Wednesday, 1 January 2014


    There are many points to cover as the old calendars are thrown out and we search for the new ones that were put in that "special" place.   If anyone out there in the Land of the OROGs can remember where I put those special gift calendars, please email us with very simple instructions that might help in the location of said calendars.
     Deviousness is an hallmark of the Left.   Anyone who can say with a straight face, "It all depends upon what the meaning of 'is' is." and is considered a leader of his peoples, really sets the standard, as low as it can possibly go.
     We can imagine after Hillary has returned to the White House, shortly after the doors have been resized so as to provide more manoeuvrability for .....moving large pieces of furniture and the like.   There will be an order to continue the production of the new, plastic coins that also serve as lick-off lottery tickets.   The coins will also be edible, and they will have the mottos "What difference does it make?" on one side  and "It all depends upon what the meaning of 'is' is" on the other.

     A country has to have some standards after all.  (SirEdmund) Hillary will inherit something like a perfect union, in many ways, kinda, more or less.
     Everyone except for six Hollywood actresses in rehab (in Mexico),  and four Hollywood directors will have free medical services (in France).   That free service will be kept to a maximum and permanent, unchanging charge of 10,000 dollars or less per month per family member, until such time that the rates change.
    For those who want substandard policies, they can schedule meetings with Minder, Inc. who will guide the c0nsumer through ordering manuals provided by gulagsto-day.vom magazine (printed and assembled in Red China and Baweesa Zolongbo).

    It was announced shortly before Barry Soetoro and his estranged mother-in-law, (name unknown) were escorted out of the White House where they have been holed-up since the Impeachment and Conviction of the then president Soetoro.  As we know, he was impeached and convicted under provisions of the law prohibiting phony scandals.  The Soetoro defence that no telephone was used in any of the scandal, and nobody spoke in telephonese did not seem to carry much weight with  the Judge and Vice-President of the United States, Good Ole Joe-Roy Bean-Biden.  He came out with a double-barrelled shotgun and announced, ".....the vote had been one to nuthin' and Soetoro was guilty of a lot of bad things, most of which had to be redacted."

     Barry and his mother-in-law (who has yet to say a word since birth) were abandoned by Michelle Robinson Soetoro Obama Onyango Karakatoa after a series of unseemly funeral - photo sessions in a foreign country recently renamed Mandelobama.   Several attorneys were present during the evacuation of the White House by Barry Onyango Soetoro, who was un-indentifiable due to the fact that his hoody was covering the upper two-thirds of his person.  On the front left shoulder area of the grey, Oscar de Laurentas zip-up was a button demanding "Free Treyvon, Now!"   We last heard that Obama's daughters were jogging down at The Battery near the southern tip of Manhattan, in downtown New York City with Chelsea.

     Judge Vice-President Joe-Roy Bean-Biden (serving the last 19 months as President of M'Obamoa - meaning, loosely Obamaland), came after the departure of the one-time president and his mother-in-law (who mumbled one hard-to-understand word...something like 'Mashelle' or 'Mitchell')-  passed out one-page summaries of the various specific charges that had been made and that resulted in the poor sap of a President's impeachment and conviction.   It began with "How I came to provide everyone with free medical service by allowing everyone to keep their doctor and by allowing everyone to keep their medical plan, and ended with "....everyone will be able to have free disability, free pills, and early retirement along with free unemployment checks, as well as the Uncle Omar and Auntie Zietuni Life-Plan of Free Everything for Everybody....and the millionaires and billionaires will pay for it, along with any hapless cracker we can catch up in the net, and any Negro who ever thought about voting Republican or conservative".

(Sir Edmund) Hillary, newly
inaugurated Queen of the
Universe and the Kingdom
of M'Obamoa shows off the
"new look' provided by her
state of the art, miracle-
worker Cosmic Cosmetical
Surgeonistic medicalist.
      (Sir Edmund) Hillary will keep an office at Dr. Hajib Karraluauishabhanstanopolous's office.)  The doctor is famous for herbal, holistic, organic, and transcendental incense and mystical treatments for facial and other corporeal disorders.  His success in combatting Facious Uglimatosis has been legendary, especially for mendacious, murderous, marxist albino water buffaloes.   The new Queen-Presidenta for Life (Sir Edmund) Hillary plans to spend quite a bit of time at the good Doctor's office during her first 200 year term.

     When asked about how she will wave her wondrous sceptre and solve all the problems that have plagued President-King-Diety for Eternity Barry about the free medical programme that broke down completely after never really being put into service, Her Higher than Any Common Highness Highness deigned to sneer, "Like I said back in 1994, I don't feel responsible for the financial problems of very little underfinanced small business."   It was a remarkable recollection, word for word, that the Goddess of All Universes called forward from her perfect, photographic vocabulator.  It brought to mind this grovelling reporter's recollection of her famous, "....Well if you people expect me to sit around baking cookies, you've got another thing coming"....
     And of course, the string of dead people, fraud, and shenanigans showed that she could bake the books, but not as well as she should have.   Six people had to go to prison to serve her time....but it beat the alternative.   Ah, McDougal, I barely knew ye, my mon.
Sir Edmund Hillary has
 dedicated herself to seeing
what women have to offer.
Here, she talks with Bonnie
Bimbeaux about a couple of
Women's Issues in which
Sir Edmund has shown
more than a little
    Huma has said that some
of (Sir Edmund's) best
"friends" really

      Oddly enough, this all pertains to the debacle known as the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative.    We wemt through this song and dance before, with a less complicated, illegal grab to nationalise the "health care industry".  The 
progressives, know that there are hordes of people out in the hinterland who want someone else to pay their way through life.
  According to Barney the Dinosaur, who is an authority on wuv, he knows what wuv means to a parasite.  One of the easiest things to do, on the behalf of such parasites, is to give them the notion that they are helpless and the Tea Party hates you, and I WUV you...I mean I WEALLY, WEALLY WUV YOU!!!  Yes! You! Hilawie, I'm talking to you....You're on camera 2, Wight now, Hilawy...!!!!

      This issue of being led around like sheep and rushing to this deadline and then the other deadline and then declaring victory every time there is another catastrophe, it's old.
      And by the way, Presidents cannot write law.   They can propose law, but not write law.  Once a law is passed, a President cannot rewrite the law  to a form and/or intent more to his own liking.  He can propose an amendment to the previous legislation, and even write the Bill that he might prefer.   But he cannot write new law.   He cannot write original law, and he cannot disregard a law that he has signed into force.
    This particular president wrote the law that he is not willing to enforce once he read the law that the wrote.  If that makes sense to the reader, then the reader is a Democrat, leftist, elitist, and probably agrees that "....we'll have to vote for the bill in order to find out what's inside of it."
    If the above procedure does not make sense, then you are probably an OROG, and/or a literate person with above average deductive and intellectual ability, a common-law, natural-law type person, and a reasonable Constitutionalist.
     Finally, and for this the effort this evening:   This whole thing has to have been a charade, designed to make the dull witted, low information, low intellectual level member of the "hard-working American public", become angry with the Insurance Companies.   This anger will become frustration, and then the frustration affecting the regular Democrat type voter will spill over into ire and lead the President to expropriate the insurance and oil companies pretty much like he expropriated the Auto Companies. 
     The Solyndra and several other "shovel ready" and "green" initiatives were made for running money through the hands of lackeys to then be delivered to various Union and Democrat fundraising operations. Fister, or whatever the name of the Scandinavian company that was making electric race cars to the moon, and many solar panel companies have all gone bankrupt. And like Solyndra and the United Auto Workers, and scores more such sham, straw-man shakedowns, they were all money launderers.
     In the Democrat lexicon, Tom Delay did not launder money and was convicted for it so that is defined as"good".   Solyndra's poobahs did launder money to give to Obama, the Democrats, and various leftist issues and personalities.  And, they did not go to jail, even after making a very dubious declaration of bankruptcy, and then receiving,  only a few hours before declaring insolvency, their last few million dollars of free central government "green" money to save the world, and that is also "good".

     Solyndra is used as an example of scores and scores of useless, defunct, and abandoned Obamamare projects, some of which did not even go through the niceties of bankruptcy.   And now, we saved General Motors so that we can proudly say, "Most of our production is in Red China."   And we can say we saved Chrysler so that we can proudly note that it is owned by Fabrica Italiana de Automobili Torino, S.p.A.   (Societe per Azionti or a Society of Stocks or in American English, Corporation).  And, of course, it is also owned partially by the United Auto Workers, who can proudly say, "Many of our workers sometimes don't drink a whole lot of beer or smoke too many joints during their 3 hours lunch breaks....very often....sometimes.  And besides those guys only work on the engines and transmissions and the braking systems". 

Thanks for putting up with the jumble...but each day that goes by we have to know that we are arriving ever closer to the edge of the Earth.  We leave you in peace as we begin to find our calendars and life preservers.  A person never knows exactly right when they might come in really handy.
El Gringo Viejo