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Reprint from Wednesday

Wednesday, 5 February 2014 -We Are a Nation of Immigrants?

This note:   This entry has been brushed up a bit.  But it is our sincerest feeling about the issue.  We take nothing away from those who have come after the establishment of the Republic.  But, as in the case of the Mexicans, those who are coming here now as immigrants are far, far outnumbered by those who are coming here because a person can live for free.   In the early days of my life the Mexicans who came here primarily went back to poorer but very, very pleasant life circumstances after working hard for a while and making enough to stabilise the family's patrimony.  Criminality was rare...very rare...and sloth was non-existent.   Those who determined to marry and/or stay became positive elements in the Texas fabric perhaps 96% of the time.  Now, because we have essentially compulsory comprehensive welfare (essentially) we attract perhaps 30% who intend to be contributors to, and not consumers of the Bounty found in Texas.   Lamentably, the general population of the American Republic has chosen that route in increasing numbers.   Disability for people who are entirely whole, free food paid for by unknown third parties who are stupid enough to pay their taxes, free rent, free school, free whatever they want, plus medical for their hordes of "special needs" miracle/anchor babies, free medical for everyone is just a wondrous thing.  And always the resounding echo of what the woman said in my Laundromat some years back..."Yes, it is true, things are better here.  The government has to take care of you when you are nervous or tired.  They provide much better than over there (Mexico).   The only problem here is the damned Gringos.''

To all the Karl Roves out there:
      We have a certain 33% of the Latino vote.  It is the bulk of the productive group. We have nothing to offer the un-productive group.  If Mexican American issues are to be food stamps, AFDC, free lunch, Head Start, WIC, and Section 8 issues and we play to that group's idea of what the issues are, then the 33%  we have in hand will not vote for us.  That 33% is actually larger than we think because many, many Latinos and Latinas are intermarried and not statistically identifiable in most surveys.  
      My wife, as a white woman, always checks the box that says "white" do all or almost all of her biological and political (in-laws) relatives.  In reality, while they are very proud of their Latin and colonial Ancestry, they are totally dedicated to the flag of their nativity.  They check "white" because they are white, and beyond that it is nobody's business.
     We can work on the other 67% as the American engine snags one by one out of the morass of dependency.   Each one of those will be as the recovered alcoholic, and he/she will become a prophet of conservatism.  This I know.   Nothing else will work.


     We appreciate that there is good in having a sense of acceptance toward the foreigner.  He/she ought  to be at home among us.  We also know that gradually those of us who come before, die and go away, and things gradually change from how they were to how they will be.

Figure 31
The six chiefs of the Civilised Tribes of the Iroquois address
the Philadelphia Convention on secession in June of 1776. El
Gringo Viejo had a distant grandfather who apparently
married a girl from the Oneida Tribe of that Nation in the
earlier part of the 1700s.

     We who were not immigrant are descended from the colonial times. By direct continuum we are connected to places in Europe from whence our forefathers escaped or left in search of a different un-proscribed life.  Rush and El Gringo Viejo share a great-great-great-grandfather, for instance, a German fellow by the name of Frederick Johann Limbaugh who left his Hessian and Prussian ancestors and relatives behind and journeyed to some strange planet or parallel universe called Pennsylvania.   He arrived, after departing Antwerp two months before, and made to a place full of his similar fellows and certain cousins in the German areas of eastern Pennsylvania  during the early 1750s.

     He began to learn English quickly.  He bought good land and established a farming operation of some considerable value.  He threw himself into the business of being a communitarian, a contributor, a pillar of his community.  He became active in the Lutheran Church, in the public theatre, and in the military, rising to the rank of major and executive officer of a brigade of 3,000 well-trained militia.


 A famous Ibero statue from eastern Spain.
Predates the Celtic and the Gothic, and the
 Visigoth and the Greek, and the Roman,
 and the Arabic penetrations of the
 "Iberian Peninsula"

                   People he would not know in life, but who lived just a short distance to the north, in the Hudson River Valley, who were also German and Dutch along with English,  whose descendants would cross paths and have matrimonial involvement in such a way as to finally produce El Gringo Viejo.   The Hudson River people had already been in the Hudson Valley for over 100 years, by the time the Limbaugh gentleman had arrived. The Hudson Valley people all spoke English after 100 years in New Amsterdam, as did most of the Pennsylvania folks, albeit with an identifiable brogue in the case of the Teutonic peoples.
The wife's people came, pretty much directly,
from the southeastern Iberian Peninsula, leaving
Huelva and arriving to the lower left of this map
at a point based at Monclova.   This was in the
1560s.  The social and economic orbit extended
to Texas with properties on both sides of Laredo.
They also had considerable land interests in that
area between Laredo and Monclova.  Another
wave came in the mid-1700s and settled in and
around what is now the McAllen area.  

     Another batch of English moved into the Boston area....later into a place to be named Newton, Massachusetts...and spread the name from there to Maine, Vermont, New York, and Pennsylvania.  Some went to a place called Canuckia and were never seen again.

    The better three-quarters of El Gringo Viejo had people on the American Continent just after the a place that was conjoined with Texas for most of the period up to and including 1836.   Like Texas, it was originally named for the first known aboriginal peoples encountered by the Spanish explorers.  Those peoples were the Coahuilteca, or "people of the Flying Serpent".  Coahuila and Texas both have stood far apart and away from their governing centres from the beginning.   The wife's people were "pure"  Celto-Hebraic-Phoenician-Ibero-Latins, real-live, pure-bred Spaniards.   They quickly outnumbered the local aboriginals....who also conveniently croaked from the common cold.  Then the Spanish colonists set about drawing an existence from what was essentially a moonscape.    And, they set about trying to fight off the Kickapoo, Comanche, Apache and other disparate groups of aboriginal ruffians.  Another group of Spaniards on her side came in a bit later in the Spanish Colonial period into the Tamaulipeca and that strange place called Texas.

Just below the middle "E" in Tennessee, where
that State meets Alabama and Georgia, more
or less, is where El Gringo Viejo's mother's
people settled, after coming out of Virginia
and North Carolina.   There are scores and
hundreds of them still to this day, in Franklin
County, Tennessee.  They began their trek
through the American wilderness, mostly
arriving from Portsmouth to Virginia in
the 1650s.
     El Gringo Viejo's people....mainly Britannic, with some considerable Teutonic overlay....are conjoined with more almost entirely English folks, with a bit or a tad of Cherokee.   They wind up in another Indian named place called Tennessee...and a few in Alabama.   The Cherokee nation, related somewhat to the Creek and the Choctaw, and Chickasaw, these in a greater ethnic and linguistic sense to the Iroquois Confederation formed a great body of humanity with a complex culture and considerable talent.  These groups fought against and then were absorbed by,  and  absorbed with the white arrivals, chiefly through matrimony.

     The northern branch of El Gringo Viejo's grouping winds up moving into the  Minnesota and North Dakota region.   There was tree-steading hundreds of acres in the case of his paternal grandfather, and setting up very modern milling and financial operations in Minneapolis (Saint Anthony) Minnesota, the case of his paternal grandmother.  Flour, flour, flour was their cry.
     The long and the short and the wide of it, after all is said and done, is that  America has tended to drift off into the "Aura of Ellis Island" and the huddled masses and somehow tying that to some kind of grand national policy.   In these times, there is greater honour allowed to those who came here after the arrival of the liberty statue  as refugees or simply as people moving to the United States.
    Most came not because the United States is or was so great, but primarily because the place they were leaving was a hopeless dump.   They left someplace drab, someplace decayed, someplace blown to bits over nothing beyond an argument between royal cousins or groups of madmen such as Robespierre, Hitler, or Lenin and Stalin.   These places were abandoned without regret.   And it amazes this observer that many of those who have arrived, and who are still arriving, line up to vote for candidates and causes that they were trying to escape "back home".
    Strange people have arrived, like atheist Jews who hate Jews and Judaism and prefer marxist solutions to problems that do not exist.  They  have flooded in by the millions.  People come in hating everything about America and hating Americans.  Arrivals take up residence and expect to be cared for and given something....perhaps as a reward for not knowing how to play baseball, or that Gettysburg is not some kind of a maritime ice formation.


     We have investment and property in Mexico, and we would never urge or suggest that anything be changed there to adapt to our comfort.  We speak the language of the guest nation and we abide by the laws of that nation and the States and locales that compose it.   We might complain about things that are disagreeable, such as litter that spoils beautiful settings, but even those matters are conducted discreetly and in sotto voce.  But in the main, Mexico is a wondrous place with a million delights at every corner.  So we adapt.  The place has always been a refuge, a retreat, and perhaps even a "just-in-case" type of investment.
    And, judging by the fact that we are being governed, in the present time in America, by a body politic that can be swayed by convincing arguments such as "hope and change" and "....we'll have to vote for the bill to find out what's inside of it"....I would rather have a few distant alternatives.   Perhaps where  people are comfortable with the government buildings  having manger scenes during the time of Advent up to Epiphany.....there are some small, difficult to quantify, benefits.  It is difficult to explain.

     What is known is that many of the foreigners who have come into the United States recently do not want to continue the United States as it was intended to be.  They care nothing about common law, or the sovereignty of each man and woman.   The best of them are industrious and disposed to work 100 hours per week to make money and have things or to send some money back home.   But, Almost all the Chinese who have entered since 1990 are moles, plants, spies, and/or saboteurs.  All the workers in the Chinese restaurants are either slaves from Latin America or members of the Red Chinese Peoples' Liberation Army on furlough, learning where the vulnerable places are in Pittsburgh and Birmingham for when the time comes.   The Germans did the same things during the 1930s.
     And then there are the not so industrious.  The worst of the new arrivals whelp out anchor babies and to barnacle onto a welfare system, encouraged by the America-hating marxist Americans in our midst and by people who say such stupid strings of words as, "....of course we have to provide a safety net.  The government has to make sure that ....".
      And of course we still have Auntie Zietuni and Uncle Omar Onyango Obama who are just know....there....having collected well over 2,000,000 USD during their Grand Tour of America that they won on the Kenyan Wheel of Fortune show, or something.


     We leave it with these simple questions.
    Is there any room for colonials in America?   Is there any room left for people who speak English as a native language?
    Is there any place left for people who would die before  taking public assistance?
   Is there any thought ever given to the idea that FEMA and the Bureau of Indian Affairs really, really are Rosemary's Baby, and Sesame Street is a back alley in a town named Secular Humanist Egalitarianism?  Liberte'?, Egalite'?,   Fraternite', anyone?

El Gringo Viejo