Sunday, 9 February 2014

Lest we forget....Wars and Battles we have won, and that Democrats have squandered...echoes from El Zorro


     The brief film depicts a lot of realities.   My opinions are very strong about the issue.  But, to-day is not the day to re-fight that war.   It is a good time to remember.   As Lent approaches, instead of giving up something, El Gringo Viejo would like for all OROGs to take up something instead.  Not smoking again, or drinking 10 beers instead of 6 beers, but something that takes absolutely no effort.
    Just think about Ton Set Nuht Air Base outside of Saigon, or over on the Coast at Da night...and hearing the "thunk" of a mortar being fired, and taking the standard precautions, and waiting for the results.  Think about those things that were encountered by fellows who won a war that Sen. Frank Church (D - Idaho), in co-ordination with the North Vietnamese Government, helped squander away.

     Just consider for a few seconds through the entirety of the coming Lenten season, those events from 1959 through 1973 when so many American boys did what they could, and received the maligning and defamation of the likes of people such as Walter Cronkite and Jane Fonda.    Like Harry Reid said one time on the floor of the United States Senate, not so long ago, "This war is lost," when in fact Iraq was a war won twice and lost once.   The person who lost it once was Barack Hussein Obama and his posse of anti-American, Jew-hating ghouls in high places in his government.

    Will the Saints bother to protect us?

El Gringo Viejo