Thursday, 2 January 2014

Circle the Wagons

     We are treated to the spectacle of a group of girly-men reporters who are lemmingly going to try to impose upon the American people a woman to be President.   As an old beat-up geezer, some discretion is left to El Gringo Viejo to judge other broken down old hulks who want to talk about the great pass that thrown back in high school,  or when the big fish was caught back in '55 just downriver from Falcon Lake.
     We are advised that the New York Times...appropriately known as the "Old Grey Lady" of American journalism....had to report that a meanie-poo YouTube video about Islam and Mohammed caused the Arab Street throughout the world to rise up in righteous indignation.   The "Times" had to confess to a long covered up fact that they had a reporter on the ground during the attack on the embassy facilities situated somewhat off-campus.   The New York Times had this asset and because of that they know more than anyone else about what was happening in Benghazi on 11 September 2012.  And not only did the New York Times have a reporter there on location during the day of rage against the YouTube Video, but they were in communication with the intrepid, brave reporter even during the attack..."in real time" as it is said during these times. 
   They decided not to tell anybody about this information because Starbucks was closed in Cairo and it was time they had set aside to restring their tennis racquets.   After that, they could say, "We had about twenty brass doorknobs to polish, and then there was that darned old leak in the bathroom lavatory drain upstairs."
     Poppycock.   From my upbringing, it seems now like several hundred years ago, there was a commonly used expression among the Mexicans.   When someone would come up with a whopperoo, one of the listeners was apt to respond, "Haz me el favor de no decirme que Usted causo' la noche tapando El Sol con su pulsar."   This is a polite way of telling a person that he is full of it.....and translated, it reads, "Do me the favour of not telling me that you caused the nightfall by covering the Sun with your thumb."
     Folks, all OROGs and those just passing through, the story being told by the prevaricators at the New York Times is such an obvious attempt to breathe life into a dead, putrefying mendacious explanation of a tragic event, that it should be greeted with joy on the part of the forces of common and natural law and Constitutionalism.   Certainly a batch of three or four per cent of the electorate will be offended by this heavy-handed attempt to change the true nature of the events of those horrid hours.
     Please remember that these are the people who sent Sandy Berger into the National Archives to literally tear pages out of the Archives that could prove that Billy Jeff Clinton's "Eagle Talon" terrorist interception programme had absolutely nothing to do with the capture of the terrorist who was en route to LAX to blow up the airport and/or several airplanes.   Clinton testified that he had set up the programme and that he had had success, citing the arrest and detention of said terrorist.  The only problem was, of course, that "Eagle Talon" was established four or five months after the American female border inspector, intuited that the person before her was up to no good, and then, upon checking his trunk, found many, many pounds of explosives making material, detonators, and other devices necessary for the correct assembly of several bombs.
Hillary, Hillary, please!  Go back!
This is Tusla International and you are going
to be telling people about how we corkscrewed
into this place and had to run zigzags wearing
flak-jackets and helmets due to the sniper
fire....Oh! Hillary...The humanity...!
      Because George Bush wanted to make nice with the kind of people who would celebrate vandalising and sabotaging computers and word processors by prying the "w" keys out of almost every one of said machines in the White House and the Old Executive Office Building adjacent....we did not have a chance to prosecute Good Ole Sandy the Knicker-stuffer for any number of felonies.
     It is dangerous to be around the Clintons because one needs to be current on his 'pushing up daisies' exercises, and because the "swing-around effect" of a Bill or Hillary when they turn to face you, might result in your being bashed by a rapidly growing nose, that suddenly  extends well past the normal distance from their faces for standard conversation.   If that can be avoided, it is very possible to suffer serious injury by being too close to either one of them or their associates due to the probability, not just possibility, that their pants will spontaneously combust at any second.
Save money.  Buy the National Enquirer.  More Reliable.
El Gringo Viejo