Monday, 30 December 2013

The Ships of Fools and Jesters Sails On

     Gallup declares that Obama and (Sir Edmund)Hillary are the two most admired.   El Gringo Viejo declares that the fearsome twosome are the two most mired.  What is of interest is that neither of the most mired and/or admired individuals could muster more than 16% as the response to "Whom do you most admire?"  But, the winners give  us a chance to castremembering gazes into the past of the old Soviet-era joke, told by the Russian victims of Bolshevik "safety-netting".
     The Russians invited the Americans to a race between a USSR horse and a USA horse.  The race was held on neutral ground, in the Ukraine.  It was a standard-style 1.25 mile elongate oval track, and it was fully filmed as well as broadcast live on Soviet television.    Mid-way into the race, the screen shifted into a newscast setting, and a bulletin was read about some brigadier general who had served in the Battle of Berlin being given another medal for his heroism during the battle from 20 years past.
    When the bulletin had concluded, programming continued with a three hour review of the modifications pertaining to the new rationing formulas for food and domestic products.   In the morning PRAVA and IZVESTIA both had banner headlines on their front pages, "STUNNING VICTORY FOR SOVIET EQUESTRIANS!   IN RACE OF HISTORY, SOVIET HORSE COMES IN SECOND PLACE, AMERICAN HORSE FINISHES NEXT-TO-LAST!!!

     The scorpion stings the Lion, marxists and progressives lie through every pore of the body, and with every wag of the tongue.  My parents named me after Sir Edmund Hillary, Benghazi was due to an anti-muslim video generally unseen by anyone, and globalwarmingcoolingclimatechange is going to kill everyone, especially minorities, women, children, and the otherwise capacitated.

     And (Sir Edmund)Hillary and Barry Soetoro are the most admired persons by the American public.  Neither had more than 16% of a Gallup poll sample.  Both had fallen off sharply from the year before, when a plurality of dolts gave them better than double their present showing of 16% or a little less.   That their dull and drooling zombotronic pool of followers has diminished so much is both encouraging and troubling.   One would think that anyone so stupid and incapable of rational and reasonable thought processes would have held-in better in the making of a choice about whom it is that might be most admired.  But nay.....true love be for naught.  The dull, they jumpeth ship.  They cleave unto others equally unqualified.   Why hang with (Sir Edmund) Hillary when there is Oprah and Michelle....just think about the good they have done for women, children, Palestinians, and all the Mongolian Amazonians with psoriasis?!
     As for Barry, it seems that when the Hawai'i Registrar of Vital Statistics died in a plane crash, Barry's popularity fell to new lows.  Perhaps there is or is not any correlation. Perhaps it is a bit of the glow that still colours the socio-political scene in Washington, D.C. since the peculiar event of Vince Foster blowing his brains out without any bloodstains winding up on this neatly starched and ironed white shirt.   Perhaps there is a stench about these two horrid personalities that never leaves the nostrils, any finally causes even  the stupid to jump into the hopeful bottomless canyon of lottery ticket Wonderland in the search for other Beibers and Cyruses.

     We also note with humour and with sadness the unfolding of the story of the Russian "scientific research ship", also styled in various news service releases as a "French tourist cruise", and an "environmental analysis expedition" and even a Soviet-era type of intelligence gathering  operation by Russian intelligence operatives.  It seems as if all of the above cover-stories might have been somewhat accurate, judging by the large quantity of photos and even video that has come from the Russian craft and at least three "relief ships" that have failed in their rescue to this point.
      Academik Schokaliskie   (as good a name as any for a recon ship) and its crew and gaggle of French, American, and World Citizen global warming witnesses lost one chance of rescue by a Red Chinese "ice breaker" (as good a name as any for a weak martini) by the official name of Snow Dragon, then another from an Australian ice-breaker named Borealis Australis....romantic but no gold hung up on the ice as well.   At this writing another ship, the Wazhiristani Ill Fated has come on-scene to help extract the Russian ship or to evacuate the  crew and passengers of the "scientific research and touristic cruise ship".   To remove yourself from the snide remarks by this writer, we include a pair of linkages that will lead to other linkages that are connected to the New York Times and probably the National Security Agency and or the Geheime Staatspolizei.  ( On Twitter, Documenting an Antarctic Journey and a Countdown to a Rescue ) and (   A real scream if  the OROG reads the lines as well as between them
     The cruise - voyage - expedition is clearly closely co-ordinated with the real, live, meaningful media, AKA the Obsolete Press.   It was designed to carry real, live, meaningful and authoritative voices to the Antarctic Continent in order to reveal the cliffs of ice breaking away from the continental mass and splashing into the ocean.   This, of course, could provide the Wise Ones with that very necessary video proof that the Jews enslaving the Palestinians to perpetual status of  bondage by vivindi refugus and Ted Cruz are exacerbating Global Warming.   We could see a film narrated by Barrack Sorotero and AlBore with the very rare Antarctic Polar Bears and Antarctic albinos crocodile being squashed by tonnes of translucent million year old slabs of ice.   Homeless Confederate Eskimoes were to be filmed drifting into the treacherous Straights of  Palin at the tip of Argentina and  Chile where they will perish long before reaching land because of the near-boiling sub-Antarctic water melting their icebergs, long used in the attempt to gain the Argentinian Dream like so many before them.  And all because the Tea Party and Ted Cruz would not let them.
     It is almost certainly true that this mission, by the Russian "research vessel, tourism cruise ship" had as its objective the depiction of the normal deep Summer's melt of the coastal waters of the Antarctic in order to try to leave the impression that it was something out of the ordinary.   Climate liars have long used the common impression that people who have real lives have that the Antarctic and the Artic are zones of perpetual, unchanging, and total frigid ice-lock and snow.  Such is not the case, and each of the Polar areas undergo the long, six-months of Summer so to speak, and produce mosquitos the size of B-52s in numbers no computer can calculate.   Still cold, more or less, but surprisingly warm in terms of the popular image carried in even reasonable peoples' minds.

More Later!
El Gringo Viejo