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Monday, 13 May 2013

Yes. Virginia, the Internal Revenue Service is the Foundation for a National Socialist Oligarchy

    Virginia, y0u will be a big girl soon.   There are things you need to understand.   Not just know, but truly understand for your own good, and for the good of the family you will have to raise.
     The first thing is to know what a marxist is and what a national socialist is.   They are very similar and frequently move around in each other's company.   Members of those secular faiths uniformly can be known by the following:
     (1)    Each member assumes himself to be superior intellectually to all and any other human, especially of the common class, aka - "proles". 
    (2)    Each member assumes that he will rise to the top of the political organisation and thereby make his way to comfortable employment and privilege of acquisition of nice things that should not be wasted on common people, aka "proles".
    (3)    Each member of socialist-styled parties of any kind knows that he is entitled to prescribe what the common people will think and do, where they will live, what they will eat, what they will study, how many children, if any, they will be allowed, and they will be allowed access medical services, and of course what they will earn and be allowed to keep.   None will be allowed to have firearms, of course.  Firearms are very dangerous.
     (4)   Each member is part of an elite who is not bound by the rules or the laws that must necessarily pertain to the common class.  He will have a blue identification card, while the common "proles" will have plain white cards, that if lost, they will have to replace and also provide 1,000 hours of community service to make up for their carelessness.
     (5)   All commoners will be required to report their earnings to Central Finance, on an annual basis.  If sufficient money has not been paid, according to the judgement of the governing group, the balance must be rendered within 5 days or the tribute payer will be incarcerated for a lengthy, undetermined period of time.
     (6)    All "proles" will be paid in a range whereby no one person within the prefect or soviet will be permitted to make 10 percent more or less than any other "prole".   Such income restrictions will not pertain to members of the permanent ruling government party,  known as"Masters".
     (7)     All "proles" will be  required to say the following pledge each day, into the sound and hearing facilitation devices that are fitted into every room of  every house and living facility in the Fatherland:
      I pledge all fealty to the Fatherland.  All that I own comes from the managers of the Fatherland.   All that I am allowed to eat, do, see, speak of, live in, think, and associate with is granted by the central Government, and I am indebted to the Government forever.  I promise to do what I am told to do.
     Now, Virginia we have arrived in the United States of America to the point where such configurations of society always wind up.   Debt, social disorganisation, dependency upon the government....these are all good things.   The greater part of entire races within the  population hopelessly dependent, old people frightened by the breakdowns of government programs    without which they think they cannot live, young people who are hopelessly ignorant and socially incompetent, hedonistic, spoiled, and feeling entitled.   All of these problems come from they perceive to be underfunded central government programs.   This is always good, because such things can be blamed upon the rich because they "have" while the others "have naught".    And we can continue to generate hatred for the people who cost the government nothing and give their money to the people who want everything without paying for it.
      As socialist elitists, we can "speak for the Poor", although we certainly would never live or break bread with them.  They are dirty and smell funny.   But we take a goodly share of the money that we require from the rich and wealthy,  and then allow the "proles" to have some of that same taking, while we lounge on the beaches of the Dominican Republic and dream up campaign slogans about the rich parking their money "offshore".   We frequently learn about how to accuse the rich and the wealthy of doing such things because it is what we do.   The trick is to have a compliant press who will disregard the rich peoples' complaints against us, and to take seriously the charges we make against the rich people.   And remember, when you become a socialist, a rich person is not determined to be such by his amount of money or possessions.  A rich or wealthy person is any person who can feed, house, clothe, and move around without any government money or assistance.   People who are not dependent upon the government cannot be trusted or easily controlled.
     Now, as you graduate to the next level of being an elite, remember to always damage the small and medium sized businesses, and make friends with the huge businesses.  The bigger businesses will do anything for government contracts.   Always make alliances with Labour Unions who "know the score" and "how to play the game".  Labour unions are organised to produce money for socialist politicians and to deliver votes from dull, stupid people who think they will receive money for not working, while they smoke dope on their breaks, and go back to pilfer and sabotage company equipment.    It is called "On the Road to the Workers' Paradise".
     Now, Virginia...go, destroy the Great God Yahweh, install the god Ba'al,  major in Analytical Toothbrush Tarnish in Zimbabwe, and demand FREE oral contraceptives.....go to the Ivy Leagues and then go to work for the Central Soviet.

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I am Adolf Schwartzengruber, and I approve of this message.
And...a hearty hello to my great friend and inspiration, Margaret Sanger!!
Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP);   


I am Nicolai Ilyich Lenin, and I approve of this message.   I would like to give a shout out to my good friends, Eleanor Roosevelt and Armand Hammer.
Коммунистическая партия Советского Союза

Now, when we had faith, this is how the newspaper responded in those times, in the New York Sun on the 21st day of September, 1897... just after the Editor had seen this brief letter;
"DEAR EDITOR: I am 8 years old.
"Some of my little friends say there is no Santa Claus.
"Papa says, 'If you see it in THE SUN it's so.'
"Please tell me the truth; is there a Santa Claus?


 is between
Broadway and
 Central Park, in
 downtown -  most
Manhattan, New York
  City, New York, about six
  blocks from where David Christian's
 uncle lived, and where David and his
 family stayed briefly before moving on
 to Albany, in the Up-state.  The year is 1807.
David and his wife Esther Webster, were Anglos
 who had originated in County Wicklow, married at Christ's
 Church Cathedral (Anglican), in Dublin,  They came to America to
 join other English  Christians, (relatives) in New York.  David Christian's
 (this writer) great-great-great-grandfather John was born between the British
 Isles and Hudson Harbour.   El Gringo Viejo,  when asked, "Are youa good Christian?",
 he always responds,
 "Why madam,
 I am
 such a
 my middle
 name is
 This I believe,
 El Gringo Viejo