Friday, 3 January 2014

Interesting Confrontation

    The looming confrontation between the Executive and the Judiciary could prove to be quite interesting.   Justice Sotomayor (a surname that means, in the archaic Spanish, very dense thicket...a surname associated with aristocracy) has deigned, as is her prerogative, to hold a hearing on the merits of several petitioners concerning the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative (OSMI).    This is peculiar because Justice Sotomayor is a person of impeccable socialist credentials and is dedicated to the notion of egalitarianism as bedrock to the marxist cause.
     If there is to be misery, then let it be shared equally by all.  Income redistribution is canon law in the religion of these folks, and so one might assume that all religious groups and anti-religious groups must violate their life-rules, canons, catechisms, morals, and ethics so as to make the provision of pre-natal care available to 70 year old men.
     One might imagine that there would be some problem when a group of people belong to a religious order or sect that is absolutely opposed to ending human life at any point from conception until natural expiration.   Many of these groups, orders, and sects are opposed to terminating life processes directly, indirectly, or even by passive measures.  By passive measures, of course, we mean the act of doing nothing as such events occur as terminating life processes by active measures.
     The vast majority of the populi americani has determined that abortion of pregnancy is really not in the best interest of the un-born baby.   Several religious groups, sects, denominations, and even agnostic or cosmic theistic thinkers have structural moral objections to complying with orders that suggest compliance with the processes leading to the abortion of a pregnancy.  Many of these same people are opposed to the imposition of the death penalty in any criminal case, no matter how heinous the crime.

     So here we are.   A fork in the road between those who believe in something and those who believe in nothing except absolute control through force.

     Apparently, Justice Sotomayor has determined that there is too much weight to the argument made by the proponents of supremacy of conscience who favour the life alternative in the debate about the abortion issue.   As a Ist Amendment issue....that Congrefs shall enact no law establishing a Religion, there is the obvious correlary...that it cannot enact a law that might disestablish a Religion where it is being freely practice with the approval of reasonable participants.   This does not even call into play the concept of equal protection, and several other salient legal arguments.

Justice Sotomayor
Shall we see wisdom from the
"wise Latina"?  We have seen that
she is willing at least to question
more vigorously than the
Chief Justice.
     It is so very obvious that should somebody wish to end the life of a creation within the belly of a woman, he and/or she can certainly in these days search out a facility that delights in bloodying its hands in such messy work.   The desire, here, is on the part of the marxist absolutists to extend absolute control and power over everything and everyone absolutely.

    It is what can best be defined as those people who, instead of saying God Bless America, or In God we Trust, or My Country 'tis of Thee....want to feel the thrill of being able to say, "SHUT-UP AND GET BACK IN LINE."

We shall see if Obama decides to "fail to comply" with the Supreme Court's Justice Sotomayor's order for presentation of arguments, due to-day, at her clerk's office, before close of business.   Will he opt instead to create a Constitutional crisis and/or to ridicule her and her office by disregarding the Court's order?
El Gringo Viejo