Tuesday, 11 February 2014

How can anyone plan anything? And a message from El Zorro!!!

   The Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative (OSMI) must most certainly be the greatest quagmire morass of a quicksand swamp, full of Whatifee Monsters in the History of the Universe.   It had to have been done on purpose.   No organisation or individual could have done this much clumdumery accidentally.
     The notion that a president can demand the passage of a piece of legislation, and then fail to impose what was purported to be absolutely, urgently necessary measures authorised by the legislation stifles the thought processes of the reasonable person.
     The notion that the objective of a piece of legislation that was supposed to give 30,000,000 people, finally, the security of medical insurance has been dismissed by the fact that even more people now have no insurance than before the passage of the bill.
     The favouritism that was practiced from the beginning of this horrid regime,  well-typified by the arbitrary divestment of the General Motors and Chrysler private bond and preferred stock holders, has been startling.  It reveals the  dark nature that dwells within the heart and mind of each marxist and/or practitioner of national socialism.  This administration has swayed to and fro from the one political philosophy to the other during the entire nightmare of its term.
     To-day, we  are marxists,  moving to socialise and bring the activity under direct government control and ownership, as in the nationalisation of the student loan programme.  To-morrow we are national socialists, moving to coerce  private individuals and private insurance companies by legislation and implied force of arms and incarceration to devise insurance packages that meet required, governmentally approved guidelines and inclusions.
      Every encounter with the legislative precincts is seen as an opportunity for confrontation.   Capture your opponent, says Saul  Linsky in his book, Rules for Radicals.  Frame the enemy in the headlights and ridicule him, accusing him of all outlandish motives and deeds.   Especially accuse your enemy of thinking about or trying to do nefarious things that you yourself are already doing.   And always attack.  Never deny.   As you are registering people to vote without regard to legal prescription, accuse your enemies of trying to suppress the vote of "minorities and the poor".

     And, just to put a cherry on top of the sundae, change elements of the Law of Nationalisation of the Medical Sector, known here as the OSMI by pronunciamento and a wave of the sceptre.   Stroke of a pen, Law of the land. The date of implementation is changed again.


Then, after being spent, exhausted by my own ire and worry there is a new admonition from the vigilant knight who sees the advance of arbitrary totalitarianism and who rides to warn that he can see them approaching from the other side of the mountain.
Phillip Seymour Hoffman
greatness that flashed, lured away
by the dreaded addiction, and in spite
of what we might wish, soon forgotten.
A terrible waste...pray that it not be an
analogy for our Republic

     In El Gringo Viejo’s journal of February 12, 2013 he cited and contributed to an analysis of the job market and economy by an economist named Casey Mulligan.  The meat of his thesis is that paying poor people begets more poor people.  Supply and demand, don’t you know.  The same as a drug addict or, in the parlance of the addiction “community”,  "The more drugs there are available, the more addicts we shall have."  From that basic reality, we know that the addicts are not able to quit and that they always demand more to feed the habit.
     In our present economy, we have a Keynesian system that supports the addiction idea.  There are already enough deadbeats and degenerates that feed off the freebees but it is growing so that the population at large is becoming addicted as well.  As we lose people from the labor force to welfare, productivity should, theoretically, go down; however, one thing Mr. Mulligan did not address that is in opposition to this theory (that the shrinking of the labor force will decrease profitability of businesses and the GNP) is that labor is going overseas and out of the US.
   In addition to technology picking up some of the slack, the lower cost of labor outside the US actually causes increased profitability.  That would be a good thing except for the fact we are becoming less of a strong incentivized people.  Instead, we see ourselves fundamentally changing into a nation of couch potatoes, becoming hooked on everything "for free".
   That brings us to the immigration issue.  The demand for labor also attracts illegal (and legal) immigrants who want the jobs that those dropping out of the work force are abandoning.  This is exactly what our President had in mind when he said “We are five days away from fundamentally changing America”. 
   Who knew?  Some of us did, but perhaps we have not shouted loudly enough.
   Obama is displacing the middle class with a lower class… third world job and public assistance seekers and in so doing is fundamentally making America truly “the land of the free (stuff)”.
     The “pusher” is not going to stop until and unless the addicts get help.  Selling drugs without a prescription is illegal.  Mr. President, you have to quit selling unconstitutional opium to the people.  You are killing the soul of America and the hearts of the people no less than a pusher kills a junkie by luring and addicting unsuspecting (low information) Americans.
   Americans, it will take all we have to get straight.  There is no patch or electronic cigarette to fix this addiction.  It takes willpower and a higher power to guide us.  We have to do this.  Get off the free stuff and work for it.  Tell our children, our grandchildren...tell them face to face. If anyone can do it, everyone can do it.  I am talking to you who are addicted or who have kith and/or kin who are addicted.  Get off the stuff!
  Go get a job and see how good it feels to come home having done something productive.  Just go to work and don’t look back.  Then let’s go vote.  Make sure the pusher pays!
 The Pusher in the White House says, "Vote. Voting is the best revenge."
 He was right.  Let us take our revenge in the defence of the Republic.