Wednesday, 12 February 2014

A surprising position by El Gringo Viejo - please take this sitting down

      There is a bit of a problem for the Democrats, who are celebrating a
"victory" in obtaining the authorisation for further indebting ourchildren, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren from the hapless Republican majority in the lower House of the United States Congress.   Rush is playing it  that way, as are various Obsolete Media outlets.  Harry Reid is strutting around and celebrating the early death of the "tea party extremists" and feeling very empowered and fulfilled.
     There is only one problem for Harry, Barry, and Scarypelosi.  The authorisation for the debt limit increase is for the length of one year and one month.   One year, as in 12 March 2015.   That means that the number one Superscary, Boo the Vote, hokum pokum bologna polka about the debt limit increase and the Republicans jeopardising the  Full Faith and Credit of the Estados Unidos de a dead letter suddenly.   It may be occurring to Father Obamaham right now....and he is stalking down to Valerie Jerrod's office to ask if she had thought about the "Demonise the Elephants, Episode 1,395" and the need to do these things at or just before the national general elections.
     Barry the Abominable is demanding at this second, perhaps, "Why did you tell me to let them do that?   What is the exit strategy now?   Not sign the  deal? Have Harry hang up the vote in the Senate and blame Ted Cruz?   Where do we go with this thing now?  Increase the minimum wage to $23.12/ hr. USD?

    The other shibboleths are of lower interest, and therefore of lesser use to play in the harem-scarem, Boo the Vote Polka band.   The Democrats have the dead chicken of Obama's Socialised Medicine Initiative (OSMI) hanging around their necks.  It will stink all the way to November of the year 2525.
     Barry has "given" the oppressed a 10.10/hr. USD base wage, and so even that will have to wait before he can raise it to 12.83/hr. USD.    Global Warming will have to wait for a bit until things thaw out, and the Unions are going to go rubber-knee'd because of the Keystone Project having been held up.  Youth vote, women's vote, "Hispanic vote", "African-American" vote....substantially dis-inflated.  The New ACORN will have to really, really work hard to Rock the Vote....and hard work is not the strong suit of the kind of white-trash who work in "community organising and mobilisation".
    So let's see.   I do not suspect that Boehner did this intentionally.   Slipping punches, dancing like a butterfly and stinging like a bee are not Boehner's strong suits.   He is a dull, used up, old pol who is a typical pinky-type conservative who really likes to bring bacon home to the Chamber of Commerce hypocrites.  With luck he will not run in 2016, and/or with more luck, we will have a brazen, fearless batch of new. unwashed, non-RINO, regular folks who are unsophisticated enough to stay in with the mission.   The mission is to scale back all non-military, central government activity and spending by at least 20% in 2017.
Let us see how this thing works out.
El Gringo Viejo