Saturday, 14 December 2013

The Insidiousness of National Socialism

    Should one wish to perfectly understand the nature of National Socialism, we are all sitting on front-row seats at this time, so let us sit back and enjoy.  The meaning of "hope and change" when said words are spoken by a Marxist or national socialist always....always....means something far different from what is envisioned by those hearing those words.
     Bolshevik socialism is a bit different.  Shoot the Royal Family.  They are guilty of much of what the communist / socialist mentality deigns to be sin in their secular humanist religion.  And, true enough, they could be and were irrationally brutal when in came to the notion that the maintenance of social order led to the better condition for all.   Shoot and / or strip the aristocracy of most if not all their prestige, property, and personal wealth.  Shoot any attorneys at once if they show any deference in their earlier writings or opinions in favour of common law or open legal processes.   Shoot all journalists if they reveal the least inclination to question anything about the new government by the proletariat.
    The national socialist is a first cousin by blood.  The Czar and the Kaiser disliked Jews and homosexuals and gypsies, each his own.    The Communists and the National Socialists enjoyed tormenting and destroying them.  There are a lot of similarities.  And there are fundamental differences.
    Barack Hussein Obama....a human oddity....part Luo tribesman, part Arabic,  part Angloid and Heinz 57 American, he has managed to cobble together the sloganeering of the Bolsheviks and the policies of the national socialists.   That is probably a result of shoddy thinking, jumbled reasoning, and intellectual laziness more than anything.   His posse, when they begin to assemble a "final solution" however have chosen mainly a national socialist vehicle for the destruction of the United States of America.
     One of the main tenets of national socialist policy is to allow the private sector to remain more or less in place.  The main difference over the status quo would be to compromise the heavy industry, banks, bonding and surety agencies, transportation, warehousing, and large retail operators.   It is also necessary to c0-opt the information disseminating agencies, the universities as well as basic juvenile education institutions.  Theatre, arts, and music should be controlled carefully.  In short, the titles, names, and locations of institutions remain more or less the same, and ownership changes little if any, but control still rests in a small group of somewhat elected officials, along with a supergroup and/or individual with total, absolute unquestioned authority over the afflicted national territory.

     Fascism is sometimes equated with national socialism, but that is an error.  Fascism, originally, was nothing more than a philosophy that elevated the traditional, the Orthodox, the customs, the specific historic arts, foods, and social order of a cultural group.   Believers in the fascist philosophy are mired in the moment, and consider that there is enough social change provided simply by the processes of life....birth, maturation, marriage, child-bearing, dodderage, and demise. It is a substantially rural and small town philosophy, full of peasants scything their way through the wheat and barley fields singing duets with the peasants on the next property where the barefooted women are trampling grapes in the ancient oaken  juice vats, preparing to produce another fine vintage.   This Rip Van Winkle notion of how society should be might even be considered to be a brick in the wall of the conservative mentality in the Western World to-day.   
     The Ruhr Valley Industrialists were not socialists or fascists.  They hated the communists and the havoc that had been wrought just to the east.  They were generally conservative philosophically and politically.   They believed that they had Adolf Hitler under control, along with his comic opera gaggle of jokers, losers, and perverts.   That impression lasted about two months after Hitler became Chancellor of the Bundestag and all Germany.  Within a year they had been totally co-opted and were making things based on command economics instead of demand-side economics.
    Shovel-ready projects?  Infra-structural investments?   Let them eat the Autobahn.  Environmental improvements?  Give them a Volkswagen.  Unemployment?   How about a nice new military uniform, just your size.   The girls will love it.  The Messerschmitt and Daimler families have some ideas.  Ballistic missiles? There's a fellow named Von Braun from a good family who has some ideas.  Let's take all this power, intelligence, and work-ethic and keep an eye on it with a few Brown Shirts (national volunteer group - ACORN etc.) and do something really constructive with it.   And, blame the Jews, the British, blame the French and the Americans, and the Communists for all the ills in the Universe.  Now, we are ready to fundamentally change Germany and the German people and lead them a new land of hope and change.  No Hebes, queers, or vagabonds, or mongoloids, or mentally defective.  With our our Fuhrer's UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE - operated by the Ministry of medical care for all!

Kowtow - to whimper
 and grovel 

      It is because of this previous example of the industrialists and the intellectual German classes that El Gringo Viejo really does not have a lot of respect for, or much willingness to come to the defence of the insurance companies in the United States.   This truly was a self-inflicted wound caused by sneaky greed.  Many of the major insurance carriers consulted closely with  the White House about the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative  (OSMI).   They all wanted to be sure that they could participate in the "guaranteed" payment system.  They were elated to see that there would be 20,000 New IRS agents swaggering around trying to interpret and enforce the  Byzantine and labyrinthine health insurance law of 3,000 pages of text and 40,000 pages of rules, regulations, and conditions.


    Now the insurance companies are being told when to do this and how to do that.  They are being treated like the grovelling beggars  they chose to be.  Still, with all this chaos and damage to the national psyche one turns his interests to the people who are being dumped.   And El Gringo Viejo remembers that they are being dumped because the insurance companies, instead of standing up and defending their right to a legitimate profit, sold their clients who paid them in silver....for a few copper coins.   Their clients were, in their overwhelming majority, desirous of keeping their relatively expensive but excellent policies.   But they were sold out like mangy dogs and cats with ringworm.

A very brief summary comes from the periodical The Freeman:

          Under the Weimar Republic these reforms resulted in clearly improved public health. However, the creativity, energy, and fundamental reforms found in social medicine during the Weimar Republic seem in retrospect a short and deceptive illusion. Medical reformers had wanted to counter the misery inherited from the first World War and the Second Empire on the basis of comprehensive disease prevention programs. In the few years available to the social reformers, they had remarkable success. But in connection with these reforms the doctor’s role changed from that of advocate, adviser, and partner of the patient to a partner of the state.
      Where traditional individual ethics and Christian charity had once stood, the reformers posited a collective ethic for the benefit of the general population. Private charity and welfare were nationalized. The mentally ill, for example, having been literally released from their chains in the nineteenth century and placed in local communities and boarding houses in regular contact with others (the so-called “moral therapy”), were returned to state institutions to become the ultimate victims of state “solutions.”
      With the world economic crisis of 1929, welfare state expenditures had to be reduced for housing, nutrition, support payments, recreation and rehabilitation, and maternal and child health. What remained of the humanistic goals of reform were state mechanisms for inspection and regulation of public health and medical practice. Economic efficiency became the major concern, and health care became primarily a question of cost-benefit analysis. Under the socialist policies of the period, this analysis was necessarily applied to the selection of strong persons, deemed worthy of support, and the elimination of weak and “unproductive” people. The scientific underpinning of cost-benefit analyses to political medical care was provided by the new fields of genetics and eugenics.

Read more:   El Gringo Viejo recommends reading the entire article when there is time.
     Now, in short, we have demonstrated that the evolution of, and the decline of a great people was brought on by the debasement of their currency (Weimar Republic economic policy as described in other postings).  It is referenced indirectly in the above selection from the article in The Freeman.   As the economic problems deepened and became international in scope, a demagogue came along and promised the people hope and change and a restoration of respect for the Nation.   He also made the medical system much more "efficient" and caused it to be "free", so long as he could define what the meaning of "free" was.  
     As our schools were worrying about "safe sex" and politically correct posturing, they were also teaching anti-history, non-history, and un-history.  As the "students" became more and more aware that everybody is equal and white males are evil, they were also being taught that "everybody 'gots' rights."    Some of the rights peoples "gots" is free food, free medical, free housing, free electricity, and a free attorney.
     One thing they did not "gots" is that in the recent past one of the world's most important nations set up a pathway exactly like Barack Hussein Obama would have things to be....and it wound up in disaster.  Millions upon millions of dead people.  Trillions and trillions of dollars in lost values, estates, holdings, family patrimonies, etc.    The policies of Weimar and post-Weimar Germany are almost identical to those of Barack Hussein Obama.   If the nation chooses to believe that Benghazi was caused by a video, and that Obama inherited "Fast and Furious" from George W. Bush, and that we can keep our doctor and our insurance.....all will not be lost.   It already has been lost.
Evermore convinced of the necessity to facilitate the pacific withdrawal of the Republic of Texas from our sister Union.
El Gringo Viejo