on since the 1870s, and even earlier in some cases.   John Deere tractors and implements established a factory in the Monterrey - Santa Catarina industrial sector in 1966.  General Electric, Westinghouse, Maytag, Zenith, and we could go on for several hundred major and well-known companies had permanent, with the Company emblem hoisted high facilities throughout Mexico long before the establishment of the free trade agreement.
     Some of these companies were established in Mexico to address the Mexican local market.  Some were established to address Mexico and the remainder of Latin America.  Most OROGs know this.  Perhaps some do not.  In these times, interestingly, there is not so much the necessity to establish a company factory in Mexico in order to establish sales there, because the duties on American exports going into Mexico are essentially non-existent (and vica versa). 
     To the extent that companies have moved their production into Mexico and other countries in search of labour is due to the general uselessness, cost, and poor quality of American union labour.  Proof of this is in the fact that companies can move to places within the United States of America to place their plant in Right-to-Work States, and immediately enjoy better results.   The better results are not totally tied to cheaper labour, but in the overall better outcome.   Workers in Texas and other Southern States tend to be satisfied with the 30 per cent lower wages  they earn when compared to the unionised labour in the North.   One reason is because there are no union bullies and thugs who parasite and barnacle off of the union membership.  Another is the lack of need to pay "union dues" that almost always would have gone to support causes and candidates not preferred by the worker.
Erin Brockovich, following her
arrest, 2013
    There are union robots in the South to be sure, but they are most frequently people who are drawn from the ranks of white-trash, well trained in the art of schilling and jiving.   Erin Brockovich. whether or not a union member, comes to mind as the kind of personality  that makes up facts and causes and feels entitled to be  an authority without the need to establish that she knows anything about anything.

12 JUNE 2013

     The last time most of us heard about legal crusader Erin Brockovich, she was being glamorously portrayed by Julia Roberts in an Academy Award–winning film. Thirteen years later, she’s a household name again—for drunkenly driving a boat around a Nevada lake, an act that earned her a DUI citation and a very unflattering mug shot. Brockovich was booked at the Clark County Detention Centre and released after posting $1,000 bond.
     “At no time was the boat away from the dock and there was no public safety risk,” Brockovich wrote in
a public apology released on Sunday. “That being said, I take drunk driving very seriously, this was clearly a big mistake. I know better and I am very sorry.” (That "at no time was the boat away from the dock" is totally refuted by many witnesses who were endangered by Brockovich's disregard for the safety of children and vacationers who were nearby.   They were the ones who called the Cops.= comment added by El Gringo Viejo after reading other accounts from the locale.)
     Not a good look for a woman whose reputation is built on moral rectitude. But even before the boating incident, Brockovich’s post-Brockovich life hasn’t been without controversy. In the years since the 2000 movie was released, much of her litigation—including the landmark class-action suit that inspired the film, have been the subject of intense scrutiny.

     It is to be noted that Brockovich's "stands" on behalf of the oppressed and exploited masses are frequently based in junk science and outright mendacity.  She learnt that it is very easy to throw big words at a jury and make them feel sorry for the aggrieved.   However, such leftist stalwart publications as the New Republic and Mother Jones have, in their research, found her to be an unreliable water carrier for the True Cause.   They dispute several of her recent cases as being fully fallacious.

     Moving towards "closure" on this topic, my compadre will probably back me up on this, but labour unions in Mexico for many, many post-Revolutionary years, it was joked in a macabre way, kept one hand on the throat of a business and the other hand in its cash register.   The Mexican labour law....some 30,000 pages in the Diario Oficial del Congresso....was tilted decidedly in favour of the worker.   Of course, the worker did not really win the benefits of this bias so much as did the Secretario General del Sindacato Local no. 233 de los Trabajadores etc. etc.   But he did gain some relief and protection that did result in lower quality production standards and malingering as part of the accepted job description.  Triple-time for holidays, one meal per day, retirement at 55 years of age or after 25 years of labour at full pension, etc. etc.
     One of the small but significant changes that brought Mexico at at least into the realm of partial reality in terms of economic production and activity was the opening up of the labour pool to competition between unions and the permission of companies to establish independent "employee associations" or company unions (known as 'white unions' in Mexico).   When the votes are taken, the "white union" alternative is chosen over 80 per cent of the time.

A normal day at any of several commercial
bridges in Texas that handle international
transhipments between the Republics of
 Texas and Mexico 
     As far as jobs lost or gained, it should be pointed out that processing and transporting things to and from Mexico involves over 500,000 people now, not counting federal and state regulatory and immigration personnel. That number in 1990 was probably less than 5,000 individuals involved in the international transfer of goods and services.  The same is the case on the other side of the Rio Grande.   At this juncture, Mexico and Canada and Texas with 180,000,000 people out-produce and consume the entire production of Red China with 1,300,000,000. 
     The legitimate industrial, touristic, and agricultural trade dwarfs the illegal drug  trade many times over.   Presently, legitimate cross border trade exceeds one billion USD per day between the USA and Mexico.  And that is just the inconvenient truth....sorry, AFL-CIO and UAW.  
We are ready to fight.   We are dedicated to protecting the Constitution of the United States of America.  We are voting.
     The Tea Party people err when they speak in specious platitudes and use terms such as "....the hard working American people."   They err when they do not speak and write concisely and identify specific causes of action and specific objectives.
For Instance:
    We believe in the outright, total, and complete rescission and total cancellation of the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative (aka: Affordable Care Act).
     We shall not vote for, approve, or entertain any notion of a budget of any kind that includes an anticipated deficit.
     We shall work to abolish the Internal Revenue Service, and replace the levy with a national sales tax not to exceed 10 percent.
     We shall not vote to authorise any change in the immigration and naturalisation format presently in force.   Nothing will be approved until the international borders and airports are sealed and secure against illegal entry.
Speak in that manner.  Speak in those words.  If you do not, we shall lose.  And that will make my task much easier.  I shall then dedicate not 10% of my time to the Texas Republic....but rather 100% of any time left to me.  And 100,000 other Texans will do the same.
El Gringo Viejo