Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Greg Abbott, Candidate for Governor, Republic of Texas


          The overwhelmingly popular Greg Abbott, Attorney General of the Republic of Texas and candidate for the Republican nomination for the position of Governor of the Republic of Texas, offended a few chip-on-the-shoulder specialists and even the increasingly leftist McAllen Monitor by observing that corruption in the Lower Rio Grande Valley had reached the point again of appearing similar to a third world country.
     Various of the professional victim class immediately howled to the moon about the obvious "racism" being slung at the victim group by a mean old white man.   Little matter of course that the whiners were whites of Latin origin, and little matter of course that the McAllen Monitor had just run a front page, Sunday edition article detailing the horrid record that has been compiled by various district attorneys, district judges, county commissioners, high ranking police, sheriff's department, jailers, elected Sheriffs, County Judges (In Texas, the chief executive officer of the county), high ranking city officials of the various cities, etc. etc. in the four county Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas, (Cameron, Hidalgo, Starr, and Willacy), located at the very southernmost tip of the Republic of Texas.
      The record is horrid.   It has been weak, save for rare occasion, during the entirety of the 20th Century, for much of the 19th Century that included the existence of these counties, and for all of the 21st Century to this point.
     During the early 1900s John Closner was Sheriff and later County Judge of Hidalgo County.   He was a total back-shooting, corrupt cad.  The main drag through Edinburg to his day carries his name, as some kind of honour although he deserved none.
      The OROGs might remember a blond girl on the Hee-Haw Show, with Buck Owens and Roy Clark.   She was the girl who, at the very end of the show, would sprightly declare, "That's all!"   Well,  I knew Kathy Baker, she was a friend of mine, and you Wendy Davis, are no Kathy Baker.
     But, although Kathy Baker help learn me up how to ride a bicycle over by their place in Edinburg....next to the college campus...she was the granddaughter of A.Y. Baker. easily the most corrupt County Judge in the history of Hidalgo County....and certainly among the top ten in the history of Texas.   Archer Parr and his nephew George Parr who controlled most of the centre area of South Texas from their perch in Duvall County ranked right up there with the worst of them.   We could go on forever about corruption in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, and especially when the Anglo cohort was in the far majority, before the 1970s.
     The immediate response by Democrats who will always, always, always use the race and ethnic card first, and usually only (it's the only card they have due to their abjectly defective intellectual and reasoning abilities) available response fall-back line.   This time the Democrat operatives, including Gilbert Hinojosa, the Executive Director of the Democrat Party of Texas walked into the buzzsaw  and, like the McAllen Monitor, re-made themselves the fools they were before this matter struck up, and as they will remain after this matter is long, long forgotten.

     You see, Greg Abbott's family and friend orbit is substantially Latinate, and he has an English surname, and he is disabled, and I think he has green eyes.  He probably has ancestors who fought for the Confederacy as well.   So I guess that makes him a Texan with Hot Wheels.

Please read General Abbott's own defence (and wonderful offense) below:


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