Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Yes, he did bow to the Tyrantasaurus Cubanus

Folks, just a very quick note.   The moving pictures of this event were on the various Mexican national channels.   The conservative party in Mexico is stunned to say the least and even the centrist party people were puzzled if this was a signal of some kind or if Obama is just that stupid as to allow himself to become a pawn in the propaganda mill of the Cuban government.   Amazing.   I noticed that Drudge has a take from the Mexican video...so if you all tune in to some Univision or Televisa connection that you might have during the nightly news to-night, you might be able to see the full 90 second clip.   It was not a 12 second strained encounter.  There might have existed the slightest chance that HRH Barry did not know who Raul Castro Ruz was or is, nor what he looks like.

Yes. Virginia, HRH Barry does bow before
corrupt, deadly tyrants.
Please forgive this late posting but we had to back up this still shot with the facts from reliable Mexican international news fountains of information.
El Gringo Viejo