Tuesday, 10 December 2013

How to Give a Campaign Speech at a Funeral


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The Clash of the Narcissistic Titanics
 Barry vs. Michelle
This is the stuff from which soap
 operas and Oprah shows
draw their inspiration!

     Ah, Barry, you're such a predictable Bolshie.  Mix in a bit of white-trash and you are the new standard for something lower than low class. 
    But, but Gringo Viejo....you must show respect of the Office of the President! It is simply not appropriate to speak of the President in such terms.

     But, dear observer, I am showing respect for the Office of the Presidency.
      The idea that a President of the United States of America could spend time taking "selfies" during a memorial/state funeral "production"....is now the new basement-level deportment for self-absorbed white trash over the age of 9 years.

Michelle contemplates which pin goes into the voodoo doll, and which voodoo
 doll looks most like that cracker cow.  And of course, this is all so presidential.
The amazing thing is that the Prime Ministerette of Denmark, and the Prime
Minister of the Netherlands would be taking
 the plunge into the sludge with Barry.
      The protocol officer for the White House be required soon to say, "Now remember, Mr. President, when you are talking to the Pope or listening to His Holiness talk to you, please try to appear sincere and interested.  And remember, try not to pick your nose or take any 'selfies' while you are having your conversations.    Mr. President.....Mr. President, and it would be appreciated if you would pay attention while I'm trying to talk to you....there is no need to make a mirror-reflected, triple 'selfie' while I am trying to clear up a few issues here."

     The next point, Barry....as we wander through the high grass and weed of the mind of an immature Bolshie whose main concerns are wonderfully autocentric....is that it is terribly bad form to shake hands with a despot whose record of destroying liberty, establishing corruption, and practicing totalitarianism to perfection is well known.

     It is also bad form to yuk it up and do saloon laughs during a funeral.   A few polite jokes by the eulogist and some pleasant chuckles are appropriate, but not the rollicking good time of a demonstrably chronic, pathological liar so obviously concerned that he be the centre of all attention.

     The hyper-afterburner switch has been put in play by the press, and Mandela is busy being bronzed, gilded, and raised to  higher point of the altar of Marxism, just below Frida.  But, after a generation since the abolition of apartheid, conditions for the common black African citizen in South Africa, the conditions have become worse.   Socialist policies and "depraved benevolence" of one party rule seem to have worked not quite as well as "benign neglect" and free enterprise might have done.
     The huge number of empty seats at the "funereal rally" seemed a bit incongruous when compared to the almost incessant leg-tingling and heavy breathing of the press....both about Father Obamaham and Saint Madiba (why wait for the beatification committee to meet?).   Some noted that, it being a cold Winter's day and rainy, a lot of people could not make the show.   That all sounded good until they who so spake began to realise that they were in the deep part of the Southern Hemisphere....in, like, what is kinda like called, you know, like SUMMER!   Bummer, dude. 
       It could be pointed out that not a lot of people in South Africa could afford to dress for the occasion, and also, not a lot of people could afford to drive, take a taxi, take a bus, use the family motorcycle, or had shoes that could handle the trek.   And, it would be necessary to leave a large part of the family behind in order to make certain that nobody would saw a hole into the cardboard wall and come in and steal everything in the "house". The crime and murder rate in South Africa makes Mexico's problems literally look like a day in the library.   South Africa's crime problem is even worse than Chicago and Detroit's.  Not by much, but it is even worse.

     It will last through these, my remaining days, my memory of  the robot-like shift by HRH Barry into the campaign speech, full of purposeful inaccuracies, nearly shouted like a cheerleader to a crowd that had probably already tired of sitting and listening to so many self-impressed speakers.   My thought was, "Perhaps he'll just cut to the chase and urge the people to 'Take your revenge', as he had during his mendacious campaign just past."

    Barry and Billy Jeff...two disgusting slugs....and one wonders if this is really the best we can do?   Is this what we have become?   Where has the critical thinking gone...and where is the notion hiding that requires us to first ask, 'Is this in the best interest of the Republic?'   Is public assistance the best we can do?   Is the idea that "If he gits disability, then I wanna git disability"?
     Of course the following words can be used in lieu of disability:   stamps, SSI, crop subsidy, 99 weeks of paid vacation, free housing, Medicaid, WIC, utility subsidy, and several hundred other "free money" programs that are used to buy off the slothful and the businesses that attend to them.

It always goes back to re-establishing the Republic of Texas as a citadel of functional inefficiency, relying on the jumbled interaction of people who are morally centred and aware of the Golden Rule.   The existence of a place where, in very large part,  self-interest replaces selfish interest and where state control, bondage, and political correctness is replaced by self-reliance and a friendly smile, seems like a much Shinier City on the Hillside.
El Gringo Viejo