Friday, 13 December 2013

We Fail Ourselves

     The Texas Nationalist Movement is careful about drifting away from their overall mission, but this issue tugs too much at a huge...overwhelming....majority of Texans.   Something stinks here, because this 16 year old thug....imagine Treyvon Martin on steroids with a couple of million-dollar limit credit cards and this is what Judge Jean Boyd was called to consider.  He killed 4 people, while 3X - DWI, injured a large number of other folks, one of whom is now paralysed, while another is traumatically intellectually diminished.
     Unless there was some kabuki going on, the prosecutors wanted the maximum allowable, 20 years, and that the boy be made eligible for treatment as an adult.   He has a lengthy juvenile record.  Very lengthy, very violent, and very self-indulgent.
     We have gone through this case and the synopsis included in the email-out by the Texas Nationalist Movement is, frankly, mercifully brief.   The death and destruction of lives that this punk thug committed upon the consciousness of all Texians serves as a warning.   El Gringo Viejo went through an issue over a half-century ago that left him with a labyrinthine dysfunction that never went away, and that comes and goes (weather, sneezing hard) at various times.  Vertigo and El Gringo Viejo are old, old friends.
     The guilty parties, there were three...a three against one deal...included the son of the president of the bank that was controlled by the Lloyd Bentsen political establishment.   We learned during the criminal processes of that case that the 20 year old high school sophomore had been booted out of four public school systems, and had been arrested over 50 times, had had in excess of 20 felony criminal charges, almost all involving violence, but he had never been sent to juvenile prison in Gatesville, Texas.  At the age of 20, he was still being carried in the courts as a juvenile case, with 6 different probationary actions being carried in his criminal file simultaneously.   He had a team of Bentsen establishment attorneys who kept the District Judges well advised that "Mr. Lloyd" was interested in keeping the boy "on the right track".  That was the first time we heard of "affluenza".
     That was a half-century ago, and apparently we have either back-slidden or we have remained in a muck thick enough to suck the dinosaurs in again. 
jean-boyd-disgraceThe Texas Nationalist Movement is publicly calling for the resignation of Tarrant County area Judge Jean Boyd, the presiding judge of the 323rd Family District Court.
Judge Boyd might not be a household name yet, but her ruling in recent days where she handed out a "slap on the wrist" sentence to a defendent whose core defense was that he suffered from "affluenza", is making her the topic of conversations all over Texas.
Before Judge Boyd was the case of 16-year-old Ethan Couch who, while over 3 times the legal limit of alcohol intoxication and under the influence of Valium, caused the deaths of 24-year-old Breanna Mitchell, Hollie Boyles and her 21-year-old daughter Shelby, and youth pastor Brian Jennings.
Couch's sole defense? He was the "victim" of his parents wealth and overindulgence.
Couch's sentence? Probation.
Daniel Miller, President of the Texas Nationalist Movement, issued the call for Judge Boyd's resignation.
"We are calling for the immediate resignation of Judge Boyd and demand that she make a public apology, not only to the families of those killed by Couch, but also to all of Texas for the embarassment that her ruling has caused."
Miller adds:
"Through this decision, Boyd's disgraceful decision has shown a tremendous lack of judgment. While a harsh sentence will not bring back those that were lost, nor will it take away the pain felt by the families that are left behind, it will show that Texans believe in justice."
Judge Jean Boyd is a Republican judge who has presided over the 323rd Family District Court since 1995. Her office can be reached at 817-838-4600.
    The episode a half-century ago was the first time we had ever heard of "affluencia" as a causative disorder in the make-up of a sociopath and/or a psychopath.  Our thought was always that if "affluencia" caused the crimes, and it could be considered a mitigation of the charges, then the parents (guardians) of the malcreant / miscreant should be thrown in prison for terms that be equal to their worthless whelp's sentence.

Thanks for your time.  We are still fighting the bugs, but things are clearing up about 70% so far.
El Gringo Viejo