Saturday, 9 November 2013

"We weren't as clear as we (could)(should) have been."


     Yes, Barry, you and your minions of gnomes and gargoyles mince your words in the kitchens of some horrid camp made up of Occupy Wall Street vermin, and you throw your minced-up words into a kettle of venom.....shrieking with laughter about the truth of what one of your great leaders said not so long ago.  It translates poorly, but it come out close to, "How easy it is to govern people who are so stupid" (Adolf Hitler - 1937)
     Your universe of supporters, consisting of the dull and dependent, the parasitical and nihilistic are custom-made for the madmen that you and your controllers are.  But please remember that there is still a large body of people in the hinterland who know that when you speak the words George Soros and Co. tell you to speak, you lie.  We know now that we must hope that we can change back to a time when we could be counted on to take care of ourselves and a few others.
     You bring us...."You must....".   We are greeted with alternatives that are set by a commissar.  We have three choice of this, that, or the other.   We MUST adhere to the limits of the program as established by some set of regulations that no one can understand, and almost no one has ever read.
     At any point along this journey into sociological and cultural psychosis, when the crooked bends in the road swing wildly this way and that for no particular reason, we know that you, Barry....the unaccomplished, mean, vicious, America-hating, incompetent, arrogant, narcissistic Barry....will blame somebody.   At one time, back in 2008, you scoffed and scorned at the secretive and exclusive way of the Republicans, who were always making shady deals behind peoples' backs, and behind closed doors.   We remember so clearly how you declared that you were going to have negotiations of importance to the American Public presented on C-Span.  Those of us familiar with the nature of the hard-core socialist mind, roared with laughter and shivered with the chills of fear that are produced by the images of the Nuremburg Party Conventions and Rallies.
(20 or so minutes of some of the most
intelligent people in the world
 acting like low-information
and low intelligence
 voters of to-day )
    Barry, we appreciate that you are hiring ex-ACORN "community workers" to serve as "navigators" for those who think that they would like some of your "free medical care".  We are also aware that these same "navigators" frequently have criminal records and have long been involved in things like registering Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck to vote....multiple times and in multiple venues.  Perhaps you could say to the public, "I assure you, that if you give your private data to any of our hard-working navigators, that your private information will be absolutely safe...period!"
      The issue is about the nationalisation of the entire medical and medical insurance industry in the United States and the outfall and fallout of the effects of those efforts by the Progressive and socialist elements within the  body politic.   It was not caused by a Tea Party Anything, by Ted Cruz, Bob Lee or any of those who are named by Barrack Hussein Obama, et al. 
      The movement to establish the Obama Socialised Medical Initiative (OSMI) came first.  The Cruz and Lee crowd came in as a response to said OSMI.  And, unlike the OSMI people, the Cruz and Lee crowd came in saying that they would do such and such, and they have complied with their word.  It is the one thing that gives the OSMI people the heebie-jeebies....straight-thinking opponents of the socialist movement, foreign and domestic, who do not waver from their word or beguile their constituents with false promises.
     This issue will not be over until every page, paragraph, sentence, and letter of the Obama Socialised Medical Initiative (OSMI) is repealed, rescinded, and shredded into a vacuum cleaner connected to the deepest parts of the Luciferine Precincts.
El Gringo Viejo