Saturday, 8 February 2014

More Texas Latinos Lean Toward GOP - Who'd a thunk it?


     The pratice of putting whole articles from other sources  in the blog is, perhaps,  a lazy man's way of proving a point.   But when the Obsolete Media and their close combat support groups (polling agencies, prestigious and major university leftists and "social democrats") publish the results of polls, surveys, and investigations that seem to contradict their own positions and reinforce the position of El Gringo Viejo, it is well and good to share such news with the OROG Community.

    While Gallup is certainly within the orbit of the "progressive" movement institutions, there seems to have been an attempt recently to try to be more "down the middle" and straightforward than many of the other left-oriented polling companies and institutions.   If anything, to this writer, it seems as if Gallup has been trying to survey and interpret in a more academic, less biased manner during the past five or six years.
     In our previous post, we were opining about the fact that the Republican brand can only increase as we pick up people one by one who suddenly see the light and become convinced of the correctness of common law, natural law, due process, and the notion that the only equality we can strive for is to be equal in treatment before the law. Outcomes in style and quality of life are going to be, of necessity, as diverse as the fingerprints carried by all and each man and woman.
Diana Ross and the Supremes
     This is the thing that Gilberto Hinojosa (executive director of the Democrat Party of Texas) and his ilk cannot stand.   They will howl to the moon, each time a Latino, blue collar and white, male and female, professional and proprietor, recognise that their place is within the ranks of their moral and political brethren....the conservative constitutionalist.    Gilbert and the San Antonio Castro twins (One is the mayor, the is other is the mayor sometimes, too.)   are the people whose argument and logic is so weak that they have to count on people being required to vote according to some amorphous ethnic or class or racial bouquet or lose their ethnic or racial identity.   In other words, they have to invoke the ethnic or race card.  They have no guiding political philosophy beyond the buying votes with other peoples' money.   As we point out on our side panel;  "Communism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery" , Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill.
     El Gringo Viejo wonders sometimes if there is an actual ceremony where the hapless sell-out is led into a ceremonial room with a huge Dechromosomatiser....with wires, transformers, sparks, loud humming noises and a gaggle of ethnically and racially correct and pure people running about with test-tubes and hypodermics with vials of drugs.
Laboratory where marxists perform ethnectomies,
hidden on the banks of the Chappaquiddick Sound 
     "You have been found out, Garcia!   You are done, Jackson!"   Mad laughter is accentuated with glaring, beaming, laser-like eyes locked in a seemingly hypnotic rage against the hapless victim.   Before he was a Wise Latino, but this nightfall he shall be thrown into the darkness, converted from being a victim, needing and desirous of being helped by his betters...people who know more than he does....people who see him as a source for votes....people who saw him as a vessel to fill with hatred for anyone different in any way or who stood in the way of receiving free benefits from the All-Provident Government.   Alas, Garcia and Jackson will become just another gabacho....just another honkey dog.   They are thrown out like the garbage they have become...pasty, sicky-pale conservative Republicans.   EEEuuuuuu!


     But, the facts are....and I urge my vehement anti-immigration people to take note....that we should only oppose any action on immigration on the basis that the present law is not fully enforced.   Further intensity and over-statement on our part can only slow this gradual and steady change from, as late as 1998,  95% Democrat in Texas by Latins of all sorts to now 46%.

     One can assume that a sizeable number of that 46% is involved in public assistance.  Others are just habitual, Republicans are rich, Democrats are for the poor voters...and then there is the hard-core "social democracy" advocates who will never rest until Texas and/or the United States are organic law, socialist, one-party dictatorships governed by the elites.

     The fact that there are 27% of the Latin element within the Texas population that would self-identify as Republicans is something we would never have anticipated 10 years ago.   When Latins were self-identifying at the level of 10% as Republicans, they were voting as high as 40% Republican in the general elections in November.     We have to remember that Texas is a strange and pleasant place.  We have Black folks who represent "us" from East Texas districts that are essentially Confederate strongholds to this date.  We have Latins who represent substantially "Anglo" districts, and we do these things without second thought.   It is only the Democrat and the pro-socialists who demand that "ethnic districts and areas" be developed so that "ethnic interests can be represented by people of that same ethnicity".   Such dogma is an insult and an assault upon the principles of common law and the equality before the law of one man/women to another man/woman.

     And. going back to the point about enforcement of any "comprehensive immigration" or "comprehensive anything" with this usurper in office as president, such a trust cannot be made.   Just yesterday, from out of the blue,  mmmmmm, mmmmmm,  mmmmmm,  Great Obamaham, donor of all  to the poor, the magician of the stash for the masses, declared that more major elements of  a bill he pushed for and signed into law, will not be enforced until it is more convenient for Democrat candidates to adapt to it.   The delay?   Three years. 

     We gotta luv' it!



More Texan Latinos lean toward GOP

AUSTIN — Hispanic and Anglo residents in Texas identify with the Republican Party far more than the national average, according to new polling data released Friday that calls into question how soon demographic changes in Texas could benefit Democrats seeking statewide office.
Gallup tracking polls show that 27 percent of Hispanics in Texas identify with the GOP, the highest percentage since 2008 and 6 percent higher than elsewhere in the country. Democrats nationally rely on Hispanic voters, but their level of conservatism in Texas could damper the party’s hope to soon end its 20-year losing streak for statewide office.
“Hispanics in Texas are more likely to identify as Republican than are Hispanics elsewhere, and the Republican Party in Texas has seen more growth in Hispanic support over the past five years than the Democratic Party,” Gallup’s Andrew Dugan said in his analysis of the results.
“While this has not changed the overall equation — Democrats still lead big among Texas Hispanics — it does suggest the GOP may be more competitive with this bloc than many assume,” he said.
Steve Munisteri, chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, said the party’s leadership has long recognized the importance of the Hispanic community.
“It continues to be a top priority of the Republican Party that we continue our engagement with the Hispanic community,” he said. “As a result, today we have seven full-time employees committed to engaging Hispanic voters in Texas.”
The percentage of Hispanics who lean or identify themselves as Democrats dropped from 53 percent in 2008 to 46 percent in 2013, which is 5 percent below Hispanics nationally.
Democrats insisted, though, that Republican policies hurt the Hispanic community.
“They have diluted the power of the Latino vote through discriminatory legislative and congressional maps, obstructed access to affordable health care, halted comprehensive immigration reform, continued to call for English-only laws, and sought repeals of birthright citizenship, the Voting Rights Act, and prekindergarten funding,” said Gilberto Hinojosa, the Texas Democratic Party chairman. “Texas Democrats have long stood with the Latino community and when it comes to Election Day, I have no doubt Latinos will stand with us.”
Among the Anglo residents polled, 61 percent identified as Republicans. Nationally, Republicans make up 48 percent of the population.
The poll was based on 1,000 phone interviews conducted daily in all 50 states throughout 2013.
Democrats have stepped up efforts in Texas after 20 years of crushing defeats in statewide and presidential elections. Many note that Anglos, or non-Hispanic whites, make up 46 percent of the Texas population and that Hispanics are expected to become the majority by 2020, according to U.S. Census Bureau projections.
Texas Democrats joined Jeremy Bird, President Barack Obama’s national field organizer, in creating a political action committee called Battleground Texas to take advantage of the demographic shift. Gilberto Hinojosa, the party chairman in Texas, has said that if Democrats can build a coalition of liberal Anglos, Hispanics and black voters, they could win elections.
But Gallup noted that voter registration and turnout continue to present the biggest challenges for Democrats.
Only 43 percent of Texas Hispanics said they were registered to vote, while 82 percent of Anglos and 77 percent of blacks said they were eligible to vote. That gives Republicans a distinct advantage: 64 percent of Texas residents who say they are eligible to vote are Anglo, 19 percent are Hispanic and 13 percent are black.
“Texas remains a Republican-leaning state because its white residents are becoming increasingly Republican and its large Hispanic population, though solidly Democratic, is less so than Hispanics nationally,” Dugan said.
     This issue is not as complicated as the shamans and poobahs like Karl Rove and his posse try to make it.  While we read and believe many of the same pages from the same books, Karl and all the Karls still try to violate the fundmental right-wing rule.  That rule is the fair and reasonable notion that we must present in the same exact way with each "group".   The engine of prosperity that is Texas will drag all who grasp the rope up and ahead.   Those who chose and/or choose to be peons and beholden to some governmental bureaucrat or politician for his/her lifeline...Anglo, Latin, or Black African in lost.   Those who hold on to the rope and continue to work 30 to 90 hours per week....and are generous and wise with their correctly gained bounty....will become in the great majority as we are....Conservative Constitutionalists.
El Gringo Viejo