Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Ted Cruz reaches out to OROGs and others who are Free and Sovereign Citizens

______________________________________________________________________"  style="text-decoration: underline;" >Letter from Sen. Ted Cruz to Eric Holder on the IRS's Targeting of Conservative Groups
by"  style="text-decoration: underline;" >Senator Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz does not fear the Windmill.
      Nor do I.  We have signed this particular petition and would like to share the letter that he is "nailing to the door".  As a pitcher in baseball, my forte was the straightaway fast ball.  During a good game, which were several, my accuracy was at least good enough to quarter a plate and hit that quarter 95% of the time.  When accuracy was a little short in supply, the batters made up for it by standing back and lightly at the plate.
     I never understood the point behind wasting a pitch.  The objective, in my mind was to have every inning be a nine-pitch inning.   It did not happen often, but it did happen often enough to keep trying it.
     We understand the mind-games and the deflections and the feints to this or that pitch or manoeuvre.  But our blood is given to the direct resolution of issues and conflict.  Peace is brought by victory in war.
     This is a war against the sovereignty of the common citizen.  I intend to be on the winning side of truth, and I shall comply with that intent.
El Gringo Viejo