Thursday, 12 December 2013

The Zombyism of Socialism - defined


   (a gentle suggestion....if you all see radioactive words with a strange little emblem, within the blog text and/or in the guidance and general information panel to the right,, do not click upon their countenances.  Leave them to suffer unto the devices and desires of their own evil wilfulness.  If natural law exists, perhaps the hour will soon come, and find that those evil and uninvited visitors have no lamb's blood is upon the sill, and those Words and their First Born will be cast into that bottomless place of darkness and nothingness)
     We were treated to Lanny Davis's mea culpa just a bit ago.   He actually did say that he and the Democrats were wrong in their dogged pursuit of a programme and the defence of said programme.  He still tried to leave Obama a bit of any way out, by suggesting that Obama might have thought that, since his staff told Obama that the old insurance policies were grandfathered in, then it was okay to say, "If you like you plan you can keep your plan....and if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor".
     The fact is, Lanny, that if HRH Barry is so far out of the loop, or so lazy, or so incapable of comprehending, or incapable of reading a piece of legislation, or leading by drawing in the subordinates and ordering them to do specifically this or that.....then Obama is a dolt. He is exactly like Karl Marx, when Uncle Karl told some firebrand younger anarchists and proto-commies, "Don't ask me how to implement the insurrection of the proletariat.  I do not deal in kitchen recipes."
     Of course, Karl was like other great commies like Ernesto Guevara, who had to abandon his wife and children so that he could go out and kill Indians in the northern parts of South America.  That is, of course, after murdering in cold blood over 30 of his fellow revolucionarios in Cuba, and untold numbers of "reaccionarios" and "fascistas".   He is the one who taught the tormentors of Rigoberta's Manchu' village how to take 'revenge' on the Indians who would not give their support to "Revolucion Popular".  Rigoberta of course is famous for riding a lie into fame and glory by parroting the communist line that it was the government troops that had tormented her village and other nearby villages in Guatemala.    The Left still treats her as an icon even after her story was found to be false by another lefty reporter from the United States.
     Ah! Lefties and Bolshies, Nazis and Progressives.  They have all done so much good.   And when they do not have us to torment, they can maim and kill each other.
     The fact remains that whenever the word "socialist" or the term "socialist democratic" is seen anywhere, it always means mediocrity, oppression, massive pollution, drabness, shortages, and a sociological stew composed of resignation and unrest.   Socialist and socialism also mean, without fail, corruption of the highest and most refined sort.   In a place where the property and fixtures belong to everyone, the fact is that they belong to no one.    Therefore the property, fixtures, and money that can be carried off, is carried off.  The meanest animals in the jungle carry off the big pieces and the most valuable pieces, leaving the leftovers and crumbs to "los de abajo" (the ones below).
     And when the meanest animals become ill, they import doctors from other countries to attend to their illnesses and conditions, or they go to the United States for attention...or perhaps to some place in Europe.
More later.   I just need to see if this can finally be posted up on line.  If each could light at least a small candle for El Zorro, it will be appreciated.   We have news that he is doing well, and that in the coming days there might be some fine-tuning to get him back to 100%.  This is not some gastro-intestinal or cancer is reparable, but it is a serious common condition that generally responds to a bit of vigorous, applied measures.   Please forgive the oblique references but it is a private thing, yet I feel the need to keep people informed.   Prayers and candles....the situation is not critical, but it must be fixed. 
El Gringo Viejo`