Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The Buzzards Are Circling Ever Lower


    The buzzards are circling ever lower, bringing notions and ideas about which El Gringo Viejo can write.  Our dialogue may start again soon about the future of Texas now that a bit of normalcy is returning to the schedule.  We have had a large and pleasant contingent of visitors....all family of direct relation....and all complex and interesting people.  Ranking police officers and agents, executives, computer engineers, education professionals.  Their children were included, of course, mainly coming to do obeisance and recognition of the Matriarch of a small but terribly accomplished group of descendants.

     The folks are Latin with a large Anglo overlay, and they have a decidedly traditional bent and political drift that is decidedly to the right.  All of that is good, but there is the fact that those people used to constitute a good majority of the Latin population in Texas, but now they are outnumbered by the people who demand that provision must be made for their existence from the larder of others.
     Working where they work, and following the guidance of their method of being raised, El Gringo Viejo will assure any reader that their last concern in the world is about "immigration reform" and/or any form of legalisation for illegal aliens or any kind of accommodation that disregards the value and sacrifices of those people who complied with the law as immigrants.   In the case of these visiting family members who are my wife's blood relatives and their spouses...they are all colonials, save for the spouses.   The spouses are native Texians by many generations.

      One young mother, working in a public school environment at a fairly high level for her age, points out bluntly that 97% of the problems in the school stems from beings who are drawn from "families"  that are dissolute.   She pointed out that she had to deal with a mother who was just as profane, threatening, pushy, and illogical as her children.   She did say that she had had occasions when a grandmother would call to apologise for the incivilities committed by the mothers and the grandchildren every now and then.
     That is a sad situation, because it means that at one time a large part or the whole of the family was integral, and in two generations it had deteriorated to a cheap replica of Jersey Shores and the Jerry Springer Show meet Molly Cyrus and Lady Gargle.

     Any effort to try to reach my wife's "people", who are also my people,  as "Hispanic voters" will be mildly offensive at best.   These are that plurality who do not want central government "help", and they surely do not want to be lumped into a group that includes parasites as a group identifier.  We cannot win and then govern with "safety nets", "head starts", 2 year paid vacations for the slothful, and disability payments for the pseudo-infirmed.
     And as far as not hurting anyone's feelings in the Republican primaries, it would be difficult to surpass the dirty, foul things done by the Bush supporters and the Ford supporters before them in 1976 (when the Whigs won the GOP nomination) and 1980 (when the right wing crazies and 'issues' voters won the GOP nomination.   In 1976 Ford lost, running as a fair an reasonable guy...and also as an incumbent of sorts.   In 1980, Reagan won, running as a liberator and a restorer of great things lost and/or damaged by Carter and the ever increasing encroachment of government.   Reagan won in a landslide. And he did it again, four years later.

     Therefore, to avoid the syndrome of nominating useless "moderate" and "reasonable" and "reach across the aisle" candidates as was King George I in 1992, and Bob Dole in 1996, and John McCain in 2008, and George Romney in 2012 we must approach the GOP matter with arched backs and tails puffed up, and the wild look of a cat ready for battle.   Name a moderate as your Republican candidate for President, and it results in a a GOP disaster. 
     The reason King George the First won in 1988 is because he essentially postulated himself as "Reagan's Third Term".   For his re-election effort he was banking on having won a significant War against Saddam Hussein and had an economic situation that had begun to improve even with the return of many troops into a sluggish economic situation.  The campaign was  lacklustre, against a low-class shyster governor of Arkansas, and a lunatic billionaire who had made a lot of money by working for the central government, computerising the IRS, among other things.    King George I looked at his watch during the debate, was remembered not for defeating a tyrant who had invaded a weaker neighbour, but for breaking his "No New Taxes...Read my lips." pledge during his second acceptance speech at the GOP National Convention.   How's that reaching across the aisle stuff working out for you now, King George the First?

     This is not said in any really scornful way, but in sadness.  What good does it do to appease tyrants or bend to the will of Congressional Democrats who want to put someone else's money where their mouths are?  Each sees "being reasonable'' as weakness.   King George the Second gave geezers their "free pills" and was scorned by all...left and right.   He thought that he could buy the affection of the left and the understanding of the Right.   Twice wrong twice.
     With tyrants and Congressional Democrats, there is only one objective.  They want control, and that requires the destruction, perhaps total destruction, of the opponent,   While they are doing that, it is necessary among the leftists to always accuse the opponent of being guilty of doing something of which he is innocent, but also of which the accuser is purposefully guilty.    Spending in a profligate manner comes to mind....as well as trying to register non-existent and/or unqualified electors   and/or any other of a number of voters' rights violations while accusing the GOP of "voter intimidation".

It is time that Americans who desire to save and restore the Republic to be unyielding in their fervour.   Enjoy a Happy New Year's beginning with this view of a good Britannic and somewhat patriotic Scottish Statement....perhaps in the recognition of Scotland's separation and increasing autonomy from the United Kingdom on an amiable basis...perhaps even as a member of the Commonwealth.

Feliz An~o Nuevo! Let us redouble our effort in defence of liberty.
El Gringo Viejo