Sunday, 15 December 2013

A Message from the Frozen Northcountry

     We find El Zorro much restored, with a good prognosis.  There remains work to be done on that front, but at least the Rx is being done.   There will be some more testing and adjustments, and OROGs need to remember that El Zorro's boss is an RN among other things.  El Gringo Viejo urged him to cut back  on nibbling the NoDoze and drinking the AirWick a little, so perhaps that has helped as well.   We both need that in our regular diet so we can stay mean and grumpy.   His comments are spawned from the ridiculous sentencing of the boy whose attorney explained to the judge that his client had killed four people and injured about twice that number because his parents had never domesticated him and taught him responsibility.   As a 16 year old, he should have been bound over for trial as an adult. after having killed four people and injured various others.   But the judgette gave him probation.  To me, it looks like the fix was in from the beginning.    His parents should have been driven to the nearest prison and dumped there, after being shaken out of every shekel they currently have.
     It speaks to other issues, however, and El Zorro is grinding his teeth like the rest of us.   He says what I feel and what all the people around me are thinking about this issue.





    Our liberty comes with a steep price.  Every one of us is subject to affluencia.  It is how we are affected by it that determines whether we deserve the liberty that spawns it.  The proverbial struggle between good and evil is an archetype.  Even the poorest among us is fat…  the degenerates among us have no sense of self-worth and therefore do not care about real destitution of which they do not know.   Too much time, too much wealth, too much oblivion.  No value system, no appreciation for subsistence not worked for, no virtuous family influence, no humility.

How to get back to basics?  The answer is pretty simple.  The Application?  Not so much.
I would recommend:
1.)   Training in the fact that there is a power greater than self from inception.
2.)   Indoctrination in the 10 commandments, in style, if not by religion.
3.)   Enforcement of the golden rule through example.
4.)   Education in civics, emphasis on the Constitution.  (*Educating for Democracy)
5.)   Boot camp for everybody as an extension to public education.
6.)   Mandatory military or equivalent service after boot camp.
7.)   Emphasise State and individual as supreme and superior to the
      National Government at all levels of education.
     *I am not endorsing “Educating for Democracy”, however, it is impractical if not impossible to implement without individual value systems, strict enforcement of the Constitution, and strengthening of the Constitution through amendments to make it true to the original intent.
     The above are responsibilities of a family structure.  Parents are responsible for creating the value systems in their children.  Families are the nucleus of society, not the national government.  The role of government is to facilitate family’s ability to produce and prepare children to function in society.  Its role is to clear impediments to child development, not create them.  The Federal Government exists to defend national borders and maintain a common currency… nothing more!  The State Government provides all other services to the family and individuals to enable independent liberty.  That includes enabling religion and supporting education.
     The only seeable way to get to those basic propositions is to reinstate the Constitution.  The Founders did all the hard work.  All we have to do is follow it as the “law of the land” above all others.  If that is not possible, then I guess we do not need the Federal Government.  (!)