Friday, 7 February 2014

Boehner - finish your thought, speak the truth, or take a seat in the back pew

     Our esteemed Speaker of the House, 2nd in line of ascension to the Presidency, declared yesterday that it would probably be useless  to  submit any kind of comprehensive immigration bill to this president because he will not abide by the law.  Even if this president sponsors and essentially hand walks the bill through Congress, as he did the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative (OSMI), it is very probable that he will opt to enforce this provision and not that provision, and the provision over there, perhaps by half-measure.
     So, Mr. Speaker, you were on a roll, but you threw only the one dice.  The trick is, then, to say, "And, furthermore, the Tea Party people obviously stuck the ball right in the wicket with this one. The president has just announced that Valerie Jerrod told him to order a delay of the implementation concerning the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative (OSMI)  of pages 234 through 312, inclusive, pages 394 through 406 inclusive, and depending on the power ball number in the Virginia Lottery to-night, as many as 90 other pages on the very next Friday when people are caught in traffic caused by highway closures designed to accommodate the president's fund raising event at the Gran Hootsie 10 star hotel.

     And, Mr. Speaker, you could go on to say that Senators Cruz, Lee, and Paul are great and brave.  Had we all joined together, who knows what kind of weasel-type Democrats might have finally decided that they did not have the nearest idea why they voted for a bill they had to vote for in order to find out its contents.   A few of them might have...just might have....changed their vote because sometimes people follow the valiant. 

    At least, Mr. Speaker you had enough sense to know that any action on any new and improved immigration issue was the classic scene of the principal at the primary asking the boys, "....and if everybody was going to stick his head in the oven, would you do the same thing?"
    By the way, it has just been released to the Texian public that the results of the analysis of the Electorate of the Republic of Texas shows that during the past six (6) years the Latinos have reduced their allegiance to the Democrat Party from 53% to 46%.   At the same time Latinos identifying themselves as Republicans has increased from 23%  to 27% .   That is the highest percentage of Latin people ever to self-identify as Republicans.  Based on reasoned formulas and past performance this could indicate a 50% Latin vote for the Republican ticket's in the various races in Texas, certain, and elsewhere as well.   Cruz and the true, sincere open-door, big-tent policy of the Tea Party, Hard Right, and Libertarian Right members are open to joyously receive anyone, even people who are French, into our Party so long as they share the philosophy we hold to be best for Texas and our grandchildren.

That's all for now.   It is bitterly cold for an old man from the tropics.  El Zorro is almost laughing at us, because he is in the teens and low 20s, while I am moaning about 30 - 35.   We had snow, freezing fog, and a bit of sleet again to-day.
El Gringo Viejo