Friday, 28 February 2014

A Few Notes and Topics - Back up in Texas

     Times have been interesting during our stay down in the Mexican outback this time.   For the second occasion in the past several months, for instance, we had our five senses confused and dazed by strange orbs, four in total, moving through the sky in our normal viewing area.   This time, the event was much briefer, perhaps two minutes, with a follow-up orb coming behind about six or seven minutes after the first batch.
      They all followed the same path, first four or five, and then finally the last one several minutes later.   The last one diverted from the SSW to NNE alienation, after completing 90% of the same route, but suddenly making an instant 90 degree turn to the if desiring to make a run to Saltillo.
     All this activity was in the same general area, somewhat higher in elevation, but running in the opposite direction from the much more numerous  orbs that were sighted a few months ago.   The more recent ones also appeared much earlier, and ended much,  much more quickly....within very few minutes.
     This stay, like the previous one, was marked by cold.   Cool days with temperatures in the mid to upper 40s up to nearly 60 and chilly to downright cold during the night-time and earliest morning periods.   This all finished up with  fairly heavy rains  this morning, along with skin-burning, frigid winds that gusted all night long up into the 40 mph level.
      For the first part of our stay, suffice to say that a lot of firewood was burned so as to keep man and beast maintained at some level of comfort.   The rain will be helpful for the advance of the crops however, and the several millions of acres of sorghum (and now soy-beans showing up) are off to a rousing start.  We hope for another rousing year for the sorghum producers and their profit outlook.  Almost the entire route between Reynosa and then beyond San Fernando is committed to sorghum production (now with certain other crops edging in) and all plantings seem to have sprouted and show to be off to a rousing start.
     More commentary is on the way concerning the capture of El Chapo Guzman, other encounters by the Mexican military, and the state of affairs of the Texas Primary Election scene.   We should be sending out messages during the afternoon in all probability.
El Gringo Viejo