Friday, 28 February 2014

Ghouls, Gobbledegook, and Other Ghastly Gibberish


     The mainframe picture in the Drudge Report is well placed, but the answer is that the Empress of the Universe and most intelligent and beautiful woman in the history, before and after all Eternity,  has always had since her time at Wellesley, severe intellectual and mental health problems.   Her condition was complicated by the fact that she was born with no soul.   The area where her soul was to be installed was stuffed full of rotted narcissus blossoms, at her request, and then she was sent down to an unsuspecting Republican family in Ohio.   For that reason, she has always been a fervent New York Yankees fan, and remains so to this day, having become even more dedicated to the game of American-style football.
     The question remains:   Can a frumpy, infirmed Old Hag who truly has no special or general qualifications to do anything beside worry about herself and be as ruthless and unblinking as a cobra.....actually respond to a telephone ringing by the beside at 03:00 hours in the White House?   Only time will tell.   If, in fact, the bell tolls for Her Majesty before she melts down into a pool of green, smelly slime, time will tell.
     (Sir Edmund) Hillary's soliloquy a couple of days ago, when she responded to carefully scripted questions, as would any self-respecting, unblinking cobra was classic (Sir Edmund).  She extolled the wondrous social and cultural progress that will be unleashed when all woman-kind will be able to stay a home and have subsidised  medical services, paid by the tax-paying 50% and try on muumuus and watch re-runs of Oprah and The View.   Just think about what kind of social, medical, engineering, literary, and business advances can be made by having subsidies such as that.   After all, the entire Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative (OSMI) was secretly designed to set women and young people and the oppressed free from silly things like paying one's own way.
     We must remember that the OSMI was designed to replace the Whitewater, Corkscrew, and Kattlefutchers Nationalised Health System (The WC and KNHS)  originally designed by good ole' (Sir Edmund) Hillary back in 1993....that went down in 200 million pages of regulation and throat-choking control worth of flames....after having been brewed up by some 4,000 marxists and elitists for several months.   That brewing was done, of course, completely behind closed doors.
     Besides controlling Bimbo Eruptions, corruptly running off the White House Travel Agency people, and collecting many, many hundreds of FBI classified raw-data personnel files (possession of each file a separate 3-year felony), the Queen of Everything and Forever found out but never admitted that she was not only deranged and incompetent, but also pretty much useless in terms  of almost anything, including baking cookies.
     In Washington, District of Colombia such qualifications qualifies a dysfunctional person to become referred to as "....a kind of co-president....deeply involved in the day-to-day running of America as is her husband..." as would gush the Obsolete Media in those days.
Fast Forward and Furious to the Present:
     In 2009, the adult American public had 85 per cent coverage for medical issues, and further almost 90 per cent  of that cohort was  very satisfied with the coverage they had.   There was another 5 per cent who was essentially not insured because they had resources that could cover even the most catastrophic medical matters.
     That would leave the slugs who walked into the emergency rooms of America with a 101 fever.   Also, it left to be covered that cohort of hundreds upon thousands of people who would be dumped off at hospitals with bullet wounds, or with a butcher knife imbedded in the chest.  Some, of course, would be delivered by a 300 dollar ambulance ride.   But whatever and however they arrived they received medical, illegal, with or without money.   They even arrived without any discernible illness or injury but with the need to receive attention.  And they would take up time of med-techs, middle and high skill nurses, doctors and surgeons of all stripes and types.
     And it was all "free".

     We were told that there were 15,000,000 people who had no "health care".  Then the number increased to 20,000,000 people who were dying in the streets from hunger and lack of medical intervention because of Republican indifference.   A few weeks more would go by and we would learn that there were 35,000,000 people "with no health-care".
     We knew such to be a lie.  We knew that people who "had Medicaid" paid nothing and received everything, and furthermore we knew that we...the productive and self-provident....were paying for their "free medical".   We resented it, but knew that without our indulgence their misery would increase.  We also knew that almost all of their misery was artificially induced, caused by indifference and self-indulgence, or because of drugs, alcohols, or criminal activity.  Little matter.  We were the ones who paid.  County Health Departments, State Health Departments, charitable donations to private health operations, and so forth....we paid through direct and indirect taxation and from contributions.   That was "free medical".
     The OSMI still provides the "free medical", except it is now expanded into Miss Flukie "entitlements" and folded into Medicaid "entitlements".  So it will cost ever so much more, with a Cast of Hundreds upon Thousands of ex-ACORN slugs serving as "navigators" and legions of Lois Lerner robot IRS agents being loosed upon the hapless self-providers.

     There is nothing quite as "free" as the bondage caused by addiction to entitlement.   It is the kind of "free" item that causes a person to lose everything.
El Gringo Viejo