Monday, 10 February 2014

Long and Complex, but worth it. Another peek under the circus tent from Extreme Central Texas

We are going to suggest that the OROG read this article, found at this linkage.  This is an examination of the recent fall in the price of gold.  It represents a school of thought that has yet to be effectively refuted.  The analysis is expert.   The author of the article has written a book which references the idea that there is a failure of the Laissez Faire Capitalist system.  He points out that that system allowed the rise of banks that are too big to fail.
     The very slight reservation that El Gringo Viejo has with his premise is that if the central government  and the Federal Reserve somehow control the events that allowed some banks to become too big to fail, then the system was not a true Laissez Faire Capitalist or Free Enterprise system.  It was a national socialist system.   However, Dr. Craig Roberts is a cat lover and a brilliant analyst with whom this blog finds about a 96% concurrence and/or agreement.
     The article is about a 6 to 8 minute read.   There are some interesting graphics that will really make the reader scratch his chin stubble and nod.
Do read this.  It is not like medicine that tastes bad or a trip to the dentist in the least.
El Gringo Viejo